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7,180 movie reviews
  1. In terms of character and plot, not one element of the intended wild ride escapes self-consciousness or becomes the least bit involving.
  2. If "The Bible" was CliffsNotes for the Scriptures, Son of God is the cheat sheet. The two-hour film condenses about four hours of what already was hasty television, and it all winds up a little dramatically static.
  3. It is the most nonsensical crime caper to make it on screen in a while.
  4. Salva manages a few inspired scenes... But the lasting image Dark House offers is of the screenwriters hurling everything they can think of at the wall.
  5. Le Week-End is a sour and misanthropic film masquerading as an honest and sensitive romance. A painful and unremittingly bleak look at a difficult marriage, it wants us to sit through a range of domestic horrors without offering much of anything as a reward.
  6. Like many found-footage films before it, The Den never entirely suspends disbelief. It doesn't satisfyingly account for how the characters are producing all the footage.
  7. Artificially jacked up to feel like mean but serious fun, Sabotage mostly flings blood, vengeance, testosterone and clich├ęs to the wall to see what sticks.
  8. Whatever emotional depths filmmaker Jessica Goldberg hopes to suggest, there's nothing stirring beneath the movie's static surface.
  9. An unconvincing, poorly conceived hybrid of end-of-the-world thriller and relationship drama.
  10. Berry's florid physicality has a certain silent-melodrama pull. The film around her, however, is lamentably by-the-numbers.
  11. Magical swords, evil doppelgangers, a sexy black muscle car, an unremarkable final showdown and lots of first-draft dialogue factor into this thankfully brief (about 80 minutes plus end credits) frightfest.
  12. A repetitive, sluggishly paced nocturnal rumination on why we bother reuniting with old friends we purposefully left behind.
  13. So much blandly sweeping, speechifying history and so little personalized dramatic focus turn No God, No Master into a series of issue-driven snapshots instead of something genuinely illuminating.
  14. Not unlike most of its Hollywood counterparts, though, this Hong Kong import can't resist the urge to dumb down a fascinating premise for the sake of mass consumption.
  15. Its core dance styles are a wonderfully frenetic fusion of tap and hip-hop and a truly novel blend of Japanese taiko drumming and K-pop girl-group choreography. Whenever actor Derek Hough and BoA stop leaping and twirling, though, Make Your Move is an underwritten mess.
  16. Unlike the teeming world living between the lines in Munro's story, there is not nearly enough in Hateship Loveship to keep you invested.
  17. Director Roger Gual presents little in the way of tantalizing culinary visuals, and that leaves the paper-thin characters as the main course.
  18. Ready for a singing and dancing "Reservoir Dogs"?
  19. Just the ticket for girls in their early teens.
  20. Implausible at every turn, it offers a dab of quirkiness and edge from writer-director Finn Taylor, but otherwise has nothing for audiences to embrace.
    • 36 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    Typical of this movie's cluelessness is the way it cavalierly traffics in stereotypes.
  21. Every generation is entitled to its dopey, sticky junk and, deep into the winter blahs, they don't get stickier or dopier than Snow Dogs.
  22. You can't help but feel that Disney has delivered a turkey for Thanksgiving.
  23. The emotional aspects of the story are treated with such a heavy hand, the supernatural aspects are so vague and uninvolving, and the group dynamic is so unconvincing that one can't quite imagine why anybody bothered.
  24. All strained artifice, inhabited by individuals who either lack dimension or are merely stereotypes. The result is a movie not nearly as amusing as its makers may think.
  25. Low comedy doesn't get any lower than Love Stinks.
  26. Quickly becomes silly and tedious.
  27. While adapting accomplished fiction such as this is a lure Hollywood can never resist, some characters breathe better on the page, and that is the case here.
  28. Has plenty of warmth, affection and conventional wisdom, but too much of the time it plays out in routine fashion with moments of contrivance.
  29. By the time the heavy-handed Solomon & Gaenor is over, it has become such a punishing exercise in the self-evident that one is left numb and eager for escape.

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