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  1. Solid acting and an intriguing plot compensate for some dull spots.
  2. The Brothers Bloom is much more interested in showing off its own smarts, such as they are, than in challenging the audience's.
  3. The action is fast, furious, and loaded with explosive effects, but the theme is a regrettable return to the us-against-them paranoia that dominated much science fiction in the cold-war era.
    • 67 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    The energy slacks off in the final third. It’s a bit like “The Sixth Sense” – but without any of the mystery.
  4. Akerman is among the most imaginative filmmakers in her native Belgium or anywhere else, but here she doesn't get very far beneath the surface of her subject.
  5. This offbeat drama has more atmosphere than logic, but a few sequences are strikingly well acted and filmed.
  6. This dark psychological story falls short in terms of filmmaking and acting, but it's original enough to stand out from the crowd.
  7. Caine puts all his formidable talent into pulling this off, but Jewison's directing and Roland Harwood's screenplay (based on Brian Moore's novel) provide a regrettably shaky foundation for him to build on.
  8. The movie's heart is in the right place, but it looks and sounds regrettably bogus.
  9. Along with its try-anything-for-a-yuk screenplay, the worst thing about Hitch is its running time of almost two hours. Did the studio forget to edit this flimsy thing down?
  10. Often trite and predictable but grudgingly likable in the end.
  11. Pop-music biopics have a great history, but 8 Mile is for Eminem fans only. They're sure to make it a huge, huge hit.
  12. While it may supply giggles and shivers to preteens, grownups should think twice before entering this all-too-haunted house.
  13. The film's time structure is splintered into shards of past and present, which is probably just as well – a strictly narrative chronology would make this wallow seem even sloggier.
  14. Lively acting and an amiable comic atmosphere offer partial compensation for generally lackluster filmmaking.
  15. As clumsy as its title.
  16. This sort of cinema is as dehumanizing as the aliens who serve as its intergalactic bad guys.
  17. The mixture of humor, suspense, and ominous undertones is effective but rarely inspired.
  18. Olyphant steals the show as a cheeky porn producer. The rest is gimmicky and predictable, except for a clever surprise near the end.
  19. Effective at times, and Gyllenhaal shows a new side of her talent, but the main impression is of first-rate performers doing second-rate work.
  20. The movie works hard to be naughty, but its sub-David Lynch style doesn't quite click. Gyllenhaal is excellent and Spader effectively adds to his roster of creepy characters.
  21. Gosling, as the Durst-like David Marks, is scarily effective before his performance turns opaque and horror-movie-ish.
  22. Has moments of real visual creativity.
  23. Warning: If you have an allergic reaction to songs like "Take Me Home Tonight" and "I Want to Know What Love Is," do not venture within 10 miles of this movie.
  24. Moviegoers deserve more than the racism, sexism, and all-purpose mayhem on view here - failings that offset the razor-sharp action and technical brilliance also visible.
  25. The most interesting plot development – Frankie starts falling for Sam – is nipped in the bud. Some things even a soap opera won't stoop to.
  26. The overall effect is too self-worshipping to be of lasting interest. The guy sure isn't shy!
  27. The picture has more charm than credibility, and its conquistador-like attitude toward women is mighty questionable; but the story becomes resonant if you see it as a fable about Brando vicariously regaining his youth by teaming with Depp in this all-stops-out movie fantasy.
  28. While it roots the heroine's compassion in her Christian beliefs, it suggests Indian occultism is equally powerful. And the last third is a lackluster barrage of stalking, shooting, and fighting. Too bad the movie doesn't ride into its own sunset about an hour earlier.
  29. If moviegoers really thought about the violence, sexism, and materialism at the core of the series, the whole shebang might vanish overnight.

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