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1,503 movie reviews
  1. You'll laugh, but you'll hate yourself by the time you're out of the theater.
  2. In trying to avoid moralizing or cheap sensationalizing, Didier sidestepped any energy force altogether and his film snoozes because of it.
  3. This overdone project dissipates its energy in strange ways (sudden shifts to black-and-white, as though hailing the spirit of Oliver Stone and that other Costner JFK movie), and makes you wish its makers had shown the same restraint the government did during the crisis.
  4. There is no obvious reason for the film's meandering existence: it's a series of beautifully photographed postcards of Africa.
  5. It just doesn't work. Worse, it's downright offensive.
  6. A long portrait of someone who outstays his welcome fairly early on.
  7. A big disappointment.
  8. Never more than a dull, paint-by-numbers, overly literal transcription of the book.
  9. Looks plain silly without an appropriate tone or sustaining context.
    • 44 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    Vatel is really about production design, so if you're not absolutely passionate about 18th century table-settings, wigs and bodices, you might as well just stay at home and watch the Food Channel.
  10. Misbegotten comedy-drama.
  11. In all, this film is a major disappointment with a few powerful highlights.
  12. Loses touch with its characters.
  13. Simplistic and non-controversial, and thus is virtually guaranteed commercial success.
  14. Appalling because it never transcends its adolescent-boy glee at being allowed entry to the highly sexualized arena of prostitution.
  15. Overpraised, intellectually soft, narratively unfocused, and thematically ambivalent.
  16. A standard morality tale, and looks especially weak in the shadow of "Eyes Wide Shut" and "Fight Club," which it resembles.
  17. The collapse of Office Space's second half is so egregious that one can't help but suspect Judge's Achilles heel may be his writing. It's not that he can't write -- it's just that his ideas tend to shine better within a pool of fellow scribes, as proven in his television career.
  18. An often gorgeous, dizzying assault of ideas and visual's just not very good.
  19. Doesn't have the courage or inclination to go inside of Dick's ideas, or offer any kind of structured or detailed approach to his thinking or writing.
  20. The film isn't very good. The Million Dollar Hotel is an uneasy melding of Hollywood shtick and art-house sensibilities.
  21. Computer technology may be the actual phantom menace, after all.
  22. The fact that isolated bits are amusing shouldn't keep us from strongly noting that this movie really is pretty awful -- not at all worthy of guilty pleasure status.
  23. An amazing compendium of dumb behavior, bad dialogue, and incoherent direction.
  24. Too self-consciously dark, too aware of its long, murky, art-designed descent into the underbelly of America's addictive personality.
  25. Floating this material slightly above the assembly-line level is the energetic cast and the efforts of writer-director Kris Isacsson.
  26. An excruciating misfire.
  27. Charlize Theron has charm and skill, but no actress could survive this role, which has the gravity and verisimilitude of a sketch from a late-sixties Nancy Sinatra TV special.
  28. Has some good throwaway gags -- but far too often, the moviemakers don't throw them away soon enough.
    • 28 Metascore
    • 20 Critic Score
    Lurches on for the better part of two hours with a ludicrous plot and even worse dialogue, interspersed with what look like excerpts from a music video made by some naughty Catholic-school graduates.

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