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Average Game review score: 75
Highest review score: 100 Viewtiful Joe
Lowest review score: 10 American Idol
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  1. Negative: 13 out of 224
224 game reviews
    • 54 Metascore
    • 69 Critic Score
    For Scooby Doo fans, this is the best made game based on the license by a long shot. Though the gameplay itself is relatively simple and boring at times, the interesting storyline and episode-like game progression is pure bliss for Scooby fanatics.
    • 54 Metascore
    • 70 Critic Score
    The wacky locales, characters, bowling balls, and game modes put an interesting spin on the sport, even if it isn’t integral to the gameplay.
    • 53 Metascore
    • 73 Critic Score
    For the first Yu-Gi-Oh! videogame for the XBOX, Yu-Gi-Oh! Dawn Of Destiny is a good attempt on Konami’s part. But hope and pray, that the next Yu-Gi-Oh! videogame made for the XBOX really lives up to the excellence that most XBOX videogames deliver.
    • 52 Metascore
    • 48 Critic Score
    It lacks the polish and quality necessary to make it a memorable experience, and despite the developers sincerest efforts to shake the series’ stigma as cash-in games, this title is an unrewarding experience.
    • 51 Metascore
    • 40 Critic Score
    Offers very little to recommend to any racing gamer, and with so many other great racing games to choose from, there’s no reason in trying to justify a purchase out of a game that is clearly lacking in depth or originality.
    • 49 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    But who can blame them for only cheering at the start and finish? What occurs between is a snore fest that could only be lost by a third grader.
    • 48 Metascore
    • 63 Critic Score
    The game can actually be quite fun for a few minutes, and then the pacing screws everything up with stealthy missions that require a gamer with an iron will to wrestle with the problematic camera.
    • tbd Metascore
    • 10 Critic Score
    One of those rare games that make you wonder how it is even authorized to be sold for a profit.
    • 46 Metascore
    • 65 Critic Score
    It does do a great job at what it offers. Nearly all of the games are charming and fun – even if they’re not all that original, and the added appeal of online gaming solves the problem of having a party game but no friends to party with.
    • 45 Metascore
    • 66 Critic Score
    Perhaps the biggest downfall of Final Four is the sound area. The two broadcasters don’t do enough talking, and when they do, they make odd and frankly stupid remarks.
    • 44 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    The Falsebound Kingdom’s boring and slow-paced battle system is its biggest problem, as the bulk of your playtime will be spent fighting. The minimalist presentation also does little to excite the player.
    • 41 Metascore
    • 10 Critic Score
    One of those rare games that make you wonder how it is even authorized to be sold for a profit.
    • 34 Metascore
    • 20 Critic Score
    The game is a total disaster, with no redeeming qualities. Konami has taken an interesting license and thrown away all potential.
    • 32 Metascore
    • 20 Critic Score
    The game is insultingly easy, offers little play value (forget about replay), and ultimately is simply not entertaining. If you are really that curious, or highly intoxicated, do not do anything else but rent it.