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5,301 movie reviews
  1. As with his previous film "Fireflies in the Garden," writer-director Dennis Lee scratches the skin of family bonds until it bleeds. This time, he uses whimsy as a salve.
  2. PA4 develops the story ever so slightly (not enough to satisfy fans) and delivers a few good scares (not enough to satisfy newbies); mostly, it plays like a overlong prologue for the already-in-the-works PA5. Here's hoping this is just the tension-racking lull before the next big scream.
  3. In theory, Zoolander is ''Pret-à-Porter'' on laughing gas. In practice, however, the movie is an ill-fitting suit of gags, too long in the crotch even at 90 minutes.
  4. The result is a slack do-over fantasy in which Zac Efron, as a basketball star, looks baffled as to why he hasn't been asked to sing and dance.
  5. A charmless rom-com.
  6. Upside Down is a very fancy piece of junk.
    • 48 Metascore
    • 42 Reviewed by
      Ty Burr
    Dian Bachar, as Joe's pint-size sidekick, sounds the only note of sly wit; the unidentified stripper playing T-Rex delivers the only real shock value. The movie could have used a lot more of both.
  7. So shameless is The Kingdom, ignoring consequence and treating its audience like cash-dispensing machines with buttons to be pushed rather than thinking individuals willing to consider the reality of America's entanglement with the Middle East.
  8. A lurid hodgepodge of the ''subversive'' and the secondhand, the movie lacks the primal pop pleasures of Lynch's best work.
    • 30 Metascore
    • 42 Critic Score
    Crossover skimps on court-level pyrotechnics (we get a game in the beginning and, of course, a big game at the end, and that's about it) in favor of dry urban melodrama.
  9. When not unnecessarily bland, synthetic, and indistinguishable from undistinguished teen TV, A Cinderella Story is unnecessarily coarse and dumbed down, with every character except Sam and Austin subject to perfunctory ridicule.
  10. The movie is in love with its own story loops and fancy, pop-dream cinematography from Almodóvar associate Affonso Beato, which is fine; it's also in love with its own indie-culture cleverness, which isn't.
  11. A movie overtly designed to win attention (and not to do much else).
  12. It's all the thrill of watching other people play Uno.
  13. Has the taint of exploitation.
  14. The title translates, roughly, as ''This & That,'' a confectionary shrug that pretty well sums up the blasé inconsequentiality of it all.
  15. Like Mike has the synthetically wrapped pseudo-charm of a perfunctory ''Flubber'' sequel.
  16. Seems to have been given the comedy equivalent of blood thinner. It has the blazing satirical boldness to skewer the first Tobey Maguire Spider-Man -- and, amazingly, not much else.
  17. The movie is a morals-free procession of bang bang bang! and blood blood blood!, and men slamming each other with blunt objects and slicing each other with blades.
    • 41 Metascore
    • 42 Critic Score
    A hopelessly stupid movie that should appeal to baked couch potatoes everywhere.
  18. Sokurov's new companion piece (to "Mother and Son"), has the tedium without the trance.
  19. Nothing more than a bad harvest.
  20. Perry has taken Shange's feminist word-and-movement portraits of disenfranchised African-American women and turned those howls into...a maddeningly choppy mess of a Tyler Perry movie.
  21. Manages to take great characters and a great plot and leach them of all blood, terror, and excitement.
  22. Director and co-writer William Bindley engages every move in the underdog playbook, including, but not limited to, the time the good citizens of Bedford Falls chipped in to make up George Bailey's shortfall in "It's a Wonderful Life."
    • 38 Metascore
    • 42 Critic Score
    A movie that should've been made shortly after its source material -- Susan Cooper's Newbery winner -- debuted in 1973. As is, it feels entirely too generic to work today.
    • 47 Metascore
    • 42 Critic Score
    This period piece is exactly what you'd expect from a Merchant Ivory production: a tragic tale of love set against a backdrop of opulent scenery.
  23. Now it's just some thin chick in her underwear, kicking butt.
  24. It's the showy story, script, and even staging that wear a fella out in this relentlessly precious feature debut by writer-director Jordan Roberts.
  25. The things that once made Neil LaBute's movies seem like tossed grenades — the loutish protagonists, the sadism toward women — now come off as more dated than scandalous.

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