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5,466 movie reviews
  1. In Limitless, a potently fanciful and fun thriller about a drug that turns you into a genius, Cooper proves a cock-of-the-walk movie star.
  2. Jurassic World is a blockbuster of its moment. It’s not deep. There aren’t new lessons to be learned. And the film’s flesh-and-blood actors are basically glamorized extras. But when it comes to serving up a smorgasbord of bloody dino mayhem, it accomplishes exactly what it sets out to do beautifully.
    • 59 Metascore
    • 67 Critic Score
    The sequel is a minor wackjob head trip.
  3. This charm-filled documentary about passionate Harry Potter fans (and one foe) leaps all over the place.
  4. If Microsoft and Nike ever merged into one corporate megalith (MicroNike?) and commissioned Leni Riefenstahl to direct its visionary new Super Bowl commercial, the result might look something like Godfrey Reggio's Naqoyqatsi.
  5. Smart enough to hook us with the best thing it has going: Cedric the Entertainer's gruffly uproarious and lived-in performance as Eddie.
  6. Anastasia has the Disney house style down cold, yet the magic is missing. Perhaps that's because the story's somber emotional hook--Anastasia's thwarted desire for home--is asserted rather than dramatized.
  7. A routine Will Smith cop-on-the-hunt thriller at heart, I, Robot lacks imaginative excitement.
  8. Cyrus, an apple-cheeked dumpling, resembles Pia Zadora, but when she exhorts the crowd, it's with the martial efficiency of Hillary Clinton.
  9. Rarely has a movie captured the obscene violence of sex trafficking with such unvarnished grubbiness. In the end, though, The Whistleblower is a corporate thriller.
  10. A movie about love and loss that doesn’t dissolve into soft focus when the hard parts start.
    • 59 Metascore
    • 67 Critic Score
    Harvey's stand takes place live in front of 16,000 believers at Bishop T.D. Jakes' church event MegaFest, and the intriguing novelty of the movie comes from watching one of the R-rated Original Kings of Comedy try to go the whole night without swearing.
  11. It's the die-hard camaraderie that undergirded this squad and lifted it to the top.
  12. Paul Leonard-Morgan's thumping techno soundtrack is thrilling. And Urban manages to give a credibly wry performance using little more than his gravelly, imitation-Eastwood voice - and his chin.
  13. The bottom line, for me, is this: I don't scare easily at horror films, but I watched Paranormal Activity 3 in a state of high anxiety.
  14. In the end, Scent of a Woman offers little more than lumbering simulation of Rain Man's nimble magic. But Pacino's performance-scabrous, tender, ripely theatrical-is a master showman's trick.
  15. Absolutely, probably more comfortable with human romantic complication than the usual stuff released on Valentine's Day.
  16. A gaily busy kid flick.
  17. It's like seeing the birth of the '60s, with great moments (including Neal Cassady doing speed-freak monologues).
  18. Grant is game for a new level of meta-ha-ha, joke's-on-me in Music and Lyrics. But with Drew Barrymore as his costar, this bland, light romantic comedy insists on keeping the commentary as disposable as one of the '80s gumball tunes Grant used to swivel to as Alex Fletcher, a washed-up '80s pop star.
  19. Though not particularly ground-breaking — last year’s Elijah Wood-starring Open Windows pulled the same trick, and much more ambitiously — we’re still going to “like” the result.
  20. This beautiful and urgent eco-doc takes a bite out of the shark mythology made indelible by "Jaws."
  21. Plato's Retreat was a buffet of bodies, and the film catches the moment America could think that was tasty.
  22. This Is 40 isn't always hilarious, but it's ticklishly honest and droll about all the things being a parent can do to a relationship. And why it's still worth it.
  23. Tatyana, the embodiment of a heroine whose still waters run deep, requires more maturity than Tyler as yet possesses.
  24. This galvanizing cinematic work is also gorgeous, experimental, alive with a Scandinavian strain of chutzpah, and artistically elegant.
  25. Nothing more than amiable fluff, yet Bettany infuses it with a brazen dash of reality. You believe in him, even when you don't quite believe in the movie.
  26. An effortlessly clever animated confection.
    • 58 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    The First Saturday in May soon digs in its heels with acute portraits of six trainers, including a paralyzed ex-cyclist in California and an MS-stricken Lexington native who works for the royal family of Dubai.
  27. You can have a reasonably nice time at Salmon Fishing in the Yemen if you accept that it's the tidiest movie imaginable to ever say that falling in love is like swimming upstream.

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