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1,505 movie reviews
  1. It probably helps to be loaded while you're watching this movie.
  2. This anti-narrative screwball comedy, a sort of police-drama re-enactment of Fellini's themes in "8 1/2," keeps most of the jokes off-screen.
  3. Horribly slapdash affair.
    • 43 Metascore
    • 20 Critic Score
    It's just not funny.
  4. It's hard to think of a single memorable line from Restaurant, even a memorably bad one.
  5. Borderline incoherent.
  6. Slouches in as a weightless, instantly forgettable picture.
  7. It's little more than a loose assemblage of Hollywood action movie formulas: "Dirty Harry" and assorted cop/buddy flicks are the clear models for the movie.
  8. Good vs. Evil For Dummies....and I, for one, dislike being treated like a Dummy.
  9. In the end, Butterfly is an infuriating film because it's so very contrived, so annoyingly phony.
  10. It does... apply Kitano's black-comic style to a different setting, and individual scenes sparkle with unexpected jokes, twists, and occasional cruelties.
  11. With any luck, Body Shots will quickly slide into video obscurity.
  12. The film looks horrendous, poorly composed and staged, and the rhythm staggers.
  13. I don't like Say It Isn't So, but I understand its karmic inevitability.
  14. For a movie with the ostensible mission of spreading the Gospel, it does a poor job of speaking to anyone except the faithful.
  15. Tired, overcomplicated mix of macho bullshit.
  16. These are good people, yet the director has them carrying on like community theater actors playing to the balcony. It isn't fair to them, and it isn't fitting for Shakespeare.
  17. It's sporadically funny but often unfunny, the latter worse than not being funny enough.
  18. Dreadful suspense piece that has "Mystery Science Theater" appeal written all over it.
  19. Slow-moving and violent mess...feels slow even at a scant 82 minutes...Even by the slack standards of Van Damme's oeuvre, "The Return" is a letdown.
  20. Maybe Kevin Bacon can use the Twinkie defense to explain Hollow Man.
  21. Could have afforded to be a little loftier and still be quite funny. Instead, it's a waste.
  22. John, John, John -- one more bad-guy role in a bad movie and you're going to need another comeback.
  23. Exists in some kind of limbo, between hard-core porn and European art film, and it's not likely to satisfy fans of either.
  24. The entire enterprise is a bewildering mess, put in place only to frustrate and alienate anyone who buys a ticket. Every action scene is telegraphed, and most of the dialogue is irrevocably stupid.
  25. Ti West’s pointless new film The Sacrament, an exercise in talking loud and saying nothing, isn’t just bad, it’s infuriating.
  26. After Earth stupefies us with nonsense, such little thought and logic went into this idea that it can’t even be considered a rough draft, this is a movie almost daring an audience to emotionally detach throughout. For shame!
  27. Relentlessly awful.
  28. Disgusting and humorless mess.
  29. A dismal new serial-killer thing.

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