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8,423 movie reviews
  1. Scott's energy helps keep the movie going during its sluggish moments and animates its few bright spots, including a pleasurably dumb showdown on the dance floor of a gay bar.
  2. Any one-man crusade is likely to fail, but a rom-com character's war against sincerity is doomed from the start.
  3. As a misfit-centric slap at religious conformity, the story's premise couldn't be more primed for trenchant social comedy, but screenwriter Knight and director Eyad Zahra opt for maintaining a thin veneer of tiresome obnoxiousness over exploring the contours of an emotionally complicated subculture.
  4. Under Mikael Håfström's visually clunky, rhythmless direction, it's a snooze of epic sameness: choppy action scenes, a blankly stern Cusack, and too many allegiance shifts to count or care for.
  5. Those 24-and-unders who are looking for their own "Caddyshack" to adopt as a generational signpost may have to keep looking.
  6. Crewson is a game, experienced actress but hasn't sufficient star charisma to lift Suddenly Naked out of the doldrums.
  7. By turns flat and strained, Peep World is a collection of personality disorders in search of a story.
  8. [An] amateurish, terribly acted piffle, which devolves from dull conversations behind store counters into witless farce on a movie set.
  9. What audiences end up with word-wise is a hackneyed, completely derivative copy of old Hollywood romances, a movie that reeks of phoniness and lacks even minimal originality.
  10. Whereas the original "Monsters" was a road movie about an odd couple fleeing an alien-infested zone, "Dark Continent" cribs from contemporary war movies like "The Hurt Locker" and "American Sniper," then tosses in extraterrestrials as an afterthought.
  11. Can never rise above the melodrama of a past era, despite a splendid, impassioned portrayal by Willem Dafoe and an affecting one by Luo Yan.
  12. This tonal mishmash is a misfire of literally gross proportions.
  13. The film hardly scratches Abu Ghraib's surface.
  14. Unformed protagonists don't come more wallowingly irritating and contradictory than George.
  15. Despite the occasional topical reference to President Bush and Sen. Clinton, this movie is, like, so eight years ago, it isn't funny.
  16. Carmine Gaeta and Luke Davies' screenplay is constructed from plot mechanics, and the emotional stakes grow less convincing with every twist of the screw.
  17. Despite all the mayhem, Mortimer never whips up any real sense of dread or tension.
  18. Simultaneously overblown and underdeveloped, "Iceman" fails equally at showcasing the talent of its star and resolving its baroque plot.
    • 25 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    Georgia Rule oscillates clumsily from shock to slapstick to schmaltz. The result of these big tonal swings is a cinematic strikeout.
  19. The movie is a tortured marshmallow.
  20. The Curse of Downers Grove seems to be jumping on that 1990s teen slasher bandwagon two decades too late.
    • 39 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    Director Luc Besson, best known for "La Femme Nikita" and "The Fifth Element," admits he knew nothing about animation before he started this project, and it shows.
  21. Despite a few strong emotional beats, the crime drama American Heist proves as undistinguished as its generic title.
  22. This animated-live action hybrid is really more 3-D disaster than family comedy. Even Neil Patrick Harris, who has proved he can save just about any sinking ship, cannot make this boat float.
  23. Cast adrift with vague, improbable characters and a plot that's at once under-and overcooked, the actors struggle to find a steady tone, lurching from somber to silly as the director tries to figure out what he's doing.
  24. Sadly, there's not an ounce of tension or a single decent scare to be found amid any of this convoluted mayhem.
  25. There's a late-breaking twist that might seem impressive if it didn't make all the previous mayhem feel so intensely pointless.
  26. This flatly shot picture remains cramped by its homespun roots.
  27. The performances are cringe-worthy, the appeal of the material marginal.
  28. Far more troubling than the documentary's lack of data and analysis, its refusal to pose even basic questions -- whether, for instance, the so-called war on drugs is a total farce -- is the sense that these seven lost souls are principally on display for our viewing displeasure.

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