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  1. This powerful documentary about the lingering effects of military conflict makes the point that PTSD existed long before we named it.
    • Entertainment Weekly
  2. In its portrayal of novice docs under pressure, ER may remind you of St. Elsewhere, but with less of the quirkiness that made Elsewhere both brilliant and annoying.
  3. Whether lampooning political cartoonists or mocking indie-rock tropes, the team continues to shine at silly, Mr. Show-style comedy. [17 Oct 2014, p.63]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  4. Even without extension-pulling drama, there's plenty of paisano pettiness from Teresa's sister-in-law Melissa and cousin Kathy. [20 May 2011, p.65]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  5. Overall, Hatfields & McCoys is engrossing, and enlightening about a feud that proves to be a lot more than the bumpkin brawl of pop legend.
  6. It mixes the standard elements into a breezy good time, and ends with a number that'll stick in your head all day.
  7. Not enough cartoons take Lars von Trier to task!
  8. It’s an offbeat, refreshing take on the (broken) family sitcom and deadbeat dad redemption story.
  9. Absurd but engrossing War of the Roses-era drama. [9 Aug 2013, p.73]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  10. That '70s Show is best when the volatility that truly characterized this period — the sense that the times they were a-changin', to a funky beat — seeps into its golden aura of fun.
  11. Home Improvement isn't the best family sitcom — Roseanne still goes further and deeper — but Improvement may be the most comforting.
  12. The season's cleverest, most intricate sitcom.
  13. He's just as entertaining as ever, not to mention endearingly human.
  14. In its season 5 opener, Cougar Town takes a sledgehammer to the fourth wall.
  15. Through Jane's eyes, parenthood seems both delightful and utterly daunting, and her scenes will have you laughing and reaching for the Kleenex at the same time. [16 Oct 2016]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  16. This eccentric romantic comedy deserves a chance to survive.
  17. This series has the time (and inclination) to really unravel the softening dynamic between its romantic atheists.
  18. Your interest in Arrow depends on how much you miss the troubled-in-love, conflicted-by-family heroics of Smallville--it mirrors that series' setup.
  19. This handsomely produced experimental series ought to please flexible fans. [30 Mar 2007, p.62]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  20. From the victim's unhappy wife to a classmate who clearly had the hots for him to--no surprise here--a troubled tarot-card reader, the well-woven episode teases all the possibilities.
  21. [Vincent] D'Onofrio is so eccentrically entertaining, even his costar Kathryn Erbe seems fascinated. ... Add tight plotting, and CI is the L&O of the year.
  22. This might be a philosophical season of The Americans, but like any good countercultural force, it still gets its thrills from sex and violence.
  23. Touching and intimate, the movie provides a fascinating portrait of a scion. [1/8 Apr 2016, p.101]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  24. Even though Fallon is a big fan of The Tonight Show, you get the pleasant vibe that he is unencumbered by any extraneous anxiety of influence.
  25. Cupid is charming — lively and funny.
  26. It's Pretty Little Liars meets Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette, and it's good, frothy fun. [18 Oct 2013, p.59]
  27. What Buscemi brings to this production is his great gift for channeling neurotic self-consciousness into a man of action. He may fret about retaining his empire, but you believe Nucky Thompson is a lord of venality, right down to his immaculate spats.
  28. This theoretically grim material [addiction], but the real-life Maron transmutes it into gold. [6 May 2016, p.51]
    • Entertainment Weekly
    • 83 Metascore
    • 83 Critic Score
    Things don't really get moving until the second hour, but Halt's elegantly told tale about four people desperate to play a role in shaping the future remains impressively acted and timely as ever. [19/26 Aug 2016 p.104]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  29. Flowers is an extremely weird, if often very funny, comedy bouquet. [6 May 2016, p.51]
    • Entertainment Weekly

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