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1,519 movie reviews
  1. All in all, the only lesson here is how to irritate. This is a stupid movie for stupid people. If you're a stupid person, knock yourself out. Please
    • 44 Metascore
    • 0 Critic Score
    The long hours Davis says she spent training with knives and guns can't rescue her character from drowning in the story's hokiness. Fans will be aghast at what they see--a movie so garish and silly, even Geena Davis can't save it.
  2. Connie and Carla doesn't just do violence to the memory of Wilder's brilliant sex farce (Some Like It Hot); it's so clumsy, it might give cross-dressing itself a bad name.
  3. Has all the charm of a canceled CBS sitcom.
  4. A dismaying dearth of romantic chemistry -- during their brief scenes together, the two (Pitt, Roberts) actually seem afraid to touch each other -- and we end up with a Frankenstein's monster of a movie: lots of interesting pieces cobbled together with all the stitches showing.
  5. Paycheck is a terribly muddled mess, a Hitchcock homage (with generous, obvious nods to The Birds, Strangers on a Train and North by Northwest) by a great filmmaker trying to say a great deal with so very little.
  6. Freedomland manages a seemingly impossible feat: It's both turgid AND overwrought, eliciting the shriek that fades into a yawn without anyone ever noticing. It's a wholly dreary piece of work.
  7. It's big and loud, but this Peacemaker is still a dud.
  8. Meet Joe Black takes an interesting idea--Death assumes human form and comes to earth to learn about human existence--and reduces it to a flat, uninspired, interminably slow movie.
  9. It's not really a kids' film, nor it is particularly funny, by either design or execution. It is, rather, Columbus' latest attempt at a comically tinged tearjerker.
  10. Lured to the project with John Cusack as her original co-star (cruelly replaced by Matthew Broderick), Nicole Kidman phones it in.
  11. Succeeds in scaring you and boring you at the same time; unlike Moore's movie, it's agitprop bereft of artistry, porn for Republicans.
  12. Hope Floats comes lumbering along, scourging all in its path with saccharine sentimentality and bogus emotions.
    • 41 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    If any further indication were needed of the fact that gay has gone mainstream, this flaccid farce provides definitive proof, for it's as forced and unfunny as subpar Sandra Dee.
  13. Consistently fails to deliver the charm it presumes to have.
  14. A stunning piece of work--stunningly inept, stunningly incoherent, stunningly awful in every single way imaginable.
  15. Adequately breezy and sleazy -- a movie about the horniest man in the universe looking for a little one-night stand.
  16. Instead of satire, we're treated to diarrhea jokes, dogs dangled from the windows of speeding SUVs and tasteless sobriquets bestowed upon anyone who looks vaguely ethnic.
  17. Runs two hours and 20 minutes and plays like 10 days in the county jail.
  18. Like a half-remembered dream, the movie's often so overwhelming that even its dull, dead moments (of which there are many, unfortunately) leave you wondering what you're missing and what you've just forgotten.
  19. If Alfred Hitchcock were retarded, lobotomized, and freshly dug up, he might possibly c--- out a movie like this one.
  20. The film is often unintentionally silly, and it might have been better if it tried to be.
  21. Disappointing only because its best moments are transcendent; its worst moments, sadly, are just so ordinary.
  22. Silly, misguided, formulaic and largely a piece of trash, but it's not quite a disaster. There's the dancing and the music and the sunlight.
  23. So convoluted and half-assed it's tempting to dismiss it as unfinished; it feels like six different movies cut together by a blind editor.
  24. Isn't any fun at all, which is ultimately the most damning thing you can say about a Bruckheimer movie.
  25. It's unfortunate that, nudity and all, this is one of Toback's absolute worst efforts.
    • 39 Metascore
    • 20 Critic Score
    Many of the most absurd things on view in this film are absolutely true.
  26. Get out your hankies and weep for the heart-tugging disaster Message in a Bottle.
  27. This was a better movie back when it was called "Gossip" . . . oh, wait, no -- that one sucked too.

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