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7,160 movie reviews
  1. Struggles awkwardly to bring a twist or two to its hoary class-conscious story line, aiming for a subtlety in character development that's smothered by excessive kitsch and kink.
  2. So laughably awful that it begs to have stones thrown at it; it's a wonder it got made at all.
  3. Tedious and unfunny.
  4. Seems merely tired and stale, the opposite of fresh, marked by ideas for jokes rather than things that are actually funny. Then, without warning, it goes from inept to complete disaster, sinking from indifferent to fiasco in the blink of an eye.
  5. Despite a premise that's provocative, to say the least, this one's a dud.
  6. This aggressively stupid film is merely business as usual, a compendium of all the current obsessions and fixations that make so many of these films such unhappy experiences.
  7. It's arguably one of the emptiest, feeblest, most derivative scripts ever made as a major studio movie. There's no need to do a Mad magazine movie parody of this; it's already on the screen. [12 June 1987, Calendar, p.6-6]
  8. It is hard to say what is more dispiriting about True Romance the movie itself or the fact that someone somewhere is sure to applaud its hollow, dime-store nihilism and smug pseudo-hip posturing as a bright new day in American cinema. [10 Sept 1993]
  9. A movie made for wrestling fans that makes fun of wrestling fans? That cuts a little too close to the vicarious masochism at the heart of pro wrestling's core constituency. Also, it's not funny.
  10. Duller-than-dirt.
  11. I laughed a couple of times, but mostly I was bored out of my mind and not a little depressed.
  12. Dude, one last thing: If you see my moms and pops, definitely don't tell them about this.
  13. Trite and uninvolving.
  14. What's most interesting about this new film is how lacking it is in any of the things, from humor to emotion to halfway decent acting, we might go to a movie for. There's not even enough here to get mad at.
  15. Like a dinner-theater version of the "Alien" movies without the good grooming.
  16. The story leapfrogs abruptly from scene to scene, and it makes such a mockery of narrative logic and continuity that the cast tends to look either baffled (Dorff) or as if they're trying to remain unrecognized.
  17. Lacking a real actress, director Michael Apted is called upon to fudge the facts and make Slim's ordeal as taut as possible. He gets the job done, but the suspense scenes have a generic fright-by-numbers feel that tell us he's wearing his professional hat and knows it.
  18. The "crime" was that it was made in the first place and the "punishment" is having to watch it.
  19. 88 minutes of desperate gyrations intended to simulate humor.
  20. Turns out to be a muddled limp biscuit of a movie, a vampire soap opera that doesn't make much sense even on its own terms.
  21. Tiresome, inept farce that's not even a fraction as clever or entertaining as it likes to imagine it is -- a complete waste of time.
  22. It's so bad that you have to wonder whether Tom Green was looking for a project to match last year's "Freddy Got Fingered" -- Green didn't direct this turkey, but it surely is a contender for the bottom of the barrel award for 2002.
  23. Despite a wealth of special effects...this movie is surprisingly inert, more dull than anything else, with little to recommend it on any level.
  24. Crushingly unfunny.
  25. This predictable teenage take on the 'Fatal Attraction' formula goes from dumb to even dumber.
  26. Such a tedious Hollywood farce, so unpleasantly glib and relentlessly shallow, that Pacino's excessive performance is not even the worst thing about it.
  27. Darkness Falls -- with a thud. But it does not go gently into the night, for director Jonathan Liebesman and his large crew cram as much style and energy as they can into a hokey and morbid supernatural thriller plot. It's a downer to see so much effort expended on such junk.
    • 19 Metascore
    • 10 Critic Score
    All of this points to the two major differences between "Mary" and "Lost": Ben Stiller's character in "Mary" was likable (if pathetic), and "Mary" was sporadically funny.
  28. But even Carvey's protean talent can't dent this ponderously unfunny and uninspired comedy. It's hard to imagine anyone older than 10 being diverted by its broad buffoonery, and kids deserve better than this in the first place.
    • 22 Metascore
    • 10 Critic Score
    Two Tylenol and a pair of earplugs might be enough to get you through Pokemon 3The Movie.

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