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  1. Based on Luc Besson's 1999 film La Femme Nikita (and mercifully, less cheesy than the 1997-2001 Peta Wilson TV Series), this promising adaptation follows the same premise. [10 Sep 2010, p.83]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  2. Of the whole prime-time array of 'reality' shows, only one keeps me coming back week after week: Fox's low-tech, low-key Cops. ... Cops' cameras keep a blessedly level gaze; a TV show that doesn't look up to cops or down on them is rare indeed.
  3. The always imperiled, always plucky Baudelaire children are well cast, and everything works to create a resonant saga about heroism in a world made mad and near meaningless by adult mismanagement. [13 Jan 2017, p.56]
  4. This excellent, Robert Redford-narrated look at both the Watergate scandal and the film it inspired backs up the comic's [Louis C.K.'s] assertion about politics never being more insane.
  5. Bernie Mac ... is as violent, foulmouthed, mildly homophobic, clueless, and manipulative as ever.
  6. The science/star-power combo lends both a sense of urgency and a cinematic sparkle. [11 Apr 2014, p.60]
    • Entertainment Weekly
    • tbd Metascore
    • 91 Critic Score
    Notebook showcases Radcliffe's gift for deadpan humor, while Jon Hamm plays the doctor's older self with melancholy gravity, warning him off the dope. [22/29 Aug 2014, p.100]
    • 84 Metascore
    • 91 Critic Score
    Six seasons in, and Sunny continues to be a shining example of how to expertly combine smart political commentary with the basest of humor.
  7. The series doesn't have a plot so much as a beautifully tangled web of deception, cruelty, and faded hopes. ... There are times when EZ Streets seems like the world's longest Bruce Springsteen video.
  8. Every crime--murder, bank robbery, changing lanes without signaling--is a mini-masterpiece of L.A. noir. But the real draw is the cast.
  9. This sitcom is simply infectious. [4 Jul 2014, p.60]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  10. What makes this season so good is that the Heffernans' luck has been so bad.
  11. Murder has no basis in the reality of the legal system, and just like Scandal, there are probably two too many characters to have to care about. But it manages to continuously elevate the dramatic stakes and navigate the ever-evolving relationships of its principals while rarely allowing itself to become narratively untethered.
  12. Jay Roach, who directed the Austin Powers films and won an Emmy for the HBO political drama Recount, knows from parody and keeps his actors from slipping into it.
  13. The sharply scripted, crisply directed premiere hooks you with twists and turns, and Anderson and Sasse are crazy appealing. [7 Oct 2016, p.51]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  14. What lifts Eastbound & Down away from mere crudball humor is McBride's ongoing love affair with the lower middle class.
  15. It’s [Shoshanna's] and Jessa’s plot lines--and a surprisingly tender one involving the blossoming romance between Elijah (Andrew Rannells) and an Anderson Cooper-like newsman played by guest star Corey Stoll in a multi-episode arc--that feel like the season’s new emotional center.... It’s still pretty great to watch them flail--in all their messy, misguided, ridiculous glory--towards something like it [womanhood].
  16. The high-IQ ensemble cracks the code with rapid-fire jokes on geek culture and frantic tension, striking a balance that continues to make the show a gutsy look at how success requires failing again... and again... and again. [22/29 Apr 2016, p.104]
  17. Ultimately, the reason 'The Shield' is one of the best police dramas going isn't just its spiderweb plots, the claustrophobic you're-stuck-with-us camera work, or its antihero, although Chiklis -- who won a well-deserved Emmy two years back -- is just as spooky and weirdly amiable as ever. It's the fact that the program regularly yields even its main characters to baleful Fate.
    • 73 Metascore
    • 91 Critic Score
    Happy Halloween. [28 Oct 2005, p.79]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  18. The contestants are highly entertaining. [2 Feb 2007, p.116]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  19. The show is at its manic best when a room is packed with loud, opinionated voices, all trying to be heard and protect their jobs; in season 5, the story pivots to bring the core group back together.
  20. Modern Family works because it does something the network sitcom hasn't managed in years: It offers a comic equation for almost every audience segment, while never blanding out the characters for mass consumption.
  21. Prison Break has the dark social hierarchies of Oz and the clever inventions of Escape From Alcatraz.
  22. Being Mary Jane suffers from the occasional misstep, but it's also a lot like Mary Jane herself: relatable, passionate and complex. [30 Jan/6 Feb 2015, p.122]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  23. It's incredibly moving to watch him finally become comfortable in his own skin.
  24. Beyond the sloggy Mistah Bates! scandal, which still gets too much attention, it's a relief to find no secret rapes or pregnancy shame (yet) this season. It's time for these proper ladies to have some proper fun.
    • 64 Metascore
    • 91 Critic Score
    Where her movie overstayed its welcome, the quick-shot format of TV works beautifully. The result is haphazard, amoral, ridiculous, wildly offensive...and, you know, totally hilarious.
  25. If the premiere is any indication of the episodes to come, we're definitely in for a wild ride. [18 Nov 2016, p.52]
    • Entertainment Weekly
    • 78 Metascore
    • 91 Critic Score
    The show immediately bursts at the seems with personality. [16 Nov 2007, p.68]
    • Entertainment Weekly

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