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  1. The accompanying trove of archival footage and photos, however, helps break the occasional monotony; the juxtaposition of these elderly vets with snapshots of their 1940s-era, uniformed selves is always affecting.
  2. The film is well intentioned and mildly diverting, but in attempting to modernize its story it has lost many of the things that make the original so memorable and not gained much in return.
  3. Unfortunately, absent a more objective context, Trudell's gnomic utterances do little to support those sentiments. By preaching so relentlessly to the choir, this film misses an opportunity to show what got them to sing in the first place.
  4. Being a "family film" may excuse many faults, considering the intended audience, but it's hard to think of a recent movie that has more determinedly married the engaging with the banal.
  5. It is solidly crafted enough from inherently powerful true-life material, however, that WWII buffs and religiously inclined audiences won't be disappointed.
  6. Not exactly bad, but it disappointingly never really discovers the movie that it wants to be.
  7. In some ways this film's biggest failing is that it can't decide who's story it is telling.
  8. Soderbergh has lots to say but this time seems to lack the confidence to express himself seriously.
  9. Courageous but uneven The Hidden Half landed the director in jail.
  10. Slater has some effective moments and Franco excels at a certain kind of scary/funny psycho, but it doesn’t ultimately add up to much as either pulpy trash or exposé.
  11. The hard-sell comic delivery one expects from contemporary date movies is pleasantly tempered here.
  12. A mostly pedestrian political thriller whose basis in true events adds little to the film's excitement or entertainment value.
  13. A reasonably diverting albeit frequently improbable thriller.
  14. Although the script by Olivia Hetreed and José Luis López-Linares traffics in vital ideas and still-timely assertions (“We shouldn’t try to fit facts into a set of beliefs!”), a looser, less self-important approach would have helped.
  15. What's missing are the kind of moments that actually matter, the ones that are so gripping that you want desperately for time to stop - to savor them, to feel the fear, the passion, the regret. Ah, well … maybe next time.
  16. It's clear from first frame to last that the filmmakers decided to go broad, very broad, with a story that swings between hysterical, hyper-sexual, bizarre, surprisingly tender and just plain awful. This is one mixed bag of a movie.
  17. The film is at its best when it's just Brody stuck in the car.
  18. If only the falling-in-love machinations and character details weren't so wispy, Tonight You're Mine might have had more resonance. That said, the film has its moments.
  19. The story suffers diminishing returns as it unwinds with increasing violence and absurdity. Or maybe it’s just that “68 Kill” puts the best material upfront.
  20. On the whole, Chain Camera is encouraging.
  21. Snarkiness and sentiment are in constant battle for supremacy throughout Run, Fat Boy, Run with no chance of a comfortable draw.
  22. A hyper-realistic-looking, character-driven story of survival with talking dinosaurs that can't decide whether to inform or entertain. The film and its featured creatures do a little of both but modestly.
  23. There are, thankfully, a few humorous and imaginative touches here and there, but Alien Nation is hardly inspired.
  24. If only anything felt at stake in this story's dark spiral.
  25. You can't really hate The Lightkeepers. You can only wish that writer-director Daniel Adams had invested the movie with equal measures of originality and quaintness … and maybe told Dreyfuss to tone down the whole sea captain thing.
  26. Thor has its strengths, but it is finally something of a mishmash with designs on being more interesting than it manages to be.
  27. The film becomes a dizzying descent into a world of contradictions, military illogic and ineffectual bureaucracy.
  28. Unfortunately, the athlete himself simply isn't much of a presence in this documentary, even as the film aims to celebrate him.
  29. Brick Lane has been whittled down from Monica Ali's expansive 2003 novel into a glossy but overly efficient drama that, like Nazneen's husband, is ultimately too ineffectual to make much of a dent.
  30. This meandering lark about a corrupt, spiteful and hopelessly distracted police force in a decriminalized, sun-scorched city never quite finds the funny bone.

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