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  1. There's plenty of room in the graveyard for Salem, although it's way too early to tell if it can effectively build on the scary and sensual elements introduced in Sunday's premiere.
  2. It may not be the Second Coming, which is how hard-core fans have awaited it, but it's a lavish and inventive spectacle that lives up to "Star Trek" tradition and shows why the franchise has flourished. [7 Jan 1993]
    • Cleveland Plain Dealer
  3. The dialogue is intentinonally bad. The CGI work is intentionally cheap. The plot is intentionally ludicrous. The shock tactics are intentionally schlocky. And all this bad adds up to one monstrously good time, particularly if experienced with a rowdy and ready group of friends.
  4. Better Call Saul is an offbeat drama with moments of quirky humor. The drama is wonderfully heartfelt. The comedy is a little more hit and miss.
  5. Fallon, 39, made an energetic and charming debut Monday night as the Tonight Show host. But providing the real rocket fuel for this high-profile launch were the many stars dropping by to wish him luck.
  6. [Carey is] a fresh and winning presence, but so strong that the show will have to work to see that the other characters hold their own. [13 Sep 1995]
    • Cleveland Plain Dealer
  7. Although not anywhere near as epic in scale as Fox's Batman prequel, "Gotham," The Flash does have a better sense of what it has set out to be: a sturdy superhero drama with an engaging lead character played by likable young star.
  8. It's an auspicious start for the fifth live-action "Trek" series, with less moralizing, less preaching and more action than past incarnations. [23 Sep 2001]
    • Cleveland Plain Dealer
  9. Loco is the right word for this amiably goofy and endearingly dumb comedy. [8 Nov 2001, p.E11]
    • Cleveland Plain Dealer
  10. Clever, slightly twisted and occasionally very funny. [30 Jan 1999]
    • Cleveland Plain Dealer
  11. An engaging and promising debut, despite some overcooked acting and the fact that legal complexities sometimes take a back seat to emotional stand-offs. [4 Mar 1997]
    • Cleveland Plain Dealer
  12. Eventually, though, the series will need to get past some growing pains and mature into a drama that fully embraces the comic-book elements. You may have doubts about Heller reaching that destination, but, with this blazing a start, you'll want to be along for the thrill ride as he sets out to solve that riddle.
  13. "Just Shoot Me" has some heart and smartness, and it shows a solid sense of how to build a series. [4 Mar 1997]
    • Cleveland Plain Dealer
  14. Both different and diverting, when the self-conscious style doesn't intrude on the storytelling. [8 Sep 1997]
    • Cleveland Plain Dealer
  15. Fresher and more intelligent than most youth-oriented comedies. [24 Sept 1993, p.12C]
    • Cleveland Plain Dealer
  16. It's energetic, good-looking and kind of scary - just don't try to make sense of it. [6 Oct 2000, p.5E]
    • Cleveland Plain Dealer
  17. The Strain continues to rely too much on action and not enough on compelling character development. The uneven results are entertaining but hardly infectious.
  18. The closer The Bomb gets to the present, the more frenetic and less effective it becomes. You can't expect a two-hour study to be in any way comprehensive, but some surprisingly big swaths of the historical territory get little or no mention.
  19. Once it gets past a fixation on breast jokes (I counted nine in the premiere but only five in next week's episode) its talented cast and clever writing could make it a diverting, screwball sitcom. [9 Jan 1996]
    • Cleveland Plain Dealer
  20. Viewers shouldn't be fooled into expecting more than a conventional lawyer show. [16 Sept 1995, p.8E]
    • Cleveland Plain Dealer
  21. Here's where you'll find the saccharine avoided by "About a Boy." You'll also find the occasional trite twist and labored comic turn. Still, Growing Up Fisher undeniably jumps to life when Simmons is on the screen, which is quite a lot. That's what gives this underdeveloped newcomer a fighting chance.
  22. There's a fine line between clever and labored, and "Bones" sometimes strays over that line with one-liners about skull fragments, blood samples, X-rays and microbes. That's where "see how cleverly we can banter" writing creeps into the otherwise crisp proceedings.
  23. There are lots of reasons to like visiting Smallville. Welling scores high on the hunk-o-meter, and he and the rest of the young cast are fine actors. Schneider and O'Toole are hipper, younger Kents, and they ooze the love for Clark that's needed from their characters. The writing and production values are first-rate...But, just as Clark runs really, really fast but doesn't yet know how to fly, Smallville never soars up, up and away. [16 Oct 2001, p.E5]
    • Cleveland Plain Dealer
  24. The comedy simply doesn't come as fast, as funny or as fresh. [28 Mar 1999]
    • Cleveland Plain Dealer
  25. Sharknado 3 has the look and feel of any satirical concept worn a trifle ragged through repetition. But, again, it's not as if that's going to hurt its Emmy chances. There's still enough bite left in the concept.
  26. In its present ragged state, Harsh Realm is a jumble of great promise and great weaknesses - every bit as annoying as it is amazing. At its best, the series is stylish and clever. At its worst, well, things have a tendency to get pretty heavy-handed and obvious. [7 Oct 1999, p.1E]
    • Cleveland Plain Dealer
  27. There are, to be sure, many memorable moments along the way to Monday's second half, but this is one of those padded two-parters that easily could have been trimmed to three hours and aired one night instead of two. And most of the padding is in Sunday's first half.
  28. The bigger question will be whether viewers accept the new character - and whether the writing, so far uneven, can match Fox's exertions. [17 Sept 1996, p.9E]
    • Cleveland Plain Dealer
  29. There is one depressing symptom noticeable throughout tonight's opener. Even with the dialogue blazing by us, we can't help noticing how tired cliches, awkward observations and anemic lines are seriously reducing the script's overall vitality...What this show needs is an emergency transfusion of fresh writing. It needs scripts as strong as the acting and directing. Without that, Gideon's Crossing will remain this simmering cauldron of potential - a potent mixture waiting to be brought to full boil. [10 Oct 2000, p.9E]
    • Cleveland Plain Dealer
  30. The dreary, leaden dialogue is the real crime in this drama. Around every Miami corner in the early episodes, you catch the writers in the act of assaulting viewers with self-importance and stilted banter. [1 Oct 2003, p.E9]
    • Cleveland Plain Dealer

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