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  1. The results in Employee of the Month are toothless.
  2. FYI, there's zero chemistry between P.S. I Love You's two commodified headliners. P.S.: The plus in the harsh grade goes solely to the divine Lisa Kudrow, delivering desperately needed laughs as the twitchy widow's husband-hunting best friend.
  3. Apollo 18 fails to stay with you because, like the cratered satellite on which it's set, it has no atmosphere.
  4. Seemingly every time there was an opportunity to do something fun, The Last Witch Hunter runs in the other direction, creating an unfortunately heavy-handed, humorless, self-serious tone for a story that should be allowed to be a little goofy.
  5. The Avengers is too enervated to qualify as even a full-scale disaster.
  6. Back to the Future Part III has that same sort of studio back-lot clunkiness. Only this time it's the audience that gets conked — by the sheer desperation of the whole enterprise.
  7. In one form or another, you get exactly what you pay for at an Adam Sandler comedy. Otherwise the man wouldn't have earned zillions.
  8. Most of The Man is as awful as last year's debacle, "Taxi," yet Levy, stuck in a no-brainer variation on Billy Crystal's predicament in "Analyze This," shows just enough noodgy passive-aggression to suggest what the movie might have been were it not shackled to buddy-action clichés.
    • 50 Metascore
    • 33 Reviewed by
      Ty Burr
    Starts with savvy concepts (televised mind control and man’s reliance on robots, respectively) and quickly devolves into sour, overwritten diatribes.
  9. Nightwatch is a horror for reasons that have nothing to do with suspenseful moviemaking.
  10. If your allergy to comedies bred from British style mugging crossed with Disney style prancing has, like mine, flared up in recent years, this hybrid from writer director Joel Hershman (''Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me'') will make you wheeze.
  11. Its greatest achievement is that there isn't a single convincing scene in it.
  12. Generic hip-hop soundtrack? Check. Aerial stock footage of milieu? Check. Hardy-har homophobia and misogyny? Check. Emasculated sub-Gump white dude played by Jay Mohr? Double check.
  13. The Medallion makes you long for Tucker -- and for Jackie Chan to fly without digital wings.
  14. I Love You to Death is strenuously unclever.
  15. A massive Hollywood biopic about a man who never quite seems there.
  16. No belief on earth can rescue Swank from a film that's a chain of disaster chintz masquerading as a sermon.
  17. Have there ever been two less energetic stars than Eric Stoltz and Annabella Sciorra? Casting this diffident duo in an allegedly romantic comedy proves disastrous; they suck the air out of virtually every scene.
  18. An unctuous rom-com that runs its characters through every plastic cliché of a pre-Oscar McConaughey vehicle, ultimately causing us to root against the vacuous couple and their predetermined happy ending.
  19. You should be rooting for the humans, but you might as well be rooting for the blobs. Most likely, though, you'll just be rooting for the credits.
  20. Too mild to be dirty, yet too dirty to be charming, and altogether too generic to be much of anything.
    • 19 Metascore
    • 33 Critic Score
    Long on smarm and short on charm.
  21. For all of De Palma's studious multimedia trickery -- a valid, even inspired idea -- Redacted is so naive it's an embarrassment.
  22. Adam Sandler stars in a one-joke Caddyshack for the blitzed and jaded.
  23. For his part, Lee seems to have pored over every sports underdog movie of the last twenty years, boiled away all the interesting particulars, and kept whatever dross was left.
  24. Lawrence is so ON that he appears to be gunning for clockwork bursts of audience approval.
  25. Orphan isn't scary -- it's garish and plodding.
  26. A recitation of woes doesn't constitute a plot, and panoramic shots of migrating wildlife don't convey enough African flavor.
  27. CJ7
    Trivial and charmless.
  28. The fusion of cheekiness and deliberately overscaled fantasy never jells.

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