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  1. The Dreamers is a real humdinger, at once an intimate romance, a glimpse into a rather unconventional friendship and a beautifully focused celebration of cinema itself.
  2. Fascinating and engrossing on every conceivable level
  3. The Guys is less a tearing open of old wounds than a balm to be applied over them. It doesn't wallow. It doesn't weep.
  4. The delight of this awesome thriller is simply that Schwarzenegger--an old hand at this sort of running-around-shooting-henchmen thing--could easily sleepwalk through the movie...but he doesn't.
  5. The movie works because Berg never forgets to keep his heart in the game and not just his head.
  6. Hoffman, though, is the real gas--the vet getting dopey and loopy and handsy because, hey, what the hell...The midnight cowboy rides again.
  7. Can be as howlingly funny as it is touching.
  8. At the heart of it all is an entrancing lead performance by the teenage Kilcher.
  9. The final product is great populist entertainment and may even leave audiences with a feeling of comfort, however fleeting, in the knowledge that corrupt corporations don't always win
    • 70 Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    Most of it--ranges from very funny to hilarious.
  10. Bright, lively and liberating movie.
  11. This beast is as subtle as a Red Bull enema, but it succeeds magnificently as compulsively watchable spectacle.
  12. A character study, the film succeeds in large measure due to the kinetically charged performance of Romain Duris.
  13. The most liberating thing about this funny, touching, heartfelt little movie is the way it defies the rules and, in the end, begins to set its heroines free. They've earned it.
  14. At last Dreamworks has given us the stuff of nightmare.
  15. What makes this movie special is the meticulous attention placed on each of its characters, employing them not in the traditional "melting pot" manner that is so common, but as part of a grand mosaic that actually seems to be worth sharing.
  16. Not everything in the film happens according to the traditional, overly familiar blueprint.
  17. The film splits the difference between the brutal reality of the cable-TV prison series "Oz" and the romanticized fantasy of "The Shawshank Redemption" and provides a vivid, well-rounded gallery of inmate portraits.
  18. There are no hearts and flowers in Loach's hard-edged world, no kindly interventions, no signs from heaven. Instead, he gives us the unvarnished facts about working-class exploitation and the failure of ambition in low places.
  19. It contains nary a dull moment.
  20. The zingers come so fast and furious that if you miss a few (and even the most alert viewer will the first time), there are always more.
  21. If you have a chance to see the 3-D IMAX version of the movie ignore any objections. But if your only choice is a regular 2-D screen, The Polar Express is still three-fourths of a great movie.
  22. Fashion photographer David LaChapelle expands upon his award-winning short film "Krumped," introducing us to the new dance forms popular in South Central Los Angeles via the charismatic "ghetto celebrity" known as Tommy the Clown.
    • 83 Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    Creates a sense of understanding that crystallizes the essence of the drug subculture with startling clarity.
  23. For the most part the film is a miracle of accomplishment, elegant and bold and artful in a world devoid of resources.
    • 51 Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    Unlike Burton, Schumacher doesn't let his stylistic and thematic fascinations run away with him; he keeps one hand on the wheel at all times. The result isn't as emotionally daring and visually outrageous as Burton at his best, but it's better paced and more consistently entertaining from one sequence to the next.
  24. The unfettered comedy of life bubbling up from the Spanish unconscious continues to be proudly liberationist, gloriously extreme, and achingly human.
  25. Penn's lead performance is the main attraction here, and it's a fine piece of work--far superior to his overly showy Oscar-winning role last year.
  26. Both Fellini and Woody Allen have remarked that casting is 90 percent of directing--and Citizen Ruth bears witness to that notion. While this is primarily Dern's show, the casting is perfect all around.
  27. Tigers are such rare and beautiful creatures that you could just film them running around an enclosure for an hour or so and many would pay to see it. Annaud adds much more, and has made a compelling story that's truly for the whole family, without being overly sentimental.

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