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  1. I’ve got nothing against Vampire Diaries. Since it lacks broad appeal and hasn’t a clever bone in its body, it will probably be a hit, unlike CW shows I’ve stuck up for (like “Reaper” and “Aliens in America”).
  2. Less of a punchline parade than a lighthearted look at the foibles of family life, Greetings From Tucson is laced with ethnic jokes about El Caminos, pinatas and family shopping trips. [20 Sept 2002, p.E1]
  3. Lifetime goes there, then backs away from the issue immediately, making for some scenes that add nothing to the story but brief bouts of nausea.
  4. Once you get beyond the show’s homages, both to 1970s style and “Desperate Housewives,” this proves to be a groovy little summer soap opera.
  5. What changes there were to the “Tonight” format seemed superficial. Otherwise, it could’ve been “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.”
  6. For all those who are not confirmed “CSI” fans, this is worth a look.
  7. Heche really shines in this role.
  8. A gripping, one-of-a-kind drama.
  9. Unfortunately, neither Bates nor Kelley seems to have any heart in this show. Picking up pretty much where he left off with "Boston Legal," Kelley turns the courtroom into Air America.
  10. "Related," with its overly contrived premise and tinny dialogue, compares unfavorably even to other woman-relationship shows like "Beautiful People" on ABC Family or "Gilmore Girls."
  11. For whatever reason, it’s hard for me to treat Lock ’n Load as mere entertainment. But maybe that’s not a bad thing.
  12. I like Gary Unmarried. It’s like other sitcoms I’ve seen of late involving newly broken-up households (remember when the sitcom single dad was widowed instead of divorced?).
  13. A standard-issue WB teen soap opera about love and basketball that promises to get better because it can't really get much worse...It has no distinguishable stars and worse, for all its dramatic story lines, no real passion. [23 Sept 2003, p.E1]
  14. AMC’s The Prisoner isn’t going to reinvent TV the way McGoohan’s brainchild did. For six hours, however, it’s compelling enough in its own way to make you its captive.
  15. A goofy and likable new comedy.
  16. I was disappointed by the opening episode, which left me with the distinct impression that Taye Diggs (playing a newly divorced doctor in the practice) and Tim Daly (Walsh’s first love interest on the show, but I’m sure not the last) were simply working off their ABC contracts that began on other, now-canceled shows. The portrayals of alternative medicine were unfortunate and too much forced zaniness.
  17. It feels like Haggis and Moresco are picking up right where “EZ Streets” left off.
  18. Lopez might just be trying to prove that Latinos have as much right as anyone to bomb on ABC. [27 Mar 2002, p.F1]
  19. It’s a hoot.
  20. An uneven but so far entertaining buddy show.
  21. All I know is the barrage of jittery camera angles, herky-jerky editing, scary noises, angry lighting and unexplained visitors in the background gets really boring. [6 Oct 2000, p.E1]
  22. Thanks to the fact that Starz is pay cable and can say and show pretty much whatever it wants, this show ramps up the dramatic tension quickly and effectively.
  23. It's all fairly paint-by-numbers with a fair amount of physical comedy, yet I couldn't help laughing out loud at times - watching Bynes give a terrier the Heimlich maneuver, for example. [20 Sept 2002, p.E1]
  24. Mostly a hoot. [4 Feb 2005]
  25. Not as terrible as most shows of this genre.
  26. A forgettable amalgam of "House", "CSI", and every hospital soap opera ever made.
  27. Unfortunately, the first two hours of “Dirt” give no sense that anyone wants to make an entertaining satire out of all this.
  28. A stinking pile of unlikely plot twists, brain-dead dialogue and cardboard characters.
  29. Whoever wrote the first episode of “Lost” didn’t crowd the screen with dimwits forced to recite grade-B TV drama drivel. By that standard, “Surface” doesn’t get a pass.
  30. [A] surprisingly brain-dead series.