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  1. The story is surprising, the screenplay is witty, and the animation is wonderfully creative. A super sequel.
  2. A movie with ambitions as high-flying as its superhero but a success rate decidedly lower to the ground.
  3. Sonia may seem happy-go-lucky at the start, but grief steels her. It makes her grow up very fast. She becomes a kind of heroine in the course of the film, which ultimately owes its stature to her presence.
  4. This is a movie about people trying to make sense out of the senselessness of what happened.
    • 87 Metascore
    • 83 Critic Score
    What makes the movie a superior specimen of traditional screen storytelling is largely the exquisite care director Armstrong has taken to make every shot as radiantly appealing as possible, bathing even the melancholy aspects of the plot in a glow that's as pleasing to the eye as it is warming to the heart. [23 Dec 1994]
    • Christian Science Monitor
  5. This romantic farce has a talented cast and energy to spare, but somehow the ingredients don't burn as brightly as one would expect from such promising ingredients.
  6. Garrone's messy storytelling compounds an already messy history. He's a powerful filmmaker, though, and a fearless one.
  7. It’s possible to be heartwarming and tough-minded, as this wonderful film demonstrates. And it’s possible to be both “old-fashioned” and vibrant, too. It’s the best new/old movie in town.
  8. There’s something borderline dishonest about the way Rosi intercuts the oblivious, life-goes-on Lampedusans with the harrowing, too-brief footage of Africans inside the immigration center and aboard the rescue ships. His stylistics keep these two groups cruelly apart, but who knows if this is the way things actually play out?
  9. The dense interweave of relationships, a Farhadi specialty, is continually compelling.
  10. One of the funniest and happiest movies I’ve ever seen about early adolescent girls and their wayward, fitful joyousness.
  11. It’s a great introduction to French cinema for all those who have yet to make its acquaintance.
  12. It’s not that this material is, or should be, off limits in a movie. But The Diary of a Teenage Girl isn’t exactly “Lolita.” Heller must think that taking a moral stance is tantamount to selling out. Commercially, she may be right. In every other respect, she’s wrong.
  13. If one buys into the whole grace under pressure thing, All Is Lost – the title is its own spoiler alert – is first-rate.
  14. The result is an unprecedented voyage into the tortuous life of our greatest actor, with the actor himself serving as narrator and navigator, as dissembler and penitent.
  15. A quintessential New York director made this quintessential New York movie in 1973, with Pacino at his best.
  16. Timely, pointed messages about oppression and opportunity come poignantly through in strongly dramatic terms.
  17. This is a Holocaust movie that is so relentlessly observed and so aware of woe that it never feels like it belongs to a genre.
  18. The filmmaking is meticulous and the ideas are endlessly thought-provoking.
  19. Brokeback Mountain is a tragedy because these men have found something that many people, of whatever sexual persuasion, never find - true love. And they can't do anything about it.
  20. It's minor, but powerfully so.
  21. Particle Fever doesn’t prompt us to say: “Gee, these superbrains are just like us, except for the brains.” The film allows for our awe. It also demonstrates that science is the most human of activities, with all that that implies.
  22. Harrowing, extremely disturbing at times, but brought to the screen in dazzling pop-art images that make the movie's grim content very much worth watching.
  23. This is a lively, life-affirming documentary no viewer is likely to forget.
  24. His greatest legacy, however, as this film documents, was his courage in the endgame of his life.
  25. Brilliant, poetic, and utterly unique.
  26. Some will find the movie's sexual antics too explicit and unconventional for comfort.
  27. Moneyball presents a misleading story line in order to prop up Billy Beane as some kind of would-be miracle worker antihero. In truth, he's just another tobacco-chewing go-getter trying to make sense of a game that, thankfully, has never quite made sense.
  28. Overall this overlong movie is too knowingly coy for its own good.
  29. Force Majeure is ultimately about something not often explored in film: the consequences of male weakness in a world in which men are expected to be strong at all times.

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