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Average Movie review score: 58
Highest review score: 100 United 93
Lowest review score: 0 The Long Kiss Goodnight
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1,519 movie reviews
  1. Its exquisiteness can overwhelm in a single sitting.
  2. A superb and piercing documentary.
  3. So enchanting it takes your breath away.
  4. If not the best superhero movie ever, it's definitely in the top 3. Reeve will forever be Superman to most of us.
    • Dallas Observer
  5. At last, his (Howard's) first great (and filling) movie--inspirational, yes, but far from hokey; moving, absolutely, but never saccharine; and gripping, despite its being a fixed fight.
  6. How often does one see a masterpiece about a masterpiece?
  7. Treacherously funny and wrenchingly sad.
    • 72 Metascore
    • 100 Critic Score
    Winterbottom has never before done such potent work; he's created a fiction film about the siege of Sarajevo that bristles with the raw, unnerving textures of a battlefield documentary.
  8. A riveting movie that's as entertaining as it is socially and politically important.
  9. May be the most wrenching, profound and perfectly made movie nobody wants to see.
  10. In short, Just Say Yes.
  11. Impeccably acted by a fine ensemble cast, it's a sheer pleasure to behold.
  12. This lovely movie, simply and beautifully shot in Brazil's northeastern countryside by cinematographer Breno Silveira, is satisfying from start to finish.
  13. A six-year-old masterpiece, never-before widely seen in the U.S., is still a masterpiece.
  14. By boiling the characters down to the most basic emotions and eliminating lifestyle-specific idiosyncrasies, we can enter the world of the story with ease.
  15. It's difficult to imagine a more eloquent tribute.
  16. Unless you're deeply familiar with Korean culture, you've truly never seen anything like it.
  17. Engaging and revelatory, turning forgotten footnotes and discarded minutiae into the stuff of riveting drama and poignant laughs.
  18. Davies has nailed Wharton's bitter satire of the flights and follies of New York society in the Gilded Age, and leading lady Gillian Anderson shows dazzling range in her portrayal of the book's doomed heroine.
  19. A big gob of fun.
  20. Finally, the man (Hanks) has delivered a moving, slightly unhappy, and ultimately hopeful story in which squishy love takes a backseat to the wondrous whirlwind of life. The season's most delightful surprise.
  21. Clooney has become a movie star, and the Coens have given him his very own "It Happened One Night." The man, and the movie, are downright bona fide.
  22. This is anything but pleasant stuff, but it's a must-see for anyone interested in men and women, fathers and sons, and the kind of murder mystery in which the real casualty is the human soul.
  23. In this modest but brilliant little movie, we find ourselves immersed in life itself.
    • 79 Metascore
    • 90 Critic Score
    A fine entertainment value. It's beautifully made, drenched in deep, rich emerald, with sinuous tracking visuals driven forward by pleasantly African-flavored songs from Phil Collins.
  24. The bittersweet charm of this extraordinary film is trumped only by its wisdom. Without resorting to schmaltz or sticky pathos, director Vladimír Michálek (a child of 49) fashions an allegory about aging, friendship and love that equals (and often surpasses) the best American movies on those tricky subjects, from "Cocoon" to "On Golden Pond."
  25. A gentle, frank, and often hysterical love story about two people destined, and occasionally doomed, to be together forever. Some of us should be as lucky, as blessed, as Harvey Pekar.
  26. A fascinating, frequently hilarious meditation on delusion, self-loathing and personal salesmanship
  27. Identity is an outright blast, so fun it's--pardon--scary.
  28. While Sollett provided cast members with a detailed breakdown of the story--a kind of narrative guide--he wanted them to improvise their own dialogue based on how they would react to a similar situation in their own lives....The result is quite extraordinary.

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