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Highest review score: 100 The Truman Show
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1,479 movie reviews
  1. Mildly amusing, both charming and diverting, it plays like a La La Land home movie.
  2. This is a band that deserves better.
  3. Crowe gives the kind of thoughtful performance that suggests what Mystery, Alaska could have been if it had stayed in focus.
  4. Simply can't sustain interest for much of its final hour.
  5. A collection of movie situations, recognizable from the films of Coppola and Scorsese, with a less obvious debt to Kazan.
  6. An odd, sweet and relatively innocuous little fairytale.
  7. This is still Ron Shelton in good -- not great, but good -- form here, and the rewards are plentiful.
  8. There are satisfying moments throughout the movie.
  9. What rescues the movie, time and again, is the strength of Jones' and Jackson's performances.
  10. Doesn't seem to have anything to say.
  11. A difficult time rising above the level of a reasonably nice TV-movie.
  12. Go
    When the writing is good, Go is good, and when the writing is flat, things fall apart.
  13. It has its moments.
  14. This is a pretty leaden cinematic experience.
  15. An authentically spirited popcorn movie.
  16. It does yield solidly comic performances.
  17. The story, ultimately, is about the classic conflict between a desire to cherish and protect one's unique gifts from a brutal world and a more practical instinct to compromise beauty.
  18. Regretfully, the beginning of this movie is as good as it ever gets.
  19. Not quite good enough to leave more than a vaguely pleasant, vaguely disappointing aftertaste.
  20. One way or the other, there really is something to be said for a movie which seems to revel in its own inherent comic-book silliness.
  21. These film-making provocateurs are divided between sweet and sour, between the romance of classic screwball comedy and Mad magazine on acid.
  22. The filmmakers went for cheap laughs as well as for some a little harder-earned. The only thing pure about this film is the dog, and he's magnificent.
  23. Even on its own terms, it stays sluggish.
  24. You just watch one carefully constructed but emotionally vacant image piled up on another - sometimes with regard to an overall effect, but often just for the sake of style over substance.
  25. Not quite Abbie.
  26. A rather flimsy but moderately charming British romance comedy.
  27. A feel-good, heartwarming film that all but drowns in saccharine.
  28. If the current flood of pre-millennial tension movies teaches us nothing else, it demonstrates how desperate we've all become to see whether we could make our peace in the time provided, if forced to by circumstances beyond our control.
  29. While writer-director Frank Darabont often fails to make King's story plausible, that's no fault of the actors. The performances are the movie's strong suit.
  30. There is a point in the movie when this mayhem crosses the line from wildly imaginative to downright insufferable.

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