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1,430 movie reviews
  1. Mostly this film skims by on the surface, its conflict and climax visible from the opening five minutes.
  2. Eventually fizzles out badly.
  3. It all coalesces in a TV-level pleasantness, which isn't quite enough to fill a big screen.
  4. For adults, the film will drag in spots, but it's filled with all those values you hope to instill in your children.
  5. Infuriating on almost every conceivable level.
  6. Destined to be remembered not for its laugh-per-minute ratio, but for breaking a barrier of crudeness in mainstream movies.
  7. Hewitt's twin assets may be enough for a lot of moviegoers -- which may be the biggest con Heartbreakers pulls off.
  8. The plot is convoluted.
  9. A very odd cinematic creature.
  10. The human interest story that occupies fully two-thirds of this three hour plus epic is so flat and unconvincing that, for once, you find yourself longing for the disaster footage to start.
    • 52 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    While it's not exactly the complete bomb that some were predicting, Charlie's Angels is ultimately just an amiable mess.
  11. While it has its scary moments, and while its central conceit is refreshingly imaginative, there's ultimately not much there there.
  12. While the film's mood is dreamy, dark, and gentle, it's also very slow and seldom leads to much of a intellectual or emotional payoff.
  13. Jackman and Judd are sweet together, so much so that you wish they were in a fresher movie than this.
  14. For 8- to 12-year-olds and the grownups who love them, Recess is a pleasant Saturday-matinee diversion. The fact that it doesn't aim to be anything more is, in its own way, a blessed relief.
  15. Story. Character. They used to mean something to George Lucas.
  16. Using current hand-held camera technology to ape the political and esthetic sensibility of the 1960s.
  17. The latest installment in the "Boys Life" series has just as many hits as misses -- more misses, actually -- but the high points easily stand alongside past triumphs.
  18. A pleasant surprise that The Crew offers up the charms it does.
  19. Everything about the movie is fine and dandy and dull.
  20. This lightweight concoction can't justify a trip out to the multiplex, unless you're a girl between the ages of 12 and 17, but it does provide a launching pad for a group of attractive people.
  21. Feels more like a backyard relaxation than a movie.
  22. Doesn't know when to stop with the jokes about other horror movies and settle down to tell a coherent story.
  23. Comes across as a deceptively streamlined comic-drama; an unnervingly violent, gritty film noir with a wink.
  24. Like "American Beauty" without the fangs - or the magic.
  25. Ross might have been better served by dismissing verisimilitude altogether and going for a real fable-fable to make what is essentially a very simple point about the dangers and rewards of accepting life's beautiful risks.
  26. Tragic and phony, and proof that a contrived sad ending can be as bad as a contrived happy ending.
  27. While we may like what we see, it's impossible to comprehend what much of it means or why we should care.
  28. Trots out more flag-waving wartime cliches than any movie since John Wayne's "The Alamo."
  29. Utterly lacks the spark that makes caper movies fun.

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