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  1. Young's performance continues to be extraordinary, with a monologue late in the premiere all but guaranteed to raise the dust level in your home as you watch it. But it's a measure of the work McKinnon and the supporting actors have done in demonstrating how the smaller conflicts in the lives of Amantha or Ted Jr. or Tawney can be just as powerful (to them and to us) as Daniel's larger existential crisis.
  2. Terrific sketch comedy: absurd, inventive, surprising, and just damn funny.
  3. The last thing television needs is more serial killer dramas. But when they're this well made, this smart and creative and unexpectedly funny? Then, yes, more Hannibal, please.
  4. Community is back, and back to being itself.
  5. Those who stayed patient with Halt season 1, or those who come to the show now that the quality has gone up significantly, will be rewarded.
  6. As with the first season, the stories keep tiptoeing up to cliché before shuffling into more interesting and complicated emotional territory.
  7. It would be easy for all this reinvention to feel jarring, or like Halt desperately racing from one idea to the next because the last one ran out of steam. But each transition has felt natural, earned, and of a piece with what came before.
  8. Last summer, the show's quality was a surprise because of what it was about and where it aired. Now, UnREAL isn't surprising. It's just thrilling.
  9. Fey and Carlock have delivered basically the same show they did a year ago. Given how great that original NBC version was, I can't really complain. If your biscotti recipe is already deliciously weird, why change the ingredients?
  10. Almost every scene demands that the viewer asks why it was presented in that particular fashion--not in a way that distracts from the narrative, but only helps convey the themes of the piece. And as the series jumps ahead to 1901, it's becoming more ambitious in those themes and its articulation of them.
  11. Masters of Sex is the best new show of the fall by a very long stretch. It's also a refreshing anomaly: a prestige cable drama that doesn't feel like a recombination of elements from 15 shows that came before it.
  12. The good news is that nearly everything that went wrong last season goes right at the start of this one. ... "Justified" is again fun and scary and thrilling.
  13. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has only gotten better, more confident, and more consistent as it's moved along. It knows exactly who its heroine is, what she's good at and what makes her terrifying, just as well as it has very quickly and appealingly figured out how to turn any potential weaknesses into additional strengths.
  14. It's essentially a six-hour lecture on zoning regulations, municipal codes, and why integration remained such a thorny issue long after the civil rights era of the '60s. But if it's a lecture, it's an engaging, emotional, and surprisingly light on its feet one.
  15. I came into the series expecting a raunchy black comedy, and got that, but with the added bonus of something achingly beautiful when it wanted to be.
  16. The sheer number of colorful characters maneuvering keeps things lively.
  17. Broadchurch is a police procedural, and an effective one, but what renders it special is the way it tracks the ways that physical and emotional violence haunts everyone in the town.
  18. It's an experiment, and one with some rough edges. But Alda, Falco, and Buscemi are powerhouse dramatic actors, and C.K. makes a good reactive foil to them. The first episode (which runs slightly over an hour) feels like such a self-contained story that I have no idea what later installments will be about, or feel like, but I can't wait to see them, whenever they happen to appear.
  19. The first episode, at least, is terrific, with a distinct, involving tone, and it does very right by its leads.
  20. Casual still stands out among this group [of lo-fi dramas] because the writing and performances are so specific and so smart that it doesn't feel like a spin-off of six other shows.
  21. It's clear and engaging and moving to this novice.
  22. Because the bond between them is so strong, all the show's disparate pieces - the filthy comedy and the desperation, the joy and the depression - hold together just as well.
  23. Along the course of these six episodes, the show touches on various rom-com tropes about disapproving parents (Carrie Fisher is, as always, a treat as Rob's cynical mother), secret meetings with exes, bachelor and bachelorette parties that spin out of control, etc. But they're all dealt with in such a specific and simple way that they feel unique to these characters and their world, rather than the obligatory stumbles on the path to a happy ending.
  24. For some, the six hours of Rectify will feel like a very slow sentence indeed. For others, the performances, the very clear sense of time and place, the beautiful images and the thoughtful things the series has to say about life, death and spirituality will feel like no time at all.
  25. The show has a keen, charming grasp of the way parent-child relationships can sometimes fluctuate between screaming and hugging with no transition in between, and some of the most effective Better Things moments are brief cutaways to quiet times amidst the fighting, or vice versa.
  26. As with Notaro's deadpan affect, the show seems to be holding itself in reserve and refusing to engage, yet the impact--on both the serious and silly sides--ultimately lands just as sharply as one of the punchlines from Notaro's act. It's all easygoing until it's anything but.
  27. It's a smart, beautifully mounted, and at times very moving production.
  28. The season's first two episodes confirm everything that was obvious by the end of last year: Jimmy's doomed attempt to play things straight and not go back to his con man Slippin' Jimmy ways is much too fertile an area to be abandoned so quickly. It feels like a creative choice rather than a commercial one (as opposed to all those times Dexter Morgan managed to evade the brilliant investigators at Miami Metro because his ratings were too high), and the choice plays out in fascinating ways early in Saul season 2.
  29. It's still Homeland, and it's good.
  30. This is a very smart show about incredibly smart people, and it's only gotten better as it's gone along.

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