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  1. The Guardian, despite having some promise, wears prominently on its forehead the scarlet "P" of predictability. You can be fairly certain that not only will Fallin make this difficult situation work, but that he'll be a better man for it. [25 Sept 2001, p.C2]
  2. Apart from Underwood, who has class-A TV-star appeal, the show is nothing special. No worse than or much different from your average character-driven cop show.
  3. It's "House of Cards," with a werewolf/vampire hybrid instead of a charming but ruthless Southern senator.
  4. Unfortunately, though Wilson remains gorgeously fearless in her willingness to go all in, neither the network nor Wilson (she is an executive producer) know quite what to do with that.
  5. It is, by turns, hilarious and histrionic, illuminating and infuriating.
  6. Almost Human isn't terrible, it's just not terribly interesting, at least in the first hour.
  7. Enlisted is an oddly quaint show, a stateside service comedy, if not quite a peacetime one.
  8. The turn and turn again structure is definitely appealing, albeit a bit self-conscious. The cast is terrific and LaBute knows his way around dialogue.... But watching guys hand-feed their inner cavemen from the table is not nearly as much fun as LaBute seems to think it is.
  9. Neither [Hirsch and Granger] offer any insight into what drove the couple, what they actually hoped to achieve, and what kept them going when it became clear that things were not going to end well. And History might have a little soul-searching to do; dramatic license should not mean Make a Huge Number of Important Plot Points Up.
  10. Some of these bits work very well, albeit as free-floating shards of comedy.... But parody works best when its subject is either truly iconic or still relatively fresh in the minds of the audience and, mercifully, the B-list miniseries of yesteryear are neither.
  11. If you even suspect you won't hate it, it's worth a look.
  12. [Slater's] new show also needs to find its voice. Still, if there is something in its premise that recalls the straining-for-effect, too-clever-to-start setups of series like USA's "Psych" and "Suits," the first of those managed to run eight seasons in the end, and the latter has already been renewed for a fourth.
  13. The premiere is as by-the-numbers as it gets in the already bloated genre of moody procedural, enlivened only by a viciously scary killer and, of course, Sevigny, who roils in significant silence even when she is forced to reveal that her character is a cutter.
  14. Rosemary's Baby is not terrible. Where the original film was shocking, this version, though bloody, is fairly mild.
  15. In some ways, it is like a placebo, lacking substance, but not ineffective. In others, it is a kind of gaily packaged generic equivalent to some better-known brand.
  16. The historical documentaries are more successful than the cultural ones, for having a better story to tell, but all are made in a similar style, without written narration, driven by news clips and interviews (with scholars, participants and celebrity rememberers, Hanks naturally included).
  17. It moves along, dutifully moving the players to their appointed plot points. And there are some nice performances; I would draw your attention to that of Naturi Naughton, as Ghost's wife, consistently a warm body in an often chilly show.
  18. It's a fine cast, and one wishes they had something a little more focused to do, something a little less predictable, something that wove the isolated good moments into a consistent whole.
  19. Dane is fine and steady center for the drama; his Chandler can handle banter, bathos (Chandler left a wife and kids behind in the now plague-decimated States) and blather (some of the dialogue is less written than forked out of a can).... Still, The Last Ship seems determined to put concept before character, which is a much bigger problem on television than it is on film.
  20. While there are many reasons to like Taxi Brooklyn, including and especially its two fresh and likable leads, it too often wobbles and stalls, unwilling to commit to one type of storytelling or the other.
  21. For every ridiculous plot twist (it's hard to imagine any wife offering infidelity as a solution before, you know, "get a job" or "empty the dishwasher once in a while"), there is a lovely flash of honesty.
  22. The new cast is fine (Stewart is a very interesting actor) and the story, although not very deep, inspired or mind-melding, has a nice payoff. But getting there takes much too long. ... Although handsome, this is a slow, thudding two hours badly in need of energizing.
  23. The bickering of the brothers -- who spend most of the half hour trying run down an anticipated inheritance from their deceased father -- quickly flattens into a tedious monotone. Loosen your seat belts. [19 Apr 1990, p.F10]
  24. Quantum Leap for the most part is so excruciatingly slow and laborious that you wonder if director David Hemmings was trapped in his own time warp. Yet Bakula does nicely, and the story ultimately accelerates and even yields some very affecting moments as Beckett intrudes on his own past. [25 Mar 1989, p.C6]
    • 36 Metascore
    • 40 Critic Score
    There is a plot twist along the way, but what finally ensnares the judge in a courtroom confrontation is another development of Matlock's devising that seems completely implausible. [23 Sept 1986, p.C10]
  25. The premiere has a nice look, but not nice enough to compensate for a plot that lacks suspense and features a mystery whose culprit should be so obvious that you may suspect a red herring. [22 Sep 1995]
  26. Initially sleek and stylish but empty. [23 Sep 1992]
  27. Fresh Prince of Bel Air is being touted as a sure hit. If it becomes one, it will be because of the raw likability of its star, rapper Will Smith, not because of his acting skills or even anything that's been written for him in this NBC comedy. [10 Sept 1990, p.F9]
  28. The premiere of Designing Women...provides fewer answers than indications. And the indications are that even good performers in an appealing setting won't make Designing Woman funny without better-designed scripts. Snappy, yes. Laughs, no.
    • 42 Metascore
    • 40 Critic Score
    What In the Heat of the Night may lack most, ultimately, is heat, the fundamental tension between Gillespie and Tibbs that would lift them onto some higher ground beyond the TV cliche of innocently bickering partners.

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