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  1. Everything about the movie is fine and dandy and dull.
  2. Beginnings don't come much more lurid than this, and the rest of End of Days never quite reaches this level of flat-out wildness again.
  3. The latest installment in the "Boys Life" series has just as many hits as misses -- more misses, actually -- but the high points easily stand alongside past triumphs.
  4. A generally dumb movie with a smart, appealing, gutsy leading lady.
  5. What's unfortunate is that Toothless is starring in a toothless story.
  6. A rather flimsy but moderately charming British romance comedy.
  7. An Almodovar-like blend of laughs, drama and uplift, filled with the kinds of pop-art colors and pop-out performances that Almodovar loves.
  8. Soderbergh and [screenwriter] Frank like these sidekicks so much that they overwhelm the leads — a fairly easy task, since Lopez has all the police presence of a Revlon ad, while Clooney again tries to skate by on his good looks and smirking charm.
  9. Cooties, while suitably gross and buoyed by game performances, doesn’t exploit its concept nearly as well as it should.
  10. A film that strives to make you think, and even tug at your heart. But the central foundation of the entire enterprise is so shaky that the walls and plaster are falling down all around you, even as you’re trying to make sense of it all.
  11. There’s no way to overstate the gorgeous look of this film, but the mannered dialogue and deliberateness of pace becomes less of an homage to Asian revenge films than a parody.
  12. Comes across as a deceptively streamlined comic-drama; an unnervingly violent, gritty film noir with a wink.
  13. This lightweight concoction can't justify a trip out to the multiplex, unless you're a girl between the ages of 12 and 17, but it does provide a launching pad for a group of attractive people.
  14. Not quite good enough to leave more than a vaguely pleasant, vaguely disappointing aftertaste.
  15. The human interest story that occupies fully two-thirds of this three hour plus epic is so flat and unconvincing that, for once, you find yourself longing for the disaster footage to start.
  16. A cool movie and a must-see for anyone who wants to see the next stage in computer-generated animation. But it could have been so much more.
  17. Too long, too predictable.
  18. This is a band that deserves better.
  19. An excellent coming-of-age story that is, for once, and very happily, focussed on a teenage girl.
  20. This director's (Winterbottom) reach is impressive, but this time it doesn't quite grasp.
  21. Disappointingly dumb.
  22. While it has its scary moments, and while its central conceit is refreshingly imaginative, there's ultimately not much there there.
  23. This is still Ron Shelton in good -- not great, but good -- form here, and the rewards are plentiful.
  24. The script is a minefield of ideas that need more work.
  25. What the film doesn't have, ironically, is a soul.
  26. Crass and depressing drama.
  27. One way or the other, there really is something to be said for a movie which seems to revel in its own inherent comic-book silliness.
  28. Hamlet, like its title character, is a mopey, dopey thing that you just want to scream at: Do something!
  29. Its ultimate merits may be few, but if nothing else, it stands on its own sweaty terms.
  30. Jackman and Judd are sweet together, so much so that you wish they were in a fresher movie than this.

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