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  1. Stepping into sacred shoes once worn by Kevin Bacon, Wormald handily owns the role for a new audience. Same goes for a terrific Miles Teller (Rabbit Hole) in the sidekick role of Willard so memorably originated by the late Chris Penn.
  2. The movie, like the book, is a work of opportunistic gamesmanship, a luridly farfetched conspiracy thriller masquerading as an inquiry into the zeitgeist. You can't take Disclosure very seriously, yet the film has been made with cleverness and skill, and with a keen eye for the latest styles in corporate paranoia and ruthlessness.
  3. Pirate Radio is, in the end, about as rock-revolutionary as a tea break. But the choppy production floats on a great soundtrack (the real pirates are the Rolling Stones) and is buoyed by an inviting cast.
  4. The film is notable for its nice performances, its handsome photography, and its very active music. If the preceding praise sounds generic, so is the movie.
  5. This brave documentary takes on the topic of anti-Semitism in a relentlessly probing and original way.
  6. No one is going to confuse The Firm with art, but its high- cholesterol virtues-a story that keeps you guessing, a dozen meaty character turns-are enough to send you home sated.
  7. Hard Candy is extreme - a battle of the sexes that glides from tricky to angry to shockingly ugly.
  8. Zwick offers excitingly staged moments, but once you get past the novelty of WWII Jews acting this heroically macho, Defiance bogs down in a not very well-developed script.
  9. The movie is like Doctor Dolittle remade as a therapeutic sudser. By the end, it got to me.
  10. Don't leave before the final frame -- if you're still breathing.
  11. Ice Age: The Meltdown blithely looks on the bright side of life, amassing a screen full of vultures to sing and dance ''Food Glorious Food'' and daring us not to get happy.
  12. The Bridge crosses a disquieting line.
  13. Everyone involved fulfills his or her job requirements adequately. But the magic is gone, and Shrek Forever After is no longer an ogre phenomenon to reckon with. Instead, it's a "Hot Swamp Time Machine."
  14. While there's no denying that the film is a harmless, wholesome, and heart-warming ride crafted with polish and skill, it's also so predictable that you'll see every twist in the story driving down Fifth Avenue.
  15. There’s really no not-terrible term for smart, silly female-bonding movies that are somehow considered subversive just for acing the Bechdel Test.... Sisters earns a spot in that pantheon, however it’s defined—even if it’s never quite as good as its leads.
    • 58 Metascore
    • 91 Critic Score
    Bounding out of the gate like a greyhound, Unleashed needs only its first 30 seconds or so to elevate itself well above the average action potboiler.
  16. The point is, wherever he is, this James Bond is pissed. And that ceaseless anger begins to curdle every sequence that might otherwise bring a little happiness. I mean happiness for us, the viewers.
  17. At once overly episodic and playfully arty, like a TV movie made by Fellini.
  18. A "Romeo and Juliet" tragedy of surprising power.
  19. No dramatic feature has ever come quite this close to the matter-of-fact ugliness of the Nazi crimes.
  20. Colorful and exciting, yet unless you're a young moviegoer, nothing in it takes you by complete surprise. (It's less a nail-biter than a chin-stroker.)
  21. The picture itself is only mechanically breezy.
    • 58 Metascore
    • 67 Critic Score
    Has Dennis Quaid really never played a college football coach before? With his handsome, craggy face and likable intensity, he was born for the job, and he's the main attraction in The Express.
  22. The story, at heart, is earnest and humorless teen romantic glop, but its feelings aren't fake, and the movie is compulsively watchable; it has a passionflower intensity.
  23. A nifty horror movie that doesn't claim to be anything other than a zippy exercise in creature-feature entertainment.
  24. The whole cast is museum quality, and the ''music'' performances are pitch-perfect in their dissonance.
  25. Jim Carrey's performance is an impersonation on the level of genius.
  26. The disciplined performances play against schmaltz, and the casting is inspired.
  27. A marvel of vérité nightmare atmosphere.
  28. This is an action-comedy sequel so indefatigably preposterous and farklemt -- as they say in certain Upper West Side saloons -- that it actually improves on the original.

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