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  1. As frantic and frenzied as its source material.
  2. The charismatic Jamal has the spirit of a young Antoine Doinel, and Winterbottom shoots him to evoke the memory of Truffaut's young hero.
    • 75 Metascore
    • 70 Critic Score
    This Film Is Not Yet Rated has a refreshingly snotty sense of humor.
  3. This is a powerhouse of a film, but not for the obvious reasons that it's about a female serial killer, scampering lesbians and whatever. The project's strength instead emerges from a sense of nobility and purpose in honoring its characters.
  4. Sly and corrosively funny political black comedy.
  5. Fashion photographer David LaChapelle expands upon his award-winning short film "Krumped," introducing us to the new dance forms popular in South Central Los Angeles via the charismatic "ghetto celebrity" known as Tommy the Clown.
  6. A flawed film worth seeing.
  7. It's but a witty, engaging hodgepodge of archetypes and clichés; it retreads not only the TV show's story lines, but also those of every "Star Trek" and "Gunsmoke" episode. It needed the room of a big screen just to fit all of its influences into a single place.
  8. One of the powerful things about After Innocence is that, no matter what your position on punitive justice, you can't argue with the film's position.
  9. A vivid double portrait of the artistic sensibility in its many weathers -- expressed by two fine actors clearly engaged in a labor of love.
  10. What the books suggest, the movie reveals and revels in--the songs, in other words, those brilliant, backbreakingly fast anthems.
  11. It plays like a parody of suspense movies, then occasionally becomes serious, then boring, then makes a jarring 180, then frustrates, then gets vaguely interesting again.
  12. The acting is remarkable across the board, undoubtedly a combination of a strong script, gifted actors and exceptional direction.
  13. I wanted to be transported by this movie; I wasn't quite. But I respect it.
  14. It's too turgid and redundant to have any real impact. As a thriller, it barely thrills; as a lecture, it has nothing new to say.
  15. It's vibrant and verdant and heartbreakingly inviting, begging you to escape into a lovely tale in which children, through a simple act of faith, find their own heaven on earth.
  16. A six-year-old masterpiece, never-before widely seen in the U.S., is still a masterpiece.
  17. It's a powerfully ersatz experience, but at least it's powerful. There's a lot to like here: At three hours and 14 minutes, the film takes longer to watch than the Titanic took to sink.
  18. Philosophy imbues this inescapably self-reflexive movie with a rare compassion.
    • 74 Metascore
    • 90 Critic Score
    There is some meandering, episodic raggedness to the plotting, but Khan-Din's dialogue has a fine, naturalistic flow, and the young, debuting director O'Donnell, who's neither English nor Pakistani but Irish, skillfully keeps the material from showing too clearly its theatrical origins.
  19. It's a work of art for sure, but a sadistic one. Oldboy is one of the year's best; it just isn't for everyone. If you're still interested, go for it.
    • 74 Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    This chamber drama is a deeply felt and oddly moving reverie on death and the process of taking stock of one's life.
  20. An ideal film for movie buffs, who are bound to delight in each new misfortune even as they sympathize with the documentarians' sometimes inflated vision of a tortured genius at work.
  21. Yu's approach to the material is brilliant.
    • 74 Metascore
    • 40 Critic Score
    (Washington's) performance is halfhearted, soft.
  22. Can be as howlingly funny as it is touching.
  23. My Kid Could Paint That's about art—and it IS art, among the best documentaries ever made about that elusive process of manufacturing something out of nothing. But it's also a must-see for every single parent who believes their children are special, when all they want to be is your children.
  24. Rodriguez clearly assumes Sin City to be his "Pulp Fiction," his rambling portmanteau--a blending of disparate tales to form a complete, overwhelming epic.
  25. The entire cast is right on the money, a special word must be said about Seth.
  26. Zhang deftly and quickly draws a half-dozen supporting characters, and his pacing never flags.

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