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  1. It's left to Barbra Streisand and Dustin Hoffman as Greg's parents to warm up the picture, and they light it on fire. Indeed, they're having such a swell time as Roz and Bernie Focker that they seem to be in an entirely different movie--a funnier one, a sexier one and a smarter one.
  2. But by the end the audience, along with Clayton, has been jerked around so many times that it's almost too exhausting...By then, it's almost impossible to care.
  3. Try to forget about Michael Gambon in Potter's original BBC miniseries; Keith Gordon's film is its own thing, full of Brechtian artifice and oddball humor -- Mel Gibson's old man act in particular.
  4. This movie is, essentially, porn, and whether it's a turn-on is likely to be subjective to each viewer. Those who find traditional porn too artificial should be pleased.
  5. The entire remake has been dumb-dumbed by John Hughes, who wrote the script and produced.
  6. For Caan's shtick alone, The Yards is worthwhile, but we may also be witnessing the emergence, in Gray, of a young filmmaker who's just starting to find the range.
  7. It's facile, predictable, and contrived, but there's still something winning about this multicultural drama from South Africa.
  8. One of the most schizoid films in recent memory. It opens with crystalline originality, a shimmering comedy with meticulous timing and sharply drawn characters. Then it careens carelessly into syrup. How could he (Martin) not have noticed?
  9. Despite moments of gritty greatness that rival Scorsese's best, the movie is severely hampered by please-everyone syndrome, especially in the editing and choice of music.
  10. What's weird about subUrbia is that Linklater's zoned-out technique is wedded to Bogosian's in-your-face power-rant oratory. The result is like local anesthesia--you can see the incisions, but you can't feel them.
  11. Murphy inhabited Jif like a sweet, innocent child, almost as though he were delighted to shed the cynicism and get down to the sweet, chewy center. Or day-care center, in this case.
  12. That sweet streak has grown, like a cancer, and gradually killed off any of the edge their (Farrellys) humor may have once had.
  13. As a thriller, The Butterfly Effect is iffy and uneven, but as a portrait of a people, it's effective and intriguing.
  14. When the movie works, it gleefully skewers the clichés of the buddy cop genre... When it doesn't work, it's exactly what it purports to be lampooning--a lame, boring cop buddy movie.
  15. A thoroughly unremarkable police action movie starring the magnetic Samuel L. Jackson.
  16. It's moderately compelling drama, but also fairly static stuff, image-wise.
  17. Don Cheadle is wonderful, as always, as the former drug-addict-turned-psychiatrist who worries it's all hopeless but refuses to stop trying. Sounds clichéd, perhaps, but for the most part it works, thanks to piercingly authentic performances.
  18. This is quintessential "family entertainment."
  19. If your expectations aren't too high, there's lots of cool shit on-screen.
  20. Farrell's performance possesses a touch too many mannerisms on loan from Tyrone Power and Clark Gable; you can almost hear the gears turning in his brain each time he cocks his head or raises an eyebrow in homage.
    • 76 Metascore
    • 60 Critic Score
    The film is bound together around the oral tradition and the act of storytelling, and this is where the filmmakers shine.
  21. It's hard to know just how much to trust Titanic Town.
  22. Director Stephen T. Kay (The Last Time I Committed Suicide) busts off some cool shots, and Eric Kripke's story is pretty sound until the finale. Worth a look for horror fans, but nothing classic.
  23. The stately pacing and meandering plot often reduce this potential classic to generous eye candy.
  24. I wanted to be transported by this movie; I wasn't quite. But I respect it.
  25. Ultimately, it's the songs that energize this highlight, and lowlight, reel; you may forget the movie when you walk out of the theater, but you will do so while humming the soundtrack.
  26. Quills is bound to titillate some, but for most it's likely to summon little more than a few Oscars and appreciative yawns.
  27. Happily, the director and writer Andrea Gibb treat little Frankie with as much dramatic respect as the grown-up characters, and he saves the movie from killing sweetness.
  28. Silly, yes, but sweet and fun too.
  29. Is it worth the goofy characters and weak story for the effects and action sequences? Absolutely.

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