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176 tv reviews
  1. Compelling. [20 Sept 2002, p.E1]
    • Kansas City Star
  2. Reaper is remarkably well-paced and hilariously well-written.
  3. '24' continues to distinguish itself as the most original show on television. [27 Oct 2003]
    • Kansas City Star
  4. “Everybody Hates Chris” is one of those rare nostalgia shows that doesn’t patronize childhood.
  5. '24' remains the same show, perhaps even a better show than last season. [5 Jan 2005]
    • Kansas City Star
  6. Ray Donovan is undeniably derivative, but it sure is fun. Liev Schreiber leads a stellar cast as Ray Donovan.
  7. Ripper Street was clever enough not to hang its hat on the over-examined killings of the five Ripper victims, and clever fans of police procedurals will relish spending eight hours with cops who have to invent the crime-solving tools at their disposal.
  8. [A] smart espionage drama.
  9. When Lost returns Wednesday with a thoroughly entertaining two-hour barnburner, you will want to be there.
  10. Flawless production design and lush cinematography make Rectify visually stunning, but its simmering mystery and artfully depicted dysfunction make every scene hum with tension.
  11. In the end, I had to give in to sheer enjoyment. My wife and I couldn’t load the next episode into the DVD player fast enough.
  12. Warehouse 13 has always been a hodgepodge of other people’s ideas and gimmicks, but the magic is how they’re thrown together here.
  13. Worst Week is Rube Goldberg meets Murphy’s Law meets the parents. And it’s hysterical.
  14. The darker tone of Haven (including a haunting piano soundtrack) and reliance on paranormal, rather than technological, story elements form an ideal counterpoint to the wonkery of "Eureka."
  15. A violent, hair-raising combo of “The Ring,” “War of the Worlds” and “Invasion of the Body Snatchers,” with a dash of official conspiracy.
  16. What makes this intriguing and ultimately irresistible serial thriller one of my favorites of the fall season are its characters.
  17. This is a very talky show, filled with Braugher soliloquies, and it will be hard to top the first episode, which plays out like a Greek tragedy... But I was spellbound, except for the jarring interludes involving Gideon's motley crew of medical students. [10 Oct 2000, p.E1]
    • Kansas City Star
  18. Haggis’ journey into and out of Scientology could have made a fascinating film by itself, and he’s just one of a dozen articulate talking heads.
  19. Frances McDormand delivers another one of her consistent, airbrush-free performances in HBO’s four-part miniseries, an adaptation of Strout’s book that focuses more tightly on its title character and ends up drawing to a simpler, more raw-edged conclusion.
  20. Gunn and Tennant are flat-out fantastic in Gracepoint. The supporting cast, including Nick Nolte at maximum haggard levels, is compelling. They’re so good, it might take a while to notice that you’ve seen this story before, even if you haven’t seen “Broadchurch.”
  21. The people who create Eureka always seem to know how to add a few dabs of paint that no previous TV show covering time travel and electronic body transport had thought of.
  22. The one-person-shows these recurring characters put on each week are what give In Treatment its vitality, and of course it helps that HBO can draw from top stage talent.
  23. I like the serious, gimmick-free approach of the show.
  24. Sharply written, compellingly acted, this is the crime procedural ABC has needed all along, one for the “Grey’s Anatomy” crowd.
  25. The Mentalist is safe, predictable, manufactured crime drama … and it works.
  26. Although it’s a medical drama on one level, Masters of Sex is frequently laugh-out-loud funny, with romances, mysteries and coming-of-age stories unfolding throughout its large cast.
  27. Paired with the endearing self-awareness and cerebral nods to pop culture Whedon brings to his best projects, it’s the perfect setup for fall’s most promising new TV show.
  28. A three-hour miniseries that bounces between tragedy and comedy with ease.
  29. It's safe to say you've not seen anything like it on network television. And not to put too fine a point on it, but the shock does wear off after a few minutes. [22 Sept 2004, p.F3]
    • Kansas City Star
  30. A great first hour gets this comedic drama off to a fine start.

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