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Average TV Show review score: 66
Highest review score: 100 My Name Is Earl: Season 1
Lowest review score: 0 Category 7: The End of the World: Season 1
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165 tv reviews
  1. From start to finish, "Standoff" is slickly contrived, formulaic crime drama nonsense.
  2. It's unfortunate that while Clueless looks fabulous, much of the fizzy comic energy of the film's bright teenybopper satire has been lost. [20 Sept 1996, p.9D]
    • Detroit Free Press
  3. Shepherd scores in a so-so docudrama.
  4. Big Shots isn't brilliant. And despite that attractive, well-matched male ensemble, the so-so series premiere lacks sufficient creative zing.
  5. "Saved" is a sometimes entertaining, often predictable trauma drama.
  6. It's escapist sci- fi hooey that is simultaneously slick and tacky. In other words, a breath of fresh air compared to the average tabloid newsmagzine. [26 Jan 1994, p.6D]
    • Detroit Free Press
  7. Doesn't quite rise to the cheerful, sweetly clever quality level of WB's "Beauty and the Geek."
  8. Moonlight falls somewhere in the middle of the new paranormal pack. It's neither great nor awful.
    • 53 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    Would the creators of Kid Nation please go to their room for a time-out and come up with something more original?
  9. Some will find it appalling. Others just may find it appallingly addictive.
  10. Though Doherty's return to prime time is only occasionally bewitching, Charmed, on first encounter, isn't without promise. [7 Oct 1998, p.5G]
    • Detroit Free Press
  11. McKidd's a fine actor and there's promise here for an engaging romantic drama. But it's a bit too tangled, confusing and erratic in the opening weeks.
  12. The Old Testament just shouldn't be this dull.
  13. It's greasy, it's cheesy, it's a big heapin' platter of B-movie hokum. Now if only Tremors: The Series were as much clever fun as "Tremors," the witty, wild 'n' woolly 1990 monster flick it was inspired by. But it's not. Not even close. [28 Mar 2003, p.6D]
    • Detroit Free Press
  14. Even with Walsh's star sizzle and an attractive, talented supporting cast that includes Tim Daly, Amy Brenneman, Taye Diggs and Audra McDonald, Rhimes still hasn't found her spinoff's storytelling groove
  15. A decent, potentially appealing cast -- one that includes Fred Goss ("Sons and Daughters"), Faith Ford and Jerry O'Connell--has to make do with ho-hum storylines and writing that lacks anything resembling real snap and imagination.
  16. Luis retains the creaky, cliched feel of a laugh track relic from another time. Even in the '70s, this ethnic comedy cartoon wouldn't have seemed all that funny. With manic Luis, more is less. [19 Sept 2003, p.6H]
    • Detroit Free Press
  17. A glossy hunk of over-the-top, sleaze 'n' tease melodrama.
  18. Mr. Know-It-All can be rather irritating. [20 Sept 2002]
    • Detroit Free Press
  19. A sometimes clever twist on the overly familiar crime drama format ... is ultimately bogged down in the same old gory homicidal cliches and whodunit solutions. [23 Jan 2005]
    • Detroit Free Press
  20. With its attractive cast and the Emmy Award-winning talent behind-the-scenes... "Related" should be a lot more fizzy, witty fun than it is.
  21. Despite the presence of a capable cast of bumbling Robin Hood wanna-bes... "The Knights of Prosperity" quickly devolves into tepid, overwrought whimsy and struggles to sustain its premise.
  22. "Modern Men" feels anything but, well, modern. But in its own goofy, good-natured retro way, this old-school comedy... generates some lighthearted, if predictable grins.
  23. The only thing missing is fresh, smart, unpredictable humor.
  24. Word of caution: The glum, occasionally promising Harsh Realm won't be for everyone. It's violent and often relentlessly bleak. [8 Oct 1999, p.1D]
    • Detroit Free Press
  25. There are occasional funny moments amid the raging comic mediocrity.
  26. The few good laughs in an otherwise so-so show are supplied by the slyly wigged-out Beth Lacke.
  27. Screwloose, occasionally amusing...Yeah, Beavis and Butt-head would make fun of this show. Heh-heh-heh. [20 Jan 2003]
    • Detroit Free Press
  28. Lopez loses because he's caught in the middle of a ho-hum sitcom with few real laughs -- much like ABC's very similar "My Wife and Kids" and "According to Jim." Oops. [27 Mar 2002]
    • Detroit Free Press
  29. A tepid traditional sitcom.

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