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    One of the best of the many delights of director Michael Hoffman's new film -- is that he manages to have it both ways -- the gauzy fantasy and the bacchanal.
  1. The film is a nightmare but an oddly comforting one.
  2. The star's the thing, the only thing, and he's brilliant at playing a thinly veiled version of himself.
  3. Bruce Nolan is one deeply disgruntled barrel of laughs--the emotional kin of Bill Murray's cynical weatherman in "Groundhog Day."
  4. Capturing the Friedmans does not end after its credits roll; audiences will try the case over and over again in their heads. Jarecki does not judge, but leaves only tragic clues for us to ponder.
  5. The Wachowskis still hold the current franchise on intellectually engaging action films. It's not like I won't be heading back for a second (or even third) look.
    • 59 Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    If, like Benigni, you were born after World War II, it reassures us that he hasn't forgotten the innate seriousness of his subject matter, and that despite its grimness, he still thinks life is beautiful.
  6. We become so absorbed in the ramifications of the techniques involved that a more challenging plot might have resulted in sensory overload.
  7. If you're after some family-friendly classic lit at the multiplex, here 'tis.
  8. Unsettling, morally complex and timely view of American power abroad. Many will find it courageous and some, no doubt, will absolutely revile it, but no one is likely to look away from the screen.
  9. If Hallström has a problem with tone, it lies in his almost supernatural niceness. Thus, what arrives on-screen is purely a man's feminism, simple and trite and beautiful and vital.
  10. Pi
    Whatever its faults -- and it has more than a few -- it is unquestionably different. It at least takes a stab at interpolating cerebral ideas into the format of a thriller.
  11. In the end, Stone Reader gives us an old-fashioned romantic's view of writers and their craft--complete with the hint of a happy ending.
  12. Chris Rock gets to direct himself, and as a result is finally starring in a laugh-out-loud funny movie.
  13. Viewers with a low tolerance for sentiment may balk, but the emotions are so true and the characters so appealing that the film should completely win you over.
  14. It's more like the déjà vu machine. But that does not negate this movie's copious pleasures, chief among them its prudent decision to act like it's never supposed to be more than good time, a thrilling test-drive in a car you love but can't afford to actually buy.
  15. May
    With a level of dark humor akin to the screenplays of Todd Solondz, and a visual style reminiscent of Dario Argento, May is one of the funniest, most disturbing, yet strangely touching movies of the year
  16. Consider it an athletic contest of the mind--ESPN does, as the sports network regularly televises the finals.
  17. Holes is a nicely made movie for kids, as entertaining as it is thought-provoking and--thanks to director Davis--a bit harder-edged than the usual Disney fare.
  18. Both actors are marvelous, and the film, low-key but heartfelt, is a gem.
    • 67 Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    The scares early on are potent and get Stir of Echoes off to a chilly horror-movie start.
  19. What about Ronny Yu's 1992 masterpiece "The Bride With White Hair," of which Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is a decent facsimile?
  20. Anderson and Sandler were meant for each other, and their romance is, unbelievably, our reward.
  21. If there's a flaw with the film, it's that Justman doesn't trust his narrators enough; too often he'll stage a re-enactment while someone's talking, as if he's afraid the mere tales themselves won't hold our interest. But they will, as long as there's a kid slapping a bass, a sampler swiping a groove or some middle-aged couple slow dancing to Marvin Gaye or the Miracles.
  22. This is probably the funniest Mamet piece to date (but not the weightiest), and it might be destined to take a seat alongside "The Player" and "Sunset Boulevard" in the front row of movieland satires.
  23. The deep thematic concerns are never fully developed, but the characters are, and the story compels. Also, the movie's pretty scary.
  24. Provides Hoffman with what he's long deserved: a movie of his own.
  25. This full-tilt visual and aural bombardment is simply a lot of fun. It never lets up. Nor does it ever want to.
  26. Moviegoers bewailing the absence of literacy and shallowness of character they usually get for their seven bucks need look no further than this fluent and satisfying triptych for a source of hope.
  27. Bright, lively and liberating movie.

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