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3,690 movie reviews
  1. After all these years of surviving everything that has been thrown at him, James Bond is finally being undone by his own team.
  2. There's interesting material about Soviet history, but searching for answers about the revolutionary's spouse turns out to be less than engrossing.
  3. This modestly produced drama isn't acted or directed with much flair, but it shows a welcome awareness of the complex links between personal and political impulses.
  4. Pierce Brosnan wisecracks his way through the starring role with more aplomb than credibility.
  5. More psychological realism and less showy cinema would have made this offbeat melodrama more memorable.
  6. Talky and mostly humorless, but interesting as a reflection of Breillat's experiences directing her own popular film "Fat Girl" in 2001.
  7. Based on Bennett's own experiences, the movie has no penetrating insights to offer, but it's acted and directed in an improvisational spirit well-suited to its ultra-low budget and digital-video technology.
  8. It's as elegant as any movie around, though, and boasts strong acting by a distinguished cast.
  9. This low-key drama is always warm and mellow, although it doesn't build much of an emotional charge.
  10. The screenplay is so stale that even fans of the previous "Jurassic" installments might think this is one clone too many.
  11. Written and directed by the clever Wachowski brothers, this is a sequel that only a die-hard fan could love. But those fans will love it very, very much.
  12. While the story and acting are the opposite of subtle, young moviegoers may enjoy the action and suspense.
  13. Eddie Murphy is one of the most alarmingly gifted comic actors America has ever produced but he persists in making comedies that are beneath him.
  14. Much of the acting is solid, but earnest performances can't give the picture all the bite and excitement it sorely needs.
  15. Horror buffs will find plenty of split-second suspense and in-your-face carnage, while others will scramble for the exit as quickly as the characters race away from their apocalyptic foes.
  16. As gorgeous as it is to watch, Winged Migration suffers from a lack of organization.
  17. The drawn-out, lowbrow humor is either "love it" or "hate it," so it may not be your bag, baby.
  18. Sincere acting lends the film a measure of dramatic dignity.
  19. Heavily influenced by Quentin Tarantino's brand of quirky sensationalism, this high-energy saga by Paul Thomas Anderson goes a long way toward exposing the greed and stupidity of the pornography trade, then loses its moral compass and steers toward a sadly superficial ending.
  20. Isn't terrible exactly, but it's bland, and in some ways that's worse. It's a romance posing as a detective story in which the solution is obvious and not worth the fuss.
  21. Director Susanne Bier and screenwriter Christopher Kyle (no, not the man depicted in “American Sniper”) aim for a tragic monumentality but hit very wide of the mark.
  22. Few movies have sought this particular blend of detective-story melodrama and religious sensitivity.
  23. It delivers all the raunch and ribaldry its designated audience could hope for, but others may find it more deliberately disgusting than effervescently outrageous.
  24. Gene Hackman is excellent when he isn't overdoing his patented nice-guy routine.
  25. Too crisp and calculated to match the moods of its wild and woolly characters, and its interwoven subplots lead to predictable outcomes.
  26. Certainly offbeat, but not on a level with director Kim's previous work about marginalized people.
  27. The primary impression is lots of moping and mooning, plus a song at the beginning with some of the worst lyrics you've ever heard.
  28. It's fun to watch superheroes who aren't quite at ease with their abilities, but "The Incredibles" - last year's similarly themed animated film - is livelier and funnier.
  29. Alexandre Aja directs in full glop mode and the cast includes a few performers, including Ted Levine (from "Monk"), Robert Joy, and Kathleen Quinlan, who probably wish they were elsewhere.
  30. Skip the first hour or so, but grab a seat in time for the surfing contest that climaxes the picture, complete with mile-high waves and the most graceful ocean-gliding this side of "The Endless Summer."

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