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  1. “This American Life” on TV achieves the same contemplative mood as the radio show. And it has a striking spareness of imagery, much as “Life” on radio has a spareness of sound.
  2. With all the crazy gags, pitch-perfect dialogue and a fresh hero at the center, it’s hard not to see “Andy Barker” as the spiritual successor to “Police Squad!”.
  3. Goldblum has a commanding presence that may overcome the ho-hum storylines and overdone talking-ghost motif.
  4. It’s like “Men in Trees” ... for men.
  5. An example of the pay cable channel at its finest.
  6. "The Riches" reminds me a bit of "Big Love" the first time I saw it. I wasn’t sure whether to like these people or despise them, whether I bought the premise or not. And yet, at the end of the hour, I wanted to see more.
  7. A familiar mishmash of David Kelley formulaic elements.
  8. It’s a hoot.
  9. It feels like Haggis and Moresco are picking up right where “EZ Streets” left off.
  10. As someone who’s on the fence about Silverman — I get what she’s doing, but I’m not sure it’s worth the adoration it often receives — I found myself chuckling more when I went through my notes on the first two shows than when I was watching them.
  11. You will regret tuning in even a minute late for the premiere.
  12. It’s not well-cast.... It’s not well-written.
  13. Unfortunately, the first two hours of “Dirt” give no sense that anyone wants to make an entertaining satire out of all this.
  14. A stinking pile of unlikely plot twists, brain-dead dialogue and cardboard characters.
  15. "My Boys" suffers from an unrealistic setup, and too many scenes amount to five people sitting around talking.
  16. After the nerve-jangling first episode, I predict you’ll be hooked.
  17. A forgettable amalgam of "House", "CSI", and every hospital soap opera ever made.
  18. Torchwood is so much more tricked-out with talent and visual wizardry, moves at such breakneck speed and makes such demands on its viewers that it leaves most American TV shows in its dust.
  19. A good, potentially great, show.
  20. A perfectly serviceable but utterly forgettable sitcom.
  21. The first hour... hits you with a potent cocktail of action and intrigue.
  22. I can’t say enough about how "Friday Night Lights" defied my expectations for what a TV show about football would be.
  23. A mildly amusing sitcom that is promising -- including the sense that it promises to go nowhere fast.
  24. What makes this intriguing and ultimately irresistible serial thriller one of my favorites of the fall season are its characters.
  25. A gripping, one-of-a-kind drama.
  26. Sleek, action-packed and heavy on the acting talent.
  27. It’s a smart series with a pacing that sometimes takes your breath away. Still, once the action pauses, will viewers want to spend time with a bunch of amoral characters?
  28. The punchlines fell flat more often than not.
  29. If [Sorkin] intends to preach off-key sermons every week, “Studio 60” is going to get old fast.
  30. Heche really shines in this role.

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