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  1. An above-average sitcom.
  2. A little buzzkill-condescending, but there's enough mirth to affirm the sitcom's promise. [4 Oct 2013, p.61]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  3. Law & Order has survived drastic cast changes, but can Murder One pull off the same trick? Judging from 'Chapter One' of the second season, the verdict is a definite maybe.
  4. The business of powerful men demonizing a strong, if suffering, heroic woman makes for layered drama. As usual, Danes throws mind, heart, and jittery chin into making Carrie feel real.... For now, Homeland sans Brody feels too safe, too conventional.
  5. It's an old story. But co-creator Liz Heldens is fluent in teen-speak. [19 Jul 2013, p.80]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  6. With an elaborate action sequence nearly every 10 minutes, Strike Back is easy, Vacuous, fun. [16/23 Aug 2013, p.104]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  7. The pilot is surprisingly funny, fresh, and affecting. Much of the credit goes to Union.
  8. Mike Henry is as funny, emotionally open and inspiring as his alter ego.... The pilot feels more like a promise of intention than proof of concept. [20/27 Sep 2013, p.144]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  9. There's a lot of slow exposition here, requiring patience for new characters (like Ron Livingston as wealthy playboy Roy Phillips). But the body count builds by the time the credits roll, so those quiet rooms won't stay quiet for long. [6 Sep 2013, p.71]
  10. The debut treads water getting everybody up to speed, but the dagger-in-the-heart of a cliffhanger--coupled with [Joseph] Morgan's radioactive onscreen charm--should keep The Originals' veins flowing amply. [4 Oct 2013, p.60]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  11. At this point, Jax is so wishy-washy, it's hard not to root for the bad guys, especially since Lee has become the show's most entertaining villain. SOA always wrenches great comedy from gross-out violence, and Logue masters that art.
  12. Darabont geek out over the genre trappings but the pace is slow-sax sleepy and the story is L.A. Confidential-lite. [6 Dec 2013, p.74]
  13. If less spookily atmospheric than SundanceTV's not-dissimilar The Returned, Resurrection handsomely frames its "What the hell?" premise. [7 Mar 2014, p.62]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  14. An hour feels a little long for the tonally eclectic dramedy, but Kinnear is pitch-perfect, and with sharp stories, Rake can progress. [24 Jan 2014, p.64]
  15. The unfortunate title is a disservice to this show's main character.... Luckily, the second episode makes Kate sympathetic, as she tries (and fails) to put her stepson (Albert Tsai) to bed. Akerman has nice, playful chemistry with Tsai, who shows good comic timing even though he's only 9.
  16. Borrowing from the best (scary shower scene, humiliated school-dance queen splattered in red liquid), the horror-mystery series sets the table for solid YA thrills. [25 Oct/1 Nov 2013, p.94]
  17. Sleepy Hollow is is fizzy if formulaic fright-night fun. [20/27 Sep 2013, p.141]
  18. Enlisted feels like a charming military-inspired update of an Office-style workplace comedy. [10 Jan 2013, p.67]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  19. Over 10 episodes, as these characters' lives intertwine, LaBute delivers a deeper meditation on the way people use each other, whether or not they're picking up the check.
  20. Though Helena Bonham Carter struggles to get Taylor's voice just right--it sounds more like a Madeline Kahn impression--she's a gas as aging party girl Liz. Dominic West's Dick, meanwhile, is a model of worldweary dignity. If only they, and their film, were quite as gloriously messy as Liz and Dick themselves. [18 Oct 2013, p.60]
  21. A house party brings an allegedly higher class of people--and their servants--to Downton as Season 4 kicks into gear, for better and worse. [10 Jan 2013, p.67]
  22. It's some solid CW cheese. [21 Mar 2014, p.58]
  23. Dancing is so carefully curated with period detail that it is sometimes rendered inert, especially in this bloated premiere. But it's worth sticking around for the remaining four parts to enjoy the still-fresh music and the agile performance by Matthew Goode as a shady journalist. [18 Oct 2013, p.61]
  24. This surprisingly competent TV movie rehashes the highs ("Waterfalls") and lows (Left Eye burning down her boyfriend's house).
  25. [A] solidly watchable, quickly forgettable dramatic snapshot of indelible history.
  26. There's no doubt that the former heavyweight champ comes off far better than you ever imagined in this filming of his 2012 Broadway one-man show, directed with spark and sincere admiration by longtime friend Spike Lee.
  27. Without the benefit of Bill Cosby's timing and avuncularity, the spouseribbing gags featured in the comedy legend's first televised concert in 30 years would come across as simply mean-spirited.
  28. While both these specials boast a fair number of yuks, we won’t repeat any lines.... We don’t have a durable enough dash key on our computer to start regurgitating Silverman's set.
  29. Community's premiere is a focused, confident piece of storytelling about a humbled enterprise and screwed-up people scared straight by the reality of their squandered potential. Subsequent episodes are lighter if spottier than the bittersweet premiere.
  30. It all feels been-there, done-that. Slow-burn start? Maybe. Or maybe Justified's own pipeline has run dry.

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