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  1. It's not bad; it's just completely inconsequential.
  2. Just another lame slacker comedy.
  3. We should expect more of summer fare than that it merely be a visual junk-food snack as we cool off in the chill of a darkened theater.
  4. In the tradition of "Sunrise" and "Eyes Wide Shut," crises set the characters on a kind of dreamy, nocturnal journey through chaos and fear.
  5. A weirdly stillborn experience.
  6. Shining above it all, like a kewpie-doll saint, is Drew Barrymore -- whose sweet innocence and sexy romanticism have survived movies as bad as this before
  7. That it’s not totally dialed in throughout makes it a victim of the same thing most bad movies fall prey to: having the spark of a great idea rested awkwardly on top of a spinning mess of execution.
  8. Not a waste of time, but not quite in control of its destination.
  9. Fails as a movie, it works OK as a long-form video.
  10. Beautiful is a mess, but not without interest.
  11. This film, a remake of a hapless 1974 cheapie of the same title, can't even get the big chase right.
    • 66 Metascore
    • 40 Critic Score
    This meeting of two giants of European cinema only briefly comes to life.
  12. When Phillips is out of the zone, however, Road Trip slows down, awaiting another redemption.
  13. Neeson might as well have phoned this one in.
  14. For Stallone, and his original script for Driven reflects a more mature, self-effacing perspective.
  15. Serves up the usual homilies, but it lacks the quirky density and cinematic snap.
  16. The problem is, director Robert Lee King has a hard time sustaining the aimed-for camp tone, and while there are a few well-spaced giggles to be had, the movie sputters more than it soars for most of its 95 minutes.
  17. But the movie is so confused about where it wants to go, it suffers from the same identity crisis as its protagonist.
  18. In many ways the indie equivalent of your average multiplex action picture: fun and forgettable.
  19. It doesn't really hang together. And waaay too much style. Pity.
  20. Renders the net result fairly squarely unenjoyable, on almost any level.
  21. Exemplifies the subpar state of movies today.
  22. A few startling touches.
  23. Flat and thoroughly predictable piece of filmmaking.
  24. This fantasy-tinged romance leaves a distinctly bitter aftertaste.
  25. Though it starts out as amusing satire, the jokes become as neurotic as Dallas' female population, and the film spins out of control in every way.
  26. It's "The Hustler with poker and without soul...For all its flash and occasional sizzle, "Rounders" is a disappointment.
  27. Mandy Nelson's sugar-high bright-'n'-cheerful script takes a series of easy ways out, avoiding completely the prospective pitfalls of having to see any of these characters as complicated, contradictory, not entirely nice or identifiable-with -- actual human beings, in other words.
  28. There's something about The Woman Chaser that isn't quite thought through, in a basic way.
  29. I'll be damned if I can figure out how its various ingredients are supposed to blend together.

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