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1,519 movie reviews
  1. What makes Crash so gripping--so terrifying in spots, so moving in others, and even a little funny at times--is how nothing happens as we think it will.
  2. Whatever its flaws -- and it has some lulus -- it's a textbook model for how to structure action of this kind.
  3. Takes roughly a third of its length to really get going, but, once it does, it's a devilishly clever, engaging piece of work that milks every cent of value from its tiny budget.
  4. It's not hard to see why actors love working with Penn, even in the smallest roles; he lets them speak monologues even when they're saying nothing at all.
  5. Altman gladly admits there's not much of a story here; his movies are driven by characters.
  6. Deftly delivered and free of gratuitous gloss, yet enormously rich in its unassuming manner.
  7. On one level it is highly intimate, yet it is also universal, a modern metaphor for the human condition and the precariousness of life itself.
  8. What it lacks in story, it makes up for with sharp dialogue and an amusing Walter Mitty-esque style.
  9. It contains nary a dull moment.
  10. Wong weaves a spell that no other director could create.
  11. His (Pawlikowski) love story, which is by turns sensuous, charming, and uniquely moving.
    • Dallas Observer
  12. Braugher does much to hold this show together, because without him, the reality gets muddled. He's a terrific balancing agent for both Caviezel and Quaid; kudos to casting.
  13. The most liberating thing about this funny, touching, heartfelt little movie is the way it defies the rules and, in the end, begins to set its heroines free. They've earned it.
  14. Those needing their Irish fix will be satisfied and no doubt will leave the theater in far greater spirits.
  15. Rich in story, character, and design, The Cider House Rules is obviously a collaborative effort, but above all it is a triumph for director Hallström.
  16. Can be as howlingly funny as it is touching.
  17. This sweet little movie is a mild comedy, a much calmer cousin to "Sister Act," with men in robes rather than women in habits.
  18. A beautiful film from Iran explores beauty both physical and spiritual.
  19. Sugar Town's tunes are terrific, and the writing is sharp. But the typecasting is a work of genius.
  20. What makes this movie special is the meticulous attention placed on each of its characters, employing them not in the traditional "melting pot" manner that is so common, but as part of a grand mosaic that actually seems to be worth sharing.
  21. In this, Lee's most ambitious and successful work yet, his celebrated gift for psychological shading and complexity is on proud display.
    • 85 Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    Arenas' story is a downer that doesn't produce despair. That's because of the exceptional bravery of Arenas himself, and the understanding that both Schnabel and his extraordinary leading man, Javier Bardem, have of him, his world, and his time.
  22. Far more than a mere visual feast.
  23. The striking graininess of the film stock, the near-documentary style of the setups, and Michael Nyman's attentive score add up to a relatable and ultimately hopeful experience.
  24. Fascinating and engrossing on every conceivable level
  25. A disarmingly funny, clear-eyed, and affectionate memory piece.
  26. Without question, Shadow of the Vampire is a stately and elegant horror film, interwoven with delicious strands of black comedy.
  27. More involving and intriguing than any by-the-numbers studio thriller. In large part, it holds our interest because of its stylistic boldness, not despite it.
  28. Not everything in the film happens according to the traditional, overly familiar blueprint.
  29. The entire cast is right on the money, a special word must be said about Seth.

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