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  1. The signature Eastwoodian music that the director lays over the proceedings - piano tinkle, guitar pluck, and an echo of Rachmaninoff out of Noël Coward's Brief Encounter - can't hold the assemblage together.
  2. With no climactic showdown and no comforting revelation of motive or reassuring psychoanalytic diagnosis, the nerve-rattling potential of this sly, paranoia-inducing story may sink in only later.
  3. CQ
    Coppola, who has made clever music videos, including the one for Moby's ''Honey,'' clearly had a lot of fun detailing the mod cheesiness of this intergalactic period piece, though the satire would have been more ticklish if ''Austin Powers'' hadn't gotten there first.
  4. There are instances when the filmmaker tries for Western iconography and settles for ''Full Monty'' ingratiation.
  5. It's an energetic stunt of a movie, and it wants to make us sweat like it's 1974.
  6. A lot of good actors have gone to work for the Coens and ended up looking like puppets, but Hanks is too clever for that. He knows that he's playing a concoction rather than a human being.
  7. Educational and upstanding, a little overacted and more than a little overdramatized. But it's honorable.
  8. The characters are boiled down to their essentials, the humor is timelessly broad, and Jolie's at her best when she's curling her claws and elongating her vowels like a black-sabbath Tallulah Bankhead.
  9. The filmmakers can't decide whether to trust the period innocence of the book (and play down their casting coup) or let the young man rip as a preteen-babe magnet... So December Boys splits the difference -- safely, dully.
  10. Hunt's movie-directing debut frequently crackles with nice gags.
  11. Doesn't offer anything to adult viewers as thrilling, as shivery, as satisfyingly primal as Steven Spielberg's intricate predator choreography in the original ''Jurassic Park.''
  12. From the get-go, The Recruit is one of those thrillers that delights in pulling the rug out from under you, only to find another rug below that.
  13. A boggy mix of fact, fiction, and changeable wigs and beards worn by Heath Ledger in the title role, manages to shrink the grandness of the myth without clarifying our understanding of the man.
  14. All three of the leads get very close to the Stooges' old looks and personalities, but they do more than impersonate; they inhabit.
  15. And the guy is really good at his job: He knows how to combine impossibly macho action plus attractive self-amusement into a reliable rhythm of ooof! and wink-wink.
  16. Atkinson's goofball grotesquerie never lets up -- right through to the inspired finale.
  17. Going Shopping is sharp and funny about all the things that shopping can mean to the women who live to do it, and even to those who don't.
  18. For the Western viewer, the cultural divide acts as a saccharine filter, and Kamikaze, a cult hit in Japan, becomes a mesmerizing lesson in otherness.
  19. Max
    It challenges, this nervy oddity, like modern art should.
  20. The film evokes how homicide became the ultimate orgasm for kids who had turned themselves into zombies of flesh.
  21. His (Gibson) slow-burn fury keeps the movie going, but not enough to invest us in any justice beyond payback.
  22. If ever there were an actor ripe to ''McConaughnesize'' his career, it's Jude Law — and guess what, he has done it, spectacularly, in Dom Hemingway.
  23. Noble in intention but crude in execution.
  24. Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! is seamlessly crafted yet too self-conscious to be much fun.
  25. The camera loves Banderas -- a velvet stud -- as much as it did the young Clint Eastwood.
  26. The actors are charming, but the movie is like a helium balloon with a leak in it.
  27. The murder as entertainment premise of Series 7 is proof that even the blackest of humor is no longer particularly outrageous.
    • 55 Metascore
    • 67 Critic Score
    The travelogue cinematography is often gorgeous, and the movie's folks, however hastily presented, are winning.
  28. The observations about parenthood, pro and con, are quick and smart, and Scott effortlessly steals the show, softening Westfeldt's brittle cuteness.
  29. For a Good Time, Call... tells the tender tale of two roommates who team up to launch a phone-sex line. Whatever their virtues or flaws, each of these movies makes the dirtiest episode of "Sex and the City" look like Doris Day fluff.

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