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  1. The nonprofessional cast of Bahman Ghobadi's remarkable, slow, rough edged feature reveals a simple, piercing grimness and determination framed by the gray, icy landscape of Iranian Kurdistan.
  2. The film's darkly bedazzled view of the '70s is spurred by great dish from André Leon Talley, Liza Minnelli, and Nile Rodgers, who set the stage for Halston's triumphs - and his jaw-dropping fall.
  3. Stepping into sacred shoes once worn by Kevin Bacon, Wormald handily owns the role for a new audience. Same goes for a terrific Miles Teller (Rabbit Hole) in the sidekick role of Willard so memorably originated by the late Chris Penn.
  4. The rare commercial comedy that leaves you entranced by what can happen only in the movies.
  5. Raquel's devotion to her employer is barbed with hatred, need, and an insecurity she manifests through constant tiny acts of sabotage that would be funny if they weren't also so chilling -- bordering on psychotic.
  6. The tonal elegance of this black comedy set in a dark time -- is boldly dependent on performances that tug at taut lines of moral complexity.
  7. Even though Jarmuch has a distinct directorial style, it’s his style. It’s impossible to imitate. These days, I can’t think of a higher compliment.
  8. It's a comedy of manhood for the age of emasculation.
  9. Bad Lieutenant doesn't go where you expect, but it has a stubborn, trippy logic.
  10. An 
unexpectedly revealing, disconcerting documentary that benefits from the filmmaker's unmediated approach, his home-movie-
quality visual style, and his controlled use of on-the-fly moments.
  11. Moncrieff pushes a view of women as victims that might create its own pornography of masochism if it didn't touch so many authentic shattered nerve endings.
  12. The 3-D visuals envelop you, majestically, and that effect fuses with the band's surround-sound rapture to create a full-scale sensory high. U2 3D makes you feel stoned on movies.
  13. A pitiless yet elegiac Australian Western as caked with beauty as it is with blood.
  14. A muscular sequel to To's riveting 2005 gangster picture "Election."
  15. Lathan, charismatic and beautifully strong, holds the screen in every scene.
  16. Leconte (''Ridicule'') gives his heart to the luck of romance, to the dream state visual style of Fellini, and, most lyrically, to the passion of the dagger point swoon.
  17. This super-duper deluxe nature documentary clearly aims to recruit young viewers as conservationists.
  18. So Much So Fast (spanning five years) elegantly presents both a critique and a celebration of American optimism.
  19. As a flight of fantasy, Jurassic Park lacks the emotional unity of Spielberg's classics ("Jaws," "Close Encounters," "E.T."), yet it has enough of his innocent, playful virtuosity to send you out of the theater grinning with delight.
  20. The result is a portrait that expertly mirrors its subject: Buck is shaped with the same economy, restraint, and unfussiness as the man, to unexpectedly inspiring effect.
  21. Bilbo, as played by Freeman, suggests a sly-dog Dana Carvey without irony, and he is certainly overmatched, but that doesn't mean he's outplayed. Desolation is now his business.
  22. Using newsreel footage, clips of artistic propaganda (e.g., joyful proletarian farm ballets), and interviews with survivors, the movie draws us into the annihilating fervor of an era in which purge followed upon purge, in escalating waves of terror and control.
    • 32 Metascore
    • 91 Critic Score
    Parents who have had to sit through a myriad of mindless kids movies will appreciate a chance for their kids to be themselves at the theater and to be silly right alongside them. On the whole, it can serve as a good introduction to the movie-going experience.
  23. The fine Polish director Agnieszka Holland (Europa Europa) pays her respects with a daringly murky-looking movie that demands viewers enter the void too and meet Socha and his Jews as real, flawed men and women behaving in flawed ways under suffocating conditions.
  24. A wondrously sly, moving, odd portrait—perfectly befitting its subject.
  25. Tough to watch, but essential.
  26. This funny, gory stab-athon is as sophisticated about the mechanics of Part 2s as the original was savvy about horror flicks.
  27. Glacially told gem from animator Isao Takahata, the 78-year-old cofounder with Hayao Miyazaki of Studio Ghibli.
  28. It's a thin line between 20th-century Nazism and 21st-century corporate culture in Heartbeat Detector, Nicolas Klotz's rewardingly chilly psychological thriller.
  29. A nimble and supple and moving comedy.

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