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  1. This is another of those TV comedies that simply aren't funny...ALF would be more engaging if the Tanners were more engaging. He also would have been lots of satirical fun and a far more interesting observer of the human condition had he been given a Woody Allen-type neurotic voice rather than one that was merely inanely goofy.
  2. It's dull, but predictable...The script is flawed and its attempts at humor clumsily executed. For another, Hanson is written as a real slug, and Depp is a blank. In fact, none of the characters is very credible, and only DeLuise's wisecracking Penhall (you have to wise crack to be street smart) is remotely interesting.
  3. Infused with the considerable talents of Bertie Carvel and especially Eddie Marsan in the title roles, Peter Harness' adaptation is, like the book, a deft combination of Dickensian satire, Austenian wit and Gothic anxiety.
  4. A clever and rewarding Man of Steel remake that zooms across the airwaves faster than a speeding bullet.
  5. The Flash has neither the humor of "Dick Tracy" nor, even though much of its action occurs at night, the brooding darkness of "Batman." Despite great swells of action music, moreover, it lacks a true comic book sensibility that would dramatically set it apart from the rest of prime time.
  6. One of the season's most promising new series.
  7. Surely nobody is taking this seriously, not writer Fred Freiberger, director Reza Badiyi or any of the cast in the first episode, which has that square-peg Superboy foiling Lex's insidious plan to steal the coveted Jewel of Techacal from Lana's archeologist father...But the tongue-in-cheek intent is never quite realized, and falls even flatter in a future episode made available by the production company.
    • 52 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    Much as horror fans might revere HBO for spending good dough and hiring top-rank directors and crew members for the series, the initial results are mixed.
  8. Some of this is schematic, to be sure, but it grows more organic as it goes along, helped by a strong cast.
  9. Fortunately, the main players are compelling enough to overlook the inevitable strains that come from shoehorning any real life into a television series.
  10. Enjoyably witty.
  11. More than anything, what's missing in Human Target are suspense and a convincing hero.
  12. It's all completely ridiculous and derivative, which Schechter is quick to acknowledge. Indeed, the second-best thing about "Stitchers" is its game if not quite successful attempt to straddle sci-fi and sci-fi satire.... The first-best thing about the show is its cast, who all show promise far beyond the limits of their roles here.
  13. It matters less whether UnREAL is accurate than whether it is just true enough to provide a foundation for credible drama--and it very much does.
  14. Full of doe-eyed children talking to invisible and possibly sinister forces in the ceiling, the shrubbery and the night sky, The Whispers gets as much mileage out of the Steven Spielberg hand-stamp (he's an executive producer) as possible.
  15. One of the nicest surprises and more amusing comedies of the new season.
  16. Unfortunately, without a more solid platform, even the greatest performance can go only so far. Oyelowo is mesmerizing in the moment, but each moment dies behind him.
  17. The series works best when it stays clear of the issues and concentrates on individuals, acting as people do. (This was true of "Mad Men" too, after all.) The more strongly it indicates the era, the more it resembles an old episode of "Dragnet."
  18. Texas Rising is tonally challenged in a way that regularly undercuts its own inherent drama.
  19. The town is lovely, the premise solid if overfamiliar, but the script lacks both depth and tension (big problem), and McCurdy is one of the few cast members who can act. All of which makes it difficult to care very much.
  20. It does bear the compromises and conventions that routinely afflict biographical dramas.... But it's no worse in this respect than most such films and better than many — rarely cornball and, indeed, conceivably less melodramatic than the life it portrays. And it's always well played.
  21. The cast performs intelligently, but deserves better material. For Coach, not a championship season
  22. Equally happy to consider the joys of rum raisin and the need for ritualized violence, Wayward Pines veers, at times, toward a self-consciousness one might call Fever Dream Camp. But mostly it's good, creepy fun, a round-the-fire story of a series that may turn out to be about something bigger than it seems.
  23. The leads each fare better when her character is a little off base--Fonda's when she defrosts a little, Tomlin's when she toughens up--and the show is more fun when they're in a mood to cooperate than when they're trading barbs.
  24. Birds of Prey follows in the great tradition of superhero noir. It's grim, dark, smoky and, most important, ripping good fun as these butt-kicking Dynamic Dolls have themselves some nights on the town.
  25. The Casual Vacancy is a heartbreaking, thought-provoking if occasionally simplistic look at the tyrannical power of the picturesque.
  26. The show is very much about Thom and his "struggles," which are far too often presented in a series of high-decibel, gratuitously profane diatribes about the habits of others without benefit of anything remotely resembling personal perspective.
  27. The TV version preserves the form and excited tone of the podcast, with better production values and a bigger stage.
  28. There is some hokum in the pilot, including the odd B-movie line ("This could be a very important scientific site") and the red glowing eyes that ever signify evil. But it is smartly assembled--Stephen Williams, who directed 26 episodes of "Lost," made the good-looking pilot--and there may be enough gas in these characters to get them somewhere interesting.
  29. Delightful new science-fiction comedy.... Like candy, it is sweet, and sometimes sticky or nutty or surprising.

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