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  1. Like the best of fiction, it conveys greater truth about coming to terms with the world at large, and regardless of whether each individual scene is ultimately justified in its inclusion, the cumulative impact of seeing something resembling a life unfold over a mere two hours and forty minutes is overwhelming.
  2. Ejiofor’s tightly clenched conviction perfectly embodies hope and righteousness against all odds. He gives the best performance of his career to date, and what’s more, he gives “Slave” its bruised, beating heart with every scene.
  3. Conveys not just a joy in music and The Beatles, but a joy in cinema.
  4. The fact that Cuarón’s film strives to be something more than thoroughly harrowing — no small feat in and of itself — solidifies its existence as a marvel of not just technical craft but sheer imagination as well
  5. Zero Dark Thirty is precise, definitive filmmaking, yet Bigelow refuses to hand over easy answers. Some people call that evasion. I call it the ultimate despair.
  6. Before Midnight manages to be an emotionally astute and tremendously enjoyable conclusion to this rather improbable trilogy.
    • 94 Metascore
    • 100 Critic Score
    There isn't a scene or a character in the film that plays just one way. Bloody bits turn hysterically funny, relief gets riddled with tension, and the lurking question marks are as intriguing as the story resolutions -- rec.arts.movies has been filled for months with theories about what was in the briefcase.
  7. This is a waking dream of truly operatic dimensions.
  8. The other key part is Schindler's Jewish accountant, played with self-effacing brilliance by Ben Kingsley, who gives the movie just the touch of warmth and sanity it needs.
    • 93 Metascore
    • 90 Critic Score
    More than a family saga, this is a family meditation.
  9. It’s a character piece, and one of the best and most understated movies I’ve ever seen about the grieving process.
  10. This funny and touching film could do with a bit of editing. It tends to drag a bit, especially near the end, and though we’re privy to the thoughts and feelings of Polley’s family, we’re given scant verbalized insight into her own thinking.
  11. For anyone who wants to see wildly inventive, peerless filmmaking that's oblivious to market-place formulas, Beau Travail is an absolute must-see.
  12. So meticulously acted that you feel you're reading the characters' minds.
  13. There are many films that rail against the inherent injustices of any given power structure. Much rarer are the documentaries like The Gatekeepers which expose that the faithful stewards of a certain foreign policy no longer believe in said policy. This is an important film, showing the constant reaction and counter-reaction of each side.
  14. L.A. Confidential is at the same time his (Hanson) most personal movie and Hollywood filmmaking at its best.
  15. Her
    If Her is ultimately better at considering the future than it is at taking us there, it resonates as an insightful reminder that love isn’t obsolete quite yet.
    • 90 Metascore
    • 100 Critic Score
    In striving to duplicate reality, Spielberg has gone reality one better -- he's playing war, but it's a game no one would ever willingly join in.
  16. Egoyan's films have always been about the intricacies and basic strangeness of human relationships, rather than about plot or snappy one-liners, but a new moral urgency seems to invigorate this film.
  17. Leigh and his solid cast make sure that inside jokes translate to a broad audience, and that their rendering of the back-stage drama is smart, engrossing and often very funny.
  18. Surreal to the point of poeticism, amusing and tragic by turns.
  19. You'll treasure this movie.
  20. There's a sense of ease and contentment to it that has never been so prominent in Allen's work before.
  21. A brilliant and daring film.
  22. While American Hustle succeeds when it comes to casting and characters, it’s dragged down by a murky and poorly-paced narrative.
  23. The most gut-wrenching 'making of' documentary ever made.
  24. An appalling masterpiece.
  25. For all its occasional long-windedness and visual dazzle, Brazil may be the "Strangelove" of the 1980s.
  26. [An] unusually unromantic approach to music education is one of many noteworthy things about Whiplash, a funny, exhilarating drama — bordering on psychological thriller.
  27. Anderson has abandoned a bit of his whimsical nature for the later portions of the film, but the film’s first half hour presents one of his most darling settings yet, until, of course, it all crumbles into murder, mayhem and bad renovations.

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