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  1. The incisive, close up photography by ''The Sixth Sense'''s Tak Fujimoto outclasses the story by yards.
  2. Here's a romance without a spark of excitement.
  3. Phenomenon (directed by Jon Turteltaub, the guy who sedated us with "While You Were Sleeping") would be pretty unbearable were Travolta not so consistently charming.
  4. The generational conflict — overly ambitious parents and their disaffected millennial children — plays so on-the-nose it almost seems like satire, but it’s really just bad writing.
  5. Hilary Duff makes me long for the comparatively Dostoyevskian depths of Sandra Dee.
  6. The fourth installment of Robert Rodriguez's franchise that keeps adding dimensions even as it loses charm would have been better titled "Spy Kids: All the Time Puns in the World."
  7. Its lack of both originality and any real memorable moments feels shameless and lazy. Adding insult, the movie ends on a cliffhanger, guaranteeing that Insidious: Chapter 3 will soon be coming to a theater near you.
  8. The original Day the Earth Stood Still had a paranoid poetry that lifted the audience up even as it warned the world to come together. This one is so dour it just comes off as a scolding.
  9. For a film ostensibly about the importance of finding a little spice and flavor in your life, From Prada to Nada is surprisingly bland.
  10. A turgid muddle of romance, espionage, and geek valor, despite intimations that it might have turned into ''A Reasonably Dapper-Looking Mind.''
  11. Miracle isn't powerful, it's muddled and diffuse.
  12. Ready to Wear is messy and vaguely nasty -- a blur with attitude.
  13. An embarrassment--a fairy-tale showbiz satire that seems to defang itself, scene by scene.
    • 53 Metascore
    • 42 Critic Score
    It feels more like a poem. Or, at times, a symphony. But it's much less effective as an actual movie.
  14. It happens. Really talented directors sometimes step into the batter’s box, take a gigantic swing, and whiff.
  15. French art thriller 13 Tzameti has a literal hair-trigger premise, yet it's so lacking in human dimensions that it creates virtually no suspense.
  16. This remains the one and only fusion of ''Deliverance'' and ''Hansel and Gretel'' that I ever hope to see.
  17. But overall, this lazy, sweet trifle seems to express the banality of well-being.
  18. If any character steals Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey, it's the Grim Reaper, who, as played by William Sadler, keeps smirking with pleasure at the chance to loosen up.
  19. There's one moment that achieves the camp shiver of the original, when Damien's nanny hangs herself at his birthday party (''Damien, it's all for you!'').
  20. Goofy, pompous, annoyingly boomer-myopic Fab Four musical.
  21. Jordan lets slip virtually every rudiment of drama. He never deigns to develop his characters, he coats the movie in a wet blanket of whimsy, and he lets pop songs do his work for him more lavishly than Cameron Crowe did in "Elizabethtown."
  22. It's hardly much of a thrill to see The One recycle, on a lower budget, the slo-mo bullet dodges from "The Matrix," along with unspectacular variations on several other of that film's time-bending demolition-ballet effects.
    • 64 Metascore
    • 42 Reviewed by
      Ty Burr
    The novel is a sharp, Dickensian comedy; the film is just plain dull.
  23. An exhausted epic, one that Stone has directed with an almost startling lack of personality or vision.
  24. What might have been a rote horror exercise becomes instead a twitchy, mannered, often amusing rote horror exercise.
  25. A characteristically engorged and sloppy coming-of-age movie from the filmmaker (''Harvard '66'') who, in his body of work, indulges his fantasies as fetishistically as other men finger their cigars.
  26. Raging ego aside, the penny-ante hucksterism of his I'm-going-on-dates-to-get-famous-making-a-movie-about-dates approach is too cloying and opportunistic to bear.
  27. If you're looking for comic insights beyond the well-documented ass differential between whites and blacks, well, golly, you ought to try another carrier.
  28. An afterthought of a plot ships the family from Kansas to the O.C., offering SoCal set pieces -- like a doggie surfing contest -- to spackle the few gaps between big-dog-small-world jokes.

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