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    Bourne it is not, but the twists come with enough regularity to keep the squishier parts of the plot from mucking up the works.
  1. Just when you think you know where Burnt is headed, there’s an underhanded twist about halfway in. And it’s almost enough to set the movie right.
  2. The most unexpectedly audacious, exhilarating, wildly creative adventure thriller I've seen in ages.
  3. Knows what it needs to do for both its stars, does it, and doesn't make a federal case about it. I'd watch these two together again in a New York minute.
  4. Provokes a suspense halfway between comedy and horror. I'm not sure if I enjoyed myself, exactly, but I could hardly wait to see what I'd be appalled by next.
  5. Has no pretentions to be anything more than a goose-bumpy fantasy theme-park ride for kids, but it's such a routine ride.
  6. The film has flashes of psychedelic visual energy, but its story is limp.
  7. The movie is a morals-free procession of bang bang bang! and blood blood blood!, and men slamming each other with blunt objects and slicing each other with blades.
    • 42 Metascore
    • 67 Critic Score
    Anders had many opportunities to pit the dads against each other directly, but trades in the cheesy, expected route for devious mind games.
  8. Slipshod rather than sly. There's no fury to the movie, repressed or otherwise, which may be why when the Revolution arrives, it has all the impact of a guillotine with a deadly dull blade.
  9. Director Chris Columbus...seals this comedy in an impenetrable bubble of hollow humanism.
  10. It barely boasts enough funny material to fill four minutes.
  11. Aggressively drab and granular, the movie feels like a late-'80s AIDS passion play given an ill-fitting post-Sept. 11 makeover.
  12. At no time do the men -- that is, the straight ones -- believably hold the upper hand. In the new town of Stepford, there's no bitterness, no struggle, no competition, none of the scars of the sexual revolution. There's just gay apparel.
  13. The goons themselves, though, look rather chic, flying through the air in Galliano-goes-to-hell garments straight out of Vampire Vogue.
  14. Emily Bergl plays the misfit heroine -- pale Goth grrrl Rachel Lang -- with a nicely sulky empathy, equal parts hurt and hope.
  15. Austenland is kind of a one-joke movie, and the film's rhythm is a bit flaccid, but the joke, at least, has a twinge of wit.
  16. The Great Wall looks like it could be a really amazing video game. Alas, it’s a movie, and kind of a brick.
  17. The first thing to say about The Bucket List is that Rob Reiner is the rare director who can take all the wonder out of one of the seven wonders of the world.
  18. Doesn't just wink at De Niro's history, it leans on it, hard.
  19. Trite lessons are learned. Plotlines play out in familiar arcs. A few blips of sex and drug use aim to make the movie feel more grown-up. Instead, they make it off-limits to the only age group likely to find any charm in its smug Britcom cutesiness.
  20. The surprisingly puny haul comes from the jolly, usually sparkling comedy workshop of David Dobkin, who directed "Wedding Crashers," and Dan Fogelman, who wrote "Cars" -- two great movies that both make better stocking stuffers.
  21. A ''fun trash'' movie that's more trash than fun.
  22. The most frightening sight, though, is that of Theron and Bacon, good actors trapped in the muck of making a living.
  23. Bay doesn't stage scenes, exactly -- he stages moments.
  24. By the end, I was starting to ponder questions like, If a vampire mates with a lycan-vamp hybrid, which parent will have to convert?
  25. Is any of this, you know, fun? Just barely. But I'm sure I would have loved it at 6.
  26. Dark of the Moon is hardly a fleet production, but here Bay makes his best, most flexible use yet of all the flamboyant bigness at his command: Computer-drawn characters and human actors seem to occupy the same narrative for once.
  27. The movie doesn’t grab you emotionally, but director Atom Egoyan (Exotica) teases apart the case’s details with grim fascination.
  28. Broody fun.

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