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Average TV Show review score: 67
Highest review score: 100 The Office (UK): Season 1
Lowest review score: 0 Killer Instinct: Season 1
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165 tv reviews
  1. "The West Wing" was more vivid, original and compelling than "Commander in Chief" is likely to become. But impressive Geena Davis and the Oval Office gender twist are indeed refreshing.
  2. Despite its almost giddily provocative tone and the hanky-panky tunnel vision of its teenage protagonists, "life as we know it" displays some real promise with refreshing twists of wit, imagination and an offbeat style. [7 Oct 2004]
    • Detroit Free Press
  3. A richly entertaining winner, a saga that both stirs the emotions and whips up vivid outbursts of satisfying, varmint-vanquishing action.
  4. Tell those Tinseltown pixies to go grab that big jar of cosmic stardust off the shelf. The magic show biz thing is happening again. [29 Sept 1998, p.1D]
    • Detroit Free Press
  5. Yeah, sounds sappy. But it's just the opposite -- a charming mix of rambunctious wit, honest emotion and interesting characters. Lots of smarts and a generous heart. A winner. [16 Sept 2002]
    • Detroit Free Press
  6. Besides the nifty, repressed romantic dynamic between Brennan and Booth, "Bones" has some fun with snazzy hologram visualizations of the murder victims in each case.
  7. An instant cult classic will be born when The Tick arrives at 8:30 tonight on Fox, a rambunctiously clever human cartoon rarin' to tickle your funnybone with unhinged satiric glee. [8 Nov 2001, p.4G]
    • Detroit Free Press
  8. "The Nine" unfolds with an abundance of emotion-charged imagination.
  9. Make no mistake, Dharma & Greg has been built for Elfman's coming out party as a high-voltage comic lollapalooza. And she doesn't disappoint. She's one very likable and amusing looney tune. [24 Sept 1997, p.6C]
    • Detroit Free Press
  10. Has some genuinely funny moments despite its laugh track and conventional sitcom framework.
  11. Welcome to Smallville. Check your cynicism at the city limits. [16 Oct 2001, p.6E]
    • Detroit Free Press
  12. It's styled as a sort of laid-back Gen X updating of "thirtysomething," replacing that show's neuroses-fueled, East Coast edge with a more casual, lighthearted California vibe.
  13. Although it's not quite as much smart, trashy fun as "Rome," it is still an engaging romp that moves along at a stylish pace.
  14. "Sleeper Cell" works as a smart, sharply styled thriller about a very serious subject.
  15. On a simple quality drama level, it's the best network miniseries in several years.
  16. Smart, well- written, lots of potential. [3 Mar 1997]
    • Detroit Free Press
  17. A terrific series pilot that gives off little echoes of everything from "GoodFellas" to "The Departed."
  18. The gracefully gonzo result is funny and affecting, and sometimes it is downright insightful. Good grief. [1 June 2001, p.1E]
    • Detroit Free Press
  19. It's headed in the right direction ... fast, loose and fun.
  20. With fun, familiar faces like Field, Flockhart and Griffiths on board, attending a family reunion with the Walkers every Sunday could be a lively, entertaining way to end the weekend.
  21. A compelling tale of ordinary people ensnared in extraordinary circumstances.
  22. It makes a smart, charmingly irreverent first impression, thanks to its pleasantly warped, deadpan writing and performing.
  23. For those willing to take the plunge, a chilling, hypnotic tale awaits. [12 Sep 2003]
    • Detroit Free Press
  24. It's a fresh, darkly comic workplace/social life farce peppered with good laughs.
  25. A dark, bruisingly intense medical drama. ... Delivers smart, pugnacious television that takes a real chance. [30 Mar 2000]
    • Detroit Free Press
  26. An ambitiously moody exploration of moral ambiguity. [27 Oct 1996]
    • Detroit Free Press
  27. "Family Guy" isn't for everyone. Obviously. It's also not as fully-realized or intelligent as "The Simpsons." It's extremely fast-paced and obsessed with a nonstop stream of jokes, jokes, jokes. And the humor is often hit and miss. But when it hits, look out. [29 Jan 1999]
    • Detroit Free Press
  28. High School Musical 2 is pretty much a total tuneful blast.
  29. With its sharp writing, wonderful cast and wacko spirit, Reaper is one helluva good time.
  30. Fey's humor possesses a sly, literate snap. And like NBC's recent cool comedies, "The Office" and "My Name Is Earl," her rollicking "30 Rock" has a surplus of nutty imagination.

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