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  1. While Moore's performance is riveting, the most insightful aspects of the tale are the insider reactions.
  2. London Spy, premiering Jan. 21 on BBC America, is a complex, sometimes cryptic import that is worth puzzling over.
  3. The first three hours leave us thirsting for more.
  4. Suffice it to say creator Matthew Weiner unspools enough story to keep fans hooked, immediately satisfying some curiosities and creating others.
  5. [A] cleverly plotted, visually absorbing tale.
  6. The entire 14-hour, seven-night experience of Burns' latest opus is an engaging and at times surprising marathon.
  7. The 10-episode dramatic comedy, dropping Tuesday on Amazon Prime, is romantic, funny and fresh--ripe for binge-viewing.
  8. As an immersive experience for viewers who wouldn't think of getting this close to war zones, the Witness films are amazing documents.
  9. Sure it’s sudsy drama. But great characters make for great fun in season 3.
  10. As the mystery unspools, Darcy withdraws from Elizabeth, and their relationship falters. Suspicions are raised, and Elizabeth must sort out the truth. Expect a dramatic trial and a surprising new suspect before it's all over. Of course, the joy isn't in reaching an answer. It's in the journey.
  11. Will delight those who know a bit about the star-making machinery. It will tickle sports fans and entertain anyone in search of a decent adult comedy. [7 Aug 1996, p.G01]
    • Denver Post
  12. Creator-executive producer Mitch Glazer draws a loving and critical portrait of the awesome and awful fantasyland that actually existed in that time and place.
  13. Outrageous. ... Thanks to inspired editing, it all hangs together. [14 Jul 2003]
    • Denver Post
  14. The second season looks to be equally incisive [as the first]. With heart.
  15. The 13 episodes are fun, not groundbreaking, but slickly produced and accented with musical comedy. Like the two stars, the series is endearing, loud and desperate for attention, but ultimately a love letter to comedy and comedy history.
  16. Not only is it creepy, suspenseful and full of splendid special effects, veteran actors and fresh young faces, but it's laced with big thoughts about environmentalism and the future of the planet.
  17. The thrill of rock 'n' roll as it took a turn toward modern punk, discovered disco and made way for hip-hop in 1970s Manhattan is captured in a fresh way in Vinyl, a tough-minded series.
  18. A medically sound, educational effort.
  19. The Girl, directed by Julian Jarrold, impeccably re-creates the film technology of the time. It also delivers a psychologically astute reading of one of Hollywood's more bizarre entanglements.
  20. That uncomfortable flash of shame even as we smile at his antics is what makes Life's Too Short so oddly engaging.
  21. Two sweet, funny, even poignant dramedies ["About a Boy" and "Growing up Fisher"] launch on NBC this weekend, both helping midseason feel richer than the meager offerings of the network's fall slate.
  22. Overall, The Knick is a sublimely addictive ride for which viewers will want to scrub up.
  23. Two sweet, funny, even poignant dramedies ["About a Boy" and "Growing up Fisher"] launch on NBC this weekend, both helping midseason feel richer than the meager offerings of the network's fall slate.
  24. Oliver is terrific at mining humor from the most popular topics of the day, that is, the idiocy of the media and politicians. He's funny when he's knocking our intelligence. But he's best when he sticks to a barrage of short bits, enhanced with clips or photographs, as in his first week's efforts.
  25. Luckily the addition of a few big-name guest stars helps the series regain "the big mo," as they say in politics. Judging by the six episodes I've screened, HoC remains an addictive if not credible political potboiler, elevated by new actors.
  26. This reprise won’t eclipse memories of the film, but it shouldn’t be automatically discounted. It’s a longer, slower study, suited to a different medium and hitting the same gruesome and all-too-human notes.
  27. Yes, they [Amanda Peet and David Walton] throw sparks, but it's more than that. The quick reparte and the presence of great secondary players is also a crucial part of the appeal.
  28. [Empire is] still addicting and with a number of hot guest stars.
  29. [Elf: Buddy's Musical Christmas is] clever enough for adults, sweet enough for young kids and musically inventive enough to please the worst Scrooge.
  30. Season 2 of Manhattan gets off to a slow start and may require catch-up work. But the high-minded story about the creators of the atom bomb soon picks up the pace.

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