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  1. There's no doubt that the former heavyweight champ comes off far better than you ever imagined in this filming of his 2012 Broadway one-man show, directed with spark and sincere admiration by longtime friend Spike Lee.
  2. Without the benefit of Bill Cosby's timing and avuncularity, the spouseribbing gags featured in the comedy legend's first televised concert in 30 years would come across as simply mean-spirited.
  3. While both these specials boast a fair number of yuks, we won’t repeat any lines.... We don’t have a durable enough dash key on our computer to start regurgitating Silverman's set.
  4. Community's premiere is a focused, confident piece of storytelling about a humbled enterprise and screwed-up people scared straight by the reality of their squandered potential. Subsequent episodes are lighter if spottier than the bittersweet premiere.
  5. It all feels been-there, done-that. Slow-burn start? Maybe. Or maybe Justified's own pipeline has run dry.
  6. P.D. is as straightforward and meat-and-potatoes as police dramas get--Dick Wolf comfort food.
  7. A lighter season that engages the chief criticisms of Girls--Hannah and her maturity-challenged pals are self-absorbed; they're actually hideous friends to one another--if only to say: That's part of the point.
  8. The Underwoods have no worthy opponents.... Kate Mara's Zoe and her more interesting colleague Janine Skorsky (Constance Zimmer) are an okay team, but their muckraking efforts are now led by Washington Herald editor Lucas (Sebastian Arcelus), who unfortunately looks like a boy in need of a nap (or a hug).... My money is on rising politico Jacqueline Sharp, played with throbbing edge by Deadwood alum Molly Parker.
  9. If you like--or like zoning out to--slick and shiny romantic comedies in the vein of New Year's Eve and Valentine's Day, Mixology is the show for you. But underneath the glossy, Ryan Seacrest-produced banner, this cocktail actually has some genuine sweetness and originality.
  10. Their [Vera Farmiga and Freddie Highmore as Norma and Norman Bates] scenes together vibrate with awkward energy and pent-up rage, even in seemingly simpler moments, like an afternoon driving lesson--what could possibly go wrong?!--and an audition for a local musical. The scenes without them, though, can be serial momentum killers.
  11. On this sporadically hilarious show, Andy Daly carries over the uptight persona he used to great effect on Eastbound & Down to the role of TV presenter Forrest MacNeil, who every week reviews and grades different experiences. [21 Mar 2014, p.58]
  12. Mosley, Kevin Daniels, and Kevin Bigley play Chicago EMTs in this promising show, which is more comedically broad than Leary's Rescue Me and much raunchier than your average USA series. [7 Mar 2014, p.61]
  13. The two-part debut starts off anemic, but serves up redemptive meat (soy protein?) when they hit up a Hollywood bigwig's celeb-filled party. [21 Mar 2014, p.58]
  14. It's still a bit chintzy, though--it simply can't support the scale it craves. Yet Da Vinci just might have purged enough creative demons to be, at the very least, a guilty geek pleasure. [21 Mar 2014, p.59]
  15. Provocative ideas are hit upon-- torture, homosexuality, politics--and more inventive spy-game fun--Turn could keep us loyal to the cause of watching.
  16. It's a Frankenstory made with borrowed bits and recycled parts that could evolve into its own vibrant creation.
  17. There are enough deviations to keep horror aficionados at least mildly interested. [9 May 2014, p.61]
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  18. The hour moved swiftly and had its share of belly laughs. At its core, The Maya Rudolph Show played like an extended SNL episode (with appropriately saccharine Muppet Show undertones) that did its best to highlight Rudolph’s range.
  19. On this sitcom about a basketball-obsessed Boston clan, Laurie Metcalf stands out as matriarch Marjorie.
  20. Leoni has great potential here, but the character development and "I'm already hooked" magic (a la The Good Wife) aren't quite there yet. [19/26 Sep 2014, p.126]
  21. The lush narrative style is alluring, but when Adolf Hitler starts to feel like a pulpy Batman villain, you'll suspect this isn't the most insightful ­account available. [30 May/6 Jun 2014, p.111]
  22. The volatile combo of elements leads to occasionally sloppy storytelling, but the cast--particularly the icy Hardwick and the oft-nude Naughton--makes it a deeply bingeable guilty pleasure. [30 May 2014, p.115]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  23. As a meditation on grief, The Leftovers can be oppressive.... As a mystery, however, it's gripping.
  24. This is cult-classic, midnight-movie horror, designed in meticulous, mythology-respecting detail for comic-book readers and fangirls and -boys.
  25. All are very likable, which is a worthy enough reason to watch.
  26. Sharknado 2 is a rousing upgrade from middling shlock to high-quality schlock. [25 Jul/1 Aug 2014, p.108]
  27. "Don't Let Them In" reads the show's tagline, but we're happy to have this show intrude upon our Saturday nights for the time being. [22/29 Aug 2014, p.101]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  28. McKenzie is a winning mix of cockiness and righteousness. Even better is Donal Logue as his partner, Harvey Bullock—salty, slovenly, cynical. They're a dynamic dysfunctional duo. And while Jada Pinkett Smith's underworld boss Fish Mooney is tonally wonky, she's a bawdy blast nonetheless. The mystery of the Waynes' killing and the drama of the Penguin's ascendancy seem compelling fodder for season 1.
  29. It's funny, but it's not revolutionary.
  30. The writing can be smart and Feldman shows a real gift for playing neurotics whose grand flourishes will strike women as either romantic or totally creepy.

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