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      Ty Burr
    Relaxed, valedictory, exquisitely titled, Grumpy Old Men feels like an odd couple's last hurrah.
  1. In this quiet, absorbing, shades-of-gray drama, a kind of thriller meditation on the schism in Northern Ireland, we get the story of not one but two powerfully opposing heroes.
  2. She's no Mary Poppins: Maggie Smith is more like a cheery Angel of Death in the light black comedy Keeping Mum, one of those dutifully daft British diddles (complete with Rowan Atkinson as a vicar) that, except for the blunt sex talk, might have been constructed decades ago.
  3. I call Piranha 3D ''exploitation,'' rather than a quality scare movie, because it serves up well-timed gross-outs instead of genuine suspense and because the movie has no pretense of providing character, plot, acting, or dialogue that's anything more than boilerplate.
  4. Evokes the intimacies of teenage girls with unusual delicacy, and Perabo's performance is a geyser of emotion.
  5. De-Lovely is something dishy and rare: a biopic about a happy, and even enchanted, man.
  6. It borders on perky -- a duller, safer tonal choice for the story of a conniving go-getter whose fall is as precipitous as her rise.
  7. It's a Marvel spectacle that manages to deftly balance razzle-dazzle, feel-it-in-your-gut slingshot moments of flight and believable human relationships. There's psychological weight to go with all of the gravity-defying, webslinging weightlessness.
  8. Then there's Todd Solondz's Palindromes, which is that rare event: a memorable provocation.
  9. Suicidal depression has rarely looked so amusing.
  10. Whenever Rupert Everett appears as a rich fellow who distinctly does not fancy ladies, it's a hysterical history lesson of the hilarious variety.
  11. The movie is literally a series of showstoppers, unified by the impulse to turn life, at its scruffiest, into theater - into a rhapsody of the everyday.
  12. If you can watch Popper's most trusted penguin finally get to fly and feel like you're soaring right up there with her, then you may just let this likable trifle whisk you back to childhood.
    • 53 Metascore
    • 83 Critic Score
    Even when he looks like a complete dolt, Sutherland still comes off sympathetically, as a cool guy.
  13. The Killer Inside Me may be the darkest film noir ever made.
  14. It's a cautionary tale about the excesses of jingoist paranoia, and the folly of it all is that the more the film descends into somber liberal chest thumping, the less engrossing it becomes.
  15. Yet if Bachelorette takes the form of a romantic ensemble comedy, it's purged of any true romantic feeling. You'll laugh, maybe a lot, but you won't feel great about it in the morning.
  16. Every movie about cuddly dwarf statues in an English garden should have music this big.
  17. I don't know what tools of the trade Paul Rudd and director David Wain share to dream up the kind of inspired nutso stuff Rudd has done in smart-funny-raunchy winners like "Wet Hot American Summer" and "Role Models." But whatever it is, the two are in a groove - and backed up by some blissed-out creative co-conspirators.
  18. The Lucky Ones isn't dull, and the actors do quite nicely, especially McAdams, who's feisty, gorgeous, and as mercurial as a mood ring.
  19. O
    To an astonishing degree, O gets the tragic Shakespeare mood, that somber stentorian passion born of hidden slivers of ambition and betrayal.
  20. A kinder, gentler teensploitation comedy, but Hartnett's Matt, at least, invites the audience to graduate to something better.
  21. Jig
    They're all fascinating 
 subjects - or would be if Jig didn't dance around their personal stories in favor of overheated waiting-for-the-scores suspense.
  22. Unfortunately, Hart seems to have taken the whole ''leave the audience wanting more'' maxim a little too much to heart. The film clocks in at a hair over an hour. That might be enough for an HBO special, but it feels a little thin for a feature film.
  23. Samba finds a much stronger rhythm when it stops contriving and simply shines a light on the joy and pain (and musical interludes) of lives lived in the margins.
  24. A marvelously designed piece of cartoon kinetics.
  25. White Squall is lovely to look at, but frustrating to behold.
  26. It's the rare portrait of a happy marriage that is honest about the complex currents of desire, and the drama is beautifully played by Bale, who gawks with soulful sweetness, and Watson, who does her most piercing work since "Breaking the Waves."
    • 53 Metascore
    • 83 Critic Score
    Director Zack Snyder (300) has crafted the rare 3-D eyegasm that's worth the premium ticket price.
  27. A deliriously, defiantly unfocused headrush, Stick It is primarily an exercise in exercise.

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