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1506 movie reviews
  1. It has every element necessary to be a classic, and it never comes anywhere near achieving that potential.
  2. Never more than a dull, paint-by-numbers, overly literal transcription of the book.
  3. Misbegotten comedy-drama.
  4. Mud-stained, blood-soaked and completely useless.
  5. Computer technology may be the actual phantom menace, after all.
  6. The humor is, at best, thudding. At its worst, it's breathtakingly stupid and offensive.
  7. The prolific 76-year-old British creator of character-rich, social dramas steeped in natural realism (usually) has whiffed it and whiffed it hard with this one. It’s not that it’s just “lesser Loach.” It is, in my opinion at least, humiliating.
  8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles isn’t a movie; it’s a brand re-launch that’s going to satisfy stockholders far more than it’s going to entertain the people who paid to watch it.
  9. Floating this material slightly above the assembly-line level is the energetic cast and the efforts of writer-director Kris Isacsson.
  10. A standard morality tale, and looks especially weak in the shadow of "Eyes Wide Shut" and "Fight Club," which it resembles.
  11. Visually stunning but emotionally shallow.
  12. A nonsensical mishmash.
  13. Has some good throwaway gags -- but far too often, the moviemakers don't throw them away soon enough.
  14. An often gorgeous, dizzying assault of ideas and visual's just not very good.
  15. It just doesn't work. Worse, it's downright offensive.
  16. An excruciating misfire.
  17. One of the least endurable films of 1999.
  18. So very general in its characters and story that it actively keeps you from enjoying the simple pleasures of a movie like this.
  19. Cripplingly lifeless.
  20. I can't imagine why De Niro, who is a fine comedian, is still coasting on his gangster act, and surely Crystal can do something other than play feels a little like an exercise in laziness.
  21. A painfully unfunny movie.
  22. The whole picture is lifeless and without consequence.
  23. The real problem is that it's not a very good Hollywood film, and its flaccid style, cardboard characters, and paint-by-the-numbers plot make watching it a chore.
  24. The visual fireworks and catchy score just underline the extreme superficiality of the material.
  25. A long portrait of someone who outstays his welcome fairly early on.
  26. Doesn't have the courage or inclination to go inside of Dick's ideas, or offer any kind of structured or detailed approach to his thinking or writing.
  27. You'll laugh, but you'll hate yourself by the time you're out of the theater.
  28. We all have childhoods to remember. Art needs to do more than just remind us.
  29. As with most non-Disney animated features, Trumpet of the Swan does make the Mouse look like a genius.
  30. This overdone project dissipates its energy in strange ways (sudden shifts to black-and-white, as though hailing the spirit of Oliver Stone and that other Costner JFK movie), and makes you wish its makers had shown the same restraint the government did during the crisis.

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