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  1. Dancing is so carefully curated with period detail that it is sometimes rendered inert, especially in this bloated premiere. But it's worth sticking around for the remaining four parts to enjoy the still-fresh music and the agile performance by Matthew Goode as a shady journalist. [18 Oct 2013, p.61]
  2. Much of the time, this production plays out like an educational-film reenactment instead of a big-budget film.... Killing Lincoln is most effective in conveying just how determined Booth was.
  3. Borrowing from the best (scary shower scene, humiliated school-dance queen splattered in red liquid), the horror-mystery series sets the table for solid YA thrills. [25 Oct/1 Nov 2013, p.94]
  4. Crumbs has promise. [13 Jan 2006, p.71]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  5. While not great, it is heart-tugging in that Notebook kind of way.
  6. The cast is as good as its target demo, but I admire its fleet pace and sly craft. [21 Sep 2007, p.72]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  7. The show has potential. Cameron possesses all the spunk and talent of the Demis and Selenas before her, and Jessica Garcia plays the most endearing G-rated high school tough girl since Jo Polniaczek.
  8. Rome is most entertaining when it laces its wild, ancient antics with winks of the pedestrian.
  9. The business of powerful men demonizing a strong, if suffering, heroic woman makes for layered drama. As usual, Danes throws mind, heart, and jittery chin into making Carrie feel real.... For now, Homeland sans Brody feels too safe, too conventional.
  10. Standoff doesn't recreate the genre, but it certainly refreshes it. [15 Sep 2006, p.64]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  11. Community's premiere is a focused, confident piece of storytelling about a humbled enterprise and screwed-up people scared straight by the reality of their squandered potential. Subsequent episodes are lighter if spottier than the bittersweet premiere.
  12. Bosch has grit; it just needs more grip. [13 Feb 2015, p.66]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  13. Sleepy Hollow is is fizzy if formulaic fright-night fun. [20/27 Sep 2013, p.141]
  14. All the beloved Archer hallmarks are still there too; quick cuts, witty repartee, and recurring gags abound. But the premiere lacks that spark of kinetic insanity that made us fall in love with the slick spook in the first place. [9 Jan 2015, p.74]
  15. The volatile combo of elements leads to occasionally sloppy storytelling, but the cast--particularly the icy Hardwick and the oft-nude Naughton--makes it a deeply bingeable guilty pleasure. [30 May 2014, p.115]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  16. It may not be the stuff Emmy dreams are made of, but it's still goofy, broad-strokes summer fun.
  17. They're no Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell, but Johnson and Shahi's teasing banter is definitely entertaining--plus, they're both easy on the eyes.
  18. The flimsy story isn't the draw: It's the nostalgia for mock-turtleneck belly tees and the greatness of lines like "I want to do things differently... But first? I want to smoke in a bar." [9 Jan 2015, p.74]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  19. [They're] doing the whole Dangerous Minds thing that's admittedly hard to resist--and naturally, based on a heartwarming true story--even if it's nothing particularly new. [22/29 Apr 2011, p.92]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  20. Whether she's dressing down an overdressed underling or trying to find a boyfriend for her ''glam, goth, grunge'' assistant Andrew, Cutrone is relentless, angry, and funny. Not hellish, just pure Kell-ish.
    • 65 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    The uneven Sarah Smith may be a lesser "Who," but it's smarter than most kids' fare. [11 Apr 2008, p.70]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  21. With an elaborate action sequence nearly every 10 minutes, Strike Back is easy, Vacuous, fun. [16/23 Aug 2013, p.104]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  22. Molly Dodd is now a better show than it was on commercial television. During her NBC run, Molly was introspective to the point of solipsism — or, to put it more bluntly, she talked too much, and to herself as well. ... On Lifetime, however, Molly has been given a life.
  23. With his one-note revenge plot behind him, Bohannon teams up with Ferguson to work on a new railroading venture, and thankfully their opponents are much more interesting this time around. [16/23 Aug 2013, p.104]
    • Entertainment Weekly
    • 77 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    This season, the Housewives aren't desperate: They're avidly ambitious, like the series itself.
  24. Despite all of the pontificating, TBS' comedy shows promise. [8 Dec 2006, p.70]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  25. Hustle... does have style. [13 Jan 2006, p.72]
    • Entertainment Weekly
    • tbd Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    Funny Girls might benefit by focusing less on the drama and more on the craft. [10 Apr 2015]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  26. Whether longtime viewers are watching 90210 out of nostalgic affection or genuine curiosity, this durably sweet-natured series deserves credit for not selling their goodwill short.
  27. As a Chicago cop and a fourth-grade teacher falling in love despite their own insecurities, they make a sweet, relatable team.

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