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  1. The entire film takes its cue from Cage's spritzes and jags; it's a delirious performance in a delirious landscape.
  2. Hilarious--a terrific updating of ancient farce conventions for the '90s.
  3. A flawed film worth seeing.
  4. Hilary Birmingham -- makes an impressive feature directorial debut with this rural drama. She gets first-rate performances.
  5. Astonishing if imperfect nature documentary.
    • 86 Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    That's possibly Peirce's best trick of all, telling a true story so well that you can't remember how it ends. And when you remember, you hope that you were wrong.
  6. A fresh, intimate, gloriously unpolished performance film that measures up to the classics of the genre.
  7. Whatever its flaws -- and it has some lulus -- it's a textbook model for how to structure action of this kind.
  8. Touching, frequently hilarious.
  9. Once in a while a film comes along that is as sound, smart, sweet and significant as can be, and Whale Rider is such a film.
  10. In this case, the subject and director are one and the same, and the result is a degree of intimacy--really of rawness--rarely achieved in film.
  11. The movies' time-honored old-man-and-boy theme has rarely been used to such great advantage.
  12. A beautifully acted, graceful, and intelligent film that usefully dramatizes the gulf between Fortress Bush and the relativist politics of Western Europe.
  13. Tremendously funny and entertaining.
  14. In this, Lee's most ambitious and successful work yet, his celebrated gift for psychological shading and complexity is on proud display.
  15. A perfect marriage of author and director.
  16. A beautiful film from Iran explores beauty both physical and spiritual.
    • 78 Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    The movie felt fresh and resonant in spite of its overall familiarity.
  17. Though it's become almost redundant to say so, major kudos go to Leigh for actually casting people who look working-class; you'd be hard-pressed to get an American studio to go along with that, even though Leigh alumni often become famous.
  18. Overall, Dillon has scored at the helm. Wholly engrossing his film is not, but a valiant first feature it is.
  19. Christopher Guest only wishes he could nail a parody/homage as smart and deadpan as this, but while his ensemble improvisation movies are increasingly full of mighty wind, Winterbottom's is consistently smart and silly without becoming caricature.
  20. Brian's brilliant, saved itself by benefactor George Harrison, who ponied up the budget of 2 million pounds...simply because he loved the script when industry bigwigs turned characteristically chicken. Its overall irreverence proves a lasting balm for the ages. Thank you, Pythons, for setting such a high and enduring standard.
  21. This is provocative stuff--and not just for its searing indictment of Brazilian society.
  22. It just feels like the real thing, which is a trick few writers can muster and even fewer directors can master.
  23. Philosophy imbues this inescapably self-reflexive movie with a rare compassion.
  24. It's more like the déjà vu machine. But that does not negate this movie's copious pleasures, chief among them its prudent decision to act like it's never supposed to be more than good time, a thrilling test-drive in a car you love but can't afford to actually buy.
  25. The overall effect is scintillating and very engaging -- literally history in the making.
  26. Rodriguez clearly assumes Sin City to be his "Pulp Fiction," his rambling portmanteau--a blending of disparate tales to form a complete, overwhelming epic.
  27. If you're shopping for neatly tied bundles of plot and the rigid arcs of "character development" common to mainstream movies, look elsewhere. Whether he's playing on the road or at home, Jarmusch always throws a lot of off-speed stuff, and that's his glory.
    • 87 Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    Tough as it is, L'Enfant nudges both its protagonist and its audience toward unlikely affection. Tough as it is, L'Enfant commands our care by practicing what it preaches. No wonder the brothers call it a love story.

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