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  1. Demme's film is as inspiring and moving as its subject, a man who brought critical news and information to the people of Haiti even as a series of dictatorships sought violently to shut him down.
  2. This beast is as subtle as a Red Bull enema, but it succeeds magnificently as compulsively watchable spectacle.
  3. As enormously entertaining as it is appalling.
  4. The film splits the difference between the brutal reality of the cable-TV prison series "Oz" and the romanticized fantasy of "The Shawshank Redemption" and provides a vivid, well-rounded gallery of inmate portraits.
  5. It's a movie about discomfort and distance, like an episode of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" or "The Larry Sanders Show" shot in deadpan black-and-white.
  6. Brian's brilliant, saved itself by benefactor George Harrison, who ponied up the budget of 2 million pounds...simply because he loved the script when industry bigwigs turned characteristically chicken. Its overall irreverence proves a lasting balm for the ages. Thank you, Pythons, for setting such a high and enduring standard.
  7. This Shrek is both funnier and warmer than its predecessor; it's better-looking, too, no longer as clunky and junky as video-game graphics.
  8. In the Harry Potter film series thus far, The Sorcerer's Stone remains the strongest, perhaps because the first look at any rich new world is almost always going to be more groundbreaking than its sequels. But Prisoner of Azkaban is a worthy and stylistically different follow-up, where Chamber of Secrets often felt like an unimaginative retread.
  9. A remarkable movie, because, like "Crumb" or even "American Splendor," it adores the very people most of us might ignore if they passed us on the street. It's a love letter to someone who desperately needs one, even 10 years after his death.
  10. If you're the sort who enjoys shedding such in darkened theaters, your must-see summer movie has arrived.
  11. Thanks to Spielberg's vivid storytelling and Hanks' matchless gift for bringing the common man to life, this is a relentlessly charming movie.
  12. The entire film takes its cue from Cage's spritzes and jags; it's a delirious performance in a delirious landscape.
  13. Tigers are such rare and beautiful creatures that you could just film them running around an enclosure for an hour or so and many would pay to see it. Annaud adds much more, and has made a compelling story that's truly for the whole family, without being overly sentimental.
  14. This would be 10 times the movie if it featured an actual debate between Moore and Bush. Nonetheless, the man makes a remarkably strong case, tastefully inserting himself into the Bush-baiting only when necessary--one such stroke of brilliance involves personally urging congressmen to send their own kids to Iraq.
  15. A surprisingly good film, not quite original but smart, careful and steadfast in its dedication to its characters.
  16. Once this movie gets going, it works, and it works well. It has a slow buildup, but its final third manages to generate some eye-popping thrills.
  17. Plot matters more here than spectacle; the film's real climax involves no demolition, but rather two characters in a room quietly discussing devastating events in their past.
  18. Garden State charms with ease and moves with grace; it's warm but never mushy, languorous but never groggy, rueful but never despondent. It's like a perfect pop song--that thing that makes you smile and tear up at the same time.
  19. Astonishing, haunting and lyrical on its own terms.
  20. The movie is stirringly, thrillingly animated; Stander, as some say around Johannesburg, lives.
  21. This intriguing jigsaw puzzle is visually arresting, narratively inventive, and psychologically enigmatic.
  22. The movie is smart, funny, romantic, and rousing.
  23. This vivid exploration of the human animal creates a romantic alchemy that's raw, unsettling, and touching.
  24. It's hagiography, yes, but also powerful and poignant.
  25. The film successfully walks the thin line between slick commercialism and "serious" realism. It is sentimental, but it comes by its sentiment honestly, through well-observed performances by the leads and a keen insight into the quirks of the Japanese middle-class culture.
  26. The movie works because Berg never forgets to keep his heart in the game and not just his head.
  27. In this case, the subject and director are one and the same, and the result is a degree of intimacy--really of rawness--rarely achieved in film.
  28. Hilarious--a terrific updating of ancient farce conventions for the '90s.
  29. Maugham's signature wit and tragic colorations are well served by director Istvan Szabo (Mephisto) and screenwriter Ronald Harwood (The Dresser).
  30. Like all good concert films, it's the next best thing to being there.

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