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5,467 movie reviews
  1. For this 21st-century Nick and Nora Charles, the flame is kept alive despite his nighttime anti-snore nose strip and her nighttime bite guard -- thanks to a shared appreciation of the hilarity of nose strips and bite guards.
  2. If The Bridesmaid is middle-drawer Chabrol, it's almost worth going to just to watch Laura Smet, a vamp of not-so-basic instinct.
  3. It's a deeply touching story about survival, perseverance, and hope.
  4. That sense of déjà vu is at once this Harry Potter's balm and its limitation: many charms, but few surprises.
  5. This modern slice of neorealism has been made with a skill, and humanity, that suggests Bahrani may have a "Bicycle Thief" in him yet.
  6. For a while, The Last Exorcism shrewdly exploits our voyeurism, as it sustains the teasing question of whether there's actually anything supernatural going on. The payoff, however, isn't scary enough.
  7. At this point in the actor's career, it is pretty well impossible to tell when Malkovich is camping it up, or just being John Malkovich. Under the end-of-civilization circumstances of Warm Bodies, he's just the right guy for the job.
  8. Bullet to the Head doesn't try to adapt its star to 2013. It just pretends that we're still living in 1986. And for 91 minutes, it just about works.
  9. Newcomer Jessica Haines is transparent and heartbreaking as the prof's unorthodox daughter, a victim of violence as the old ways crumble.
  10. It’s half "Friday the 13th," half "Phantom of the Paradise," and just cheesy enough to work.
  11. Williams gives an inspired comic performance. Unfortunately, he outclasses the movie, which is basically a patchwork rip-off of Tootsie.
  12. What holds the movie together, however, is Gibson's broodingly responsive performance.
  13. This is what a videogame movie looks like now.
  14. A modest vérité portrait of Wilco, the engagingly melodious, deeply unglam alt-folk rockers.
  15. The villainous Polluter-in-Chief is eloquently played by Robert Knepper, familiarly loathsome as T-Bag on Fox's "Prison Break." And when Knepper and Statham get together, there's a fine showdown of grimaces.
  16. Miss Potter, right to the end, is the definition of a "nice" movie, and that makes it a genuine oddball in a universe of increasingly distressed and uncivilized pop culture.
  17. Stolidly corny, old-fashioned pulp fun.
  18. Touchy Feely is minor, but these people are good company.
  19. The plot's pretty thin -- even for a gladiator movie. Fortunately, when it comes to crunchy impalings and messy arterial geysers, Marshall's a maestro.
  20. The natural, pleasurable 1990s hipness [Lohan] brings to her assignment is therefore all the more impressive. Hayley-holics should be grateful to this new girl at camp too.
    • 63 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    This pleasant movie anachronism, an assemblage of traditional Robin Hooded scenarios (and superior swordplay) that, in the right light, is a nostalgic treat, and in shadow evokes Monty Python.
  21. It's a pleasure to encounter a confectionary love story in which a man and woman of age and experience discover feelings that youth, more and more, has a patent on in Hollywood.
  22. The exchange of substance for speed may not appeal to all, but if you're on board you'll find it hard to disembark.
  23. The cinematography is consistently hipster handsome, the script is bracing in its lewdness, and Brosnan adds no unnecessary weight to Noble's meaninglessness.
  24. There is also a manufactured symmetry, an every-gal's-got-issues roundness, an HBO sitcomitude to the movie that undercuts its own observational intelligence.
  25. An enjoyable pop projection of post-9/11 anxiety.
  26. To me, the most potent dimension of The U.S. vs. John Lennon is the way that it captures the contradictory romanticism of Lennon the radical.
  27. Ratatouille is a blithe concoction, as well as a miraculously textured piece of animated design.
  28. Going Shopping is sharp and funny about all the things that shopping can mean to the women who live to do it, and even to those who don't.
  29. Does all it can not to dehumanize Chong.

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