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  1. Finally, a clever new sitcom. [17 Mar 2006, p.108]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  2. Some of the gags are predictable ... But Farquhar's series ... are distinctive for the way they aren't so much interested in what's said as in how it's said and what it means.
    • 58 Metascore
    • 83 Critic Score
    The moneymen ask informed questions and make shrewd decisions, a welcome relief from Donald Trump's capricious calls on Burnett's "Celebrity Apprentice."
  3. It's got a solid, if not original, premise (a Western with aliens); relatively impressive effects and makeup; and reliably interesting characters such as Doc Yewll (Trenna Keating)
  4. There are enough surreal, self-referential, and/or testicle-related jokes to have me signing up for at least a few more weeks of tutelage. [8 Feb 2013, p.69]
    • Entertainment Weekly
    • 71 Metascore
    • 83 Critic Score
    The result finds the actors inhabiting their characters' backstabbing natures as comfortably as their outfits. [19 Jul 2013, p.79]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  5. Elf: Buddy's Musical Christmas probably won't become a classic, but it's a fun break from the usual standards.
  6. Luckily, kooky personalities can still be found in small packages.
  7. It's a little gimmicky, but it works, primarily on the strength of the cast.
  8. CPW is already off to a better start than the slow-to-blossom Melrose Place was; Star and his writers seem energized by the New York locale. The pleasures of CPW are almost entirely camp ones, of course — everyone speaks in stilted, melodramatic sentences, and there are lots of bedroom scenes in which the rippling men always glisten with passion sweat and the slinky women always slide between the sheets wearing spike heels.
  9. The show strains somewhat to make the Old South meet the New, to force confrontations between the generations. ... With actors this interesting and writing this vivid, however, it's likely that Evening Shade will settle down and become as dependable a piece of entertainment as anything on television.
  10. So far, Martin and Daphne have been good for a few solid laughs per show,but the indispensable costar has proven to be Frasier's brother, Niles, played by David Hyde Pierce.
  11. Since it takes place in the streets instead of in a sterile operating room, Third Watch feels even more adrenaline-charged than ER.
  12. The show is ultimately, and enjoyably, hijacked by Megan Mullally, as a writer of Broadway musicals whose latest work turns out to be a vicious character assassination of our antiheroine.
  13. Fishburne's gravitas helps do the Supreme Court justice...justice.
  14. Breaking Bad mixes desperation and deviousness to yield a volatile, valuable product.
  15. [O'Toole's] Casanova may have lust in his heart, but it's his love for Henriette... that guides his life and makes the tale worth the telling. [6 Oct 2006, p.64]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  16. It's the best show on MTV--and one of the best on any network this summer. [6 Jul 2012, p.71]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  17. Meyers seems capable of creating chemistry and having quality chats with anyone, from riding the wild waves of Kanye West to spinning a funny anecdote with pal Brad Paisley about accidentally stealing a Porsche. A talk-show host good at talking? Fancy that.
  18. Carey himself is a fidgety guy. He doesn't just deliver a line — he kind of dances around it, shifting his weight from one foot to the other. At first I found this, combined with his habit of looking down and grinning fixedly when he speaks to someone, pretty annoying. But his lines are so amusing and his timing so sharp that I've come to like Carey's anti-acting style.
  19. Some weeks, the series works beautifully, moving along like the otherworldly detective show it's meant to be. ... But other times Angel can tip too far into jokiness—or, worse, come off like a supernatural version of hollow USA Network shows such as Silk Stalkings.
  20. The season 10 debut doesn't take itself too seriously.... You've got just the right amount of intrigue to spice things up.
    • 66 Metascore
    • 83 Critic Score
    Julianna Margulies now gets to command the screen in something juicier than the usual procedural. [14 Mar 2008, p.70]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  21. It's in the shooting's emotional reverberations that the show is regenerating after the past few hit-and-miss seasons.
  22. Line for outrageous line, Veep is still a wickedly funny gut-buster. Yet while I could relate to Selina the perpetually marginalized chump, flailing to advance, Selina the stumping, power-grabbing candidate risks confusion.
  23. Frewer [is] ... wildly, ostentatiously funny — if half his lines aren't improvised, he's got a beguiling knack for making them sound that way.
  24. If I were a 10-year-old, I'd bite anyone who tried to keep me away from an episode of Xena. For non-10-year-olds, though, the dialogue in Xena is a stitch.
  25. It's all decidedly goofy, but more important, it's fun! Extant seems to have finally come down to earth. [3 Jul 2015]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  26. Creators David Kohan and Max Mutchnick have overcome the dilemma of the show's debut season — how long could gay Will (Eric McCormack) and straight Grace (Debra Messing) go without romances in their lives? — with a couple of shrewdly funny solutions.
  27. The script portrays its subject in a dubiously good light but is gem-packed.

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