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  1. Overpraised, intellectually soft, narratively unfocused, and thematically ambivalent.
  2. Assisted by passionless central performances and dull dialogue, Mungiu succeeds only in exhausting our patience, not in conveying a message.
  3. In all, this film is a major disappointment with a few powerful highlights.
  4. A dud. Neither sweet nor low-down enough by half.
  5. In the end, Butterfly is an infuriating film because it's so very contrived, so annoyingly phony.
  6. This reprehensible and deeply unfunny film is obviously critic-proof.
  7. Too self-consciously dark, too aware of its long, murky, art-designed descent into the underbelly of America's addictive personality.
  8. The collapse of Office Space's second half is so egregious that one can't help but suspect Judge's Achilles heel may be his writing. It's not that he can't write -- it's just that his ideas tend to shine better within a pool of fellow scribes, as proven in his television career.
  9. This overdone project dissipates its energy in strange ways (sudden shifts to black-and-white, as though hailing the spirit of Oliver Stone and that other Costner JFK movie), and makes you wish its makers had shown the same restraint the government did during the crisis.
  10. The prolific 76-year-old British creator of character-rich, social dramas steeped in natural realism (usually) has whiffed it and whiffed it hard with this one. It’s not that it’s just “lesser Loach.” It is, in my opinion at least, humiliating.
  11. The best word to describe it is strange, though it could have been halfway decent (yes, all the way up to halfway decent) if the third act hadn’t succumbed to the crescendo of craziness that had been building for the first hour.
  12. Nymphomaniac Vol. 1 is the worst thing Lars Von Trier has ever associated himself with.
  13. A film that inserts banal plot devices and endless cutesiness in place of where the “good parts” should be.
  14. A big disappointment.
  15. It's hard to think of a single memorable line from Restaurant, even a memorably bad one.
  16. A shapelessly propulsive mess of pop psychology and poor drama.
  17. I can't imagine why De Niro, who is a fine comedian, is still coasting on his gangster act, and surely Crystal can do something other than play feels a little like an exercise in laziness.
  18. The Wolverine reveals itself to be a film in desperate need of a point, in dire need of consequences and in a wandering search of any semblance of emotional weight.
  19. Sarandon prostitutes her blazing talent and sharp political sensibility to the service of a pile of misogynistic bullflop.
  20. The film looks horrendous, poorly composed and staged, and the rhythm staggers.
  21. Everyone will be indifferent, as indifferent and uncaring as the characters the film portrays.
  22. I just really, really, really, don't like this movie, and I don't care who knows it.
  23. Appalling because it never transcends its adolescent-boy glee at being allowed entry to the highly sexualized arena of prostitution.
  24. It’s just boring – and boring in a way that apparently has no endgame.
  25. The fact that isolated bits are amusing shouldn't keep us from strongly noting that this movie really is pretty awful -- not at all worthy of guilty pleasure status.
  26. Fading Gigolo wants to be some sort of sunny tapestry about New York’s social groups, but it’s impossible to see past its absurd premise.
  27. Hopefully, the next time around, Chadha's imagination will be in the service of not just excellent casting and directing, but a script to match those other cinematic components.
  28. An often gorgeous, dizzying assault of ideas and visual's just not very good.
  29. Derivative, cliché-ridden and old hat.
  30. It's all quite precious, just not in a good way: "Postmodern" to a fault, deeply shallow, infuriatingly trite.

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