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361 movie reviews
  1. Suffice it to say that it is a cannily-constructed film, and it does have a bigger "movie" feel than the first film. There are places where they swing for some big jokes that don't quite work, but the ambition is dizzying all the way through.
  2. Lanthimos presents a fully formed original vision that hits a perfect tone even when the narrative begins to get away from him a bit.
    • 78 Metascore
    • 83 Critic Score
    With the Outback desert a pretty indomitable (not to mention indomitably pretty) presence from the outset, Tracks seems a woman-versus-land story only until it emerges that the land is a reflection of the woman herself.
  3. Jia probably made a mistake directing the 1999 sequence in such an over-the-top and stilted tone (it also feels more like 1989 than the turn of the century), but the rest of the film is incredibly well done.
  4. Gabe Polsky has made a smart and incisive film about an important moment in the history of a now-fallen empire, and he happened to make it wildly entertaining as well. No easy feat.
  5. The movie is as good a Blair Witch film as anyone could have faithfully delivered.
  6. While there is an untruth at the heart of the film, it's in service of illuminating any number of smaller truths, and I find that approach fascinating.
  7. Frank rides a really strange tone, and director Lenny Abrahamson deserves credit for how he manages to make the strange and the sad and the funny all feel like it's part of the same film.
  8. "Them" feels slightly longer than it needs to be and suffers from an unnecessarily busy third act. That being said, Benson's "final" ending is truly a unique choice and a wonderfully moving moment that haunts you as you walk out of the theater.
  9. This is a film that is quietly confident. Everything's well-composed. Everything's put together right. There's a very sure hand on the wheel here, and at this point, I'm sold on Rupert Wyatt as a guy who can tell a story with a certain kind of intelligence, both towards his subject and towards his audience.
  10. By focusing on a few key emotional arcs instead of making it about every shot being the BIGGEST THING OF ALL TIME, Jackson gives the battle a sense of urgency that builds and ebbs, builds and ebbs.
  11. I was pleased to see that "Spies" is not a thriller so much as an ode to both American diplomacy and the tradition of moral movie fathers along the lines of Atticus Finch.
  12. These performances are beyond reproach, which makes it even stranger that the film never quite turns into the crushing experience it feels like it should be.
  13. This may not be his signature work, but it’s Murray at the top of his game in the type of role audiences want to see him in.
  14. When you're watching something Zemeckis made, anything can happen, and reality is up for grabs. In this case, he's used his powers for good, and the end result is stirring and spectacular at times, with a devastating, if subtle, final line of dialogue.
  15. It is an easy sit, a big fat slice of smart entertainment. Constantly funny, startlingly violent, and oddly heartfelt, The Nice Guys is a grown-up delight, a perfect antidote to the nonstop barrage of effects spectacle that normally marks the summer movie season.
  16. The Book Of Life may play by the rules when it comes to story, but it plays its own game when it comes to how it looks, and in the world of animated family films, that's what really counts.
  17. Dunn demonstrates an impressive ability to bring his unique interpretation of the coming out process to life.
  18. One thing Mississippi Grind has in spades is soul, and that's a better bet than narrative mechanics any day.
  19. What Gideon's Army does is make a respectful case on the behalf of a profession that too often gets maligned.
  20. Clement is the reason that Will is tolerable, because if you look at the character's on-the-page actions, he's not an especially well-developed man-child.
  21. The film earns some big laughs, but it never sacrifices character for a punchline.
  22. The film is often quite funny, and just real enough that we may recognize ourselves in some small way in this family.
  23. Beyond the performances, this new “Macbeth” benefits from Kurzel’s inspired eye, the increasingly impressive talents of cinematographer Adam Arkapaw (“True Detective”) and Fiona Crombie’s period-loving production design. The world they have created for this tragedy may overwhelm, but it's certainly impossible to forget.
    • 67 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    Web Junkie is a little sad, a little funny and a little scary. I'd say that I wish it had been a little more provocative.
  24. It's a feel-good story that raises cultural questions that the film doesn't seem terribly interested in answering, and it feels like an easy triple in the grand Disney tradition.
  25. 300: Rise Of An Empire is a worthy sequel to "300," stylistically consistent and equally loony, featuring what may well be the first truly can't-miss performance in a film this year.
    • 76 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    Other than the unsubtle but vivid storytelling, the main joy of 99 Homes is seeing two excellent but very different actors spark off each other for almost the entire runtime, in a brace of performances both brilliant and brilliantly matched.
  26. Things escalate nicely over the course of the film, and there is a creeping sense of dread that is carefully calibrated.
  27. Trevorrow seems to be genuinely enjoying what he's doing, and it's that sense of someone having fun behind the camera that ultimately won me over.

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