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  1. That '70s Show is best when the volatility that truly characterized this period — the sense that the times they were a-changin', to a funky beat — seeps into its golden aura of fun.
  2. Home Improvement isn't the best family sitcom — Roseanne still goes further and deeper — but Improvement may be the most comforting.
  3. The season's cleverest, most intricate sitcom.
  4. He's just as entertaining as ever, not to mention endearingly human.
  5. In its season 5 opener, Cougar Town takes a sledgehammer to the fourth wall.
  6. This eccentric romantic comedy deserves a chance to survive.
  7. This series has the time (and inclination) to really unravel the softening dynamic between its romantic atheists.
  8. Your interest in Arrow depends on how much you miss the troubled-in-love, conflicted-by-family heroics of Smallville--it mirrors that series' setup.
  9. This handsomely produced experimental series ought to please flexible fans. [30 Mar 2007, p.62]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  10. From the victim's unhappy wife to a classmate who clearly had the hots for him to--no surprise here--a troubled tarot-card reader, the well-woven episode teases all the possibilities.
  11. [Vincent] D'Onofrio is so eccentrically entertaining, even his costar Kathryn Erbe seems fascinated. ... Add tight plotting, and CI is the L&O of the year.
  12. This might be a philosophical season of The Americans, but like any good countercultural force, it still gets its thrills from sex and violence.
  13. Even though Fallon is a big fan of The Tonight Show, you get the pleasant vibe that he is unencumbered by any extraneous anxiety of influence.
  14. Cupid is charming — lively and funny.
  15. It's Pretty Little Liars meets Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette, and it's good, frothy fun. [18 Oct 2013, p.59]
  16. What Buscemi brings to this production is his great gift for channeling neurotic self-consciousness into a man of action. He may fret about retaining his empire, but you believe Nucky Thompson is a lord of venality, right down to his immaculate spats.
  17. This wittily raunchy spy spoof from Adam Reed (Sealab 2021, Frisky Dingo) features intentionally stiff cartoon characters led by the title hero.
  18. There's a bit too much singing--but Brooks is charming as he run through tales of his hard-luck upbringing, showbiz-triumphs and marriage to Anne Bancroft. [30 Jan-6 Feb 2015, p.121]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  19. Work of Art remains TV's most enjoyable high/low, art/TV example of...cultural hybridity!
  20. Lowe is (surprisingly) perfect as Chicago cop Drew Peterson, who's suspected of murdering his third and fourth wives. [20 Jan 2012, p.71]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  21. Frasier can be a beautifully written and acted farce. Yet, in its sixth season, the show is more often sliding into repetition.
  22. While there are a a few too many "awkward-guy moments," there are enough genuinely sweet ones to balance them out. [28 Sep 2007, p.93]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  23. Mistresses still passes the Bechdel Test; its strongest moments are when the women lean on each other. [30 May 2014, p.114]
  24. Larroquette has the most impressive-looking set of any show on the air. ... If The John Larroquette Show lives up to its set — and it shows signs that it might — it'll be one of the best new series of the season.
  25. Devious Patty is still drinking like a fish, while wan Ellen is still seeking her advice (still, Ellen? Really?), and I still will not be able to resist watching every episode I possibly can.
  26. Smash is often enjoyable. [3/10 Feb 2012, p.101]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  27. High concept, and yet it works, thanks to solid acting.
  28. I never found the character that funny on Family Guy. But tonight's episode of the spin-off is quite a corker, as Cleveland runs over the family dog, with hilarious consequences.
  29. I defy the naysayers who claim Curb is in a rut: Who cares if it's not reinventing itself? It has become one of the most reliably amusing comedies on TV, taking little annoyances, indignities, and offenses, and worrying at them until they bubble into fantastically overblown debacles.
  30. On its lacquered surface, New Jersey is The Sopranos with five variations on Adriana. But dig a bit under these women’s verbal clichés and you glimpse lives that are rooted in an earthier, more clear-eyed view of the world than the other Housewives series.

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