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8,040 movie reviews
  1. The movie's few pleasures, though, do belong to Gere, who makes the most of his preening caginess as a spook thrust back into the cold. Grace, though, comes off more whiny than tantalizingly adversarial.
  2. Despite the story's melodramatic contrivances the creation of characters we actually care about is beyond this film's capabilities.
    • 36 Metascore
    • 40 Critic Score
    Fired! is missing the one thing it could have used most: a career objective.
  3. Promising as it seems in theory, everything in this new version, like Lena Lamont's image in "Singin' In the Rain," falls apart as soon as the talking starts.
  4. The endless gore and violence make the experience torturous -- and not just for the victims in the movie.
  5. A sour romantic comedy, only sporadically amusing.
  6. Despite the pretty overload and the smoldering blue-eyed handsome of Egglesfield, the heart-pounding, palm-sweating, heavy-breathing chemical reactions that should be causing major blackouts in Manhattan, where this story unfolds, are nowhere to be found.
    • 55 Metascore
    • 40 Critic Score
    The director has steadfastly proclaimed his passion for the novel, but the film he's made of it too often plays as no more than an excuse to display his frantic, frenetic personal style.
  7. But it's one thing to write a loving ode to your mother; another to direct an ode to an ode.
  8. The film is forever trying to balance between being for younger teenagers and keeping their parents occupied as well, and never quite gets it right.
  9. An investment in theatrical self-indulgence with diminishing returns.
  10. This brief, loosely-knit film never builds any empathy or tension.
    • 41 Metascore
    • 40 Critic Score
    Mumia Abu-Jamal would be the perfect subject for an investigative documentary that explored his life and thought with a calm and even hand. Mumia: Long Distance Revolutionary is not that film.
  11. Ironically for a film revolving around psychotherapy, Shrink doesn't stand up to analysis.
  12. This isn't your father's cross-dressing. At the same time, the science of comedy attains a new level of appreciation, since hardly anything about this sluggish sequel to the 2000 box office hit comes close to being funny.
  13. Many of the transitions between narrative and music are rough. The temptations of the street, all too real in the real world, feel forced. Confrontations become clich├ęs. The substance of human motivation is missing. And thus the heart never beats as it should.
  14. Just another lurid, contrived, xenophobic tale about Americans trapped in hideous foreign prisons.
  15. Revenge may be sweet, but this is one "Monte Cristo" that leaves a sour taste.
  16. For poker fans only.
    • 41 Metascore
    • 40 Critic Score
    The film is somehow a disappointing combo of too-full and oddly empty. Even with all the various parts and pieces going into its structure, it feels bare-bones.
  17. It's a lovefest in which critics' voices and debate are simply absent, and the only talking space is wonder, nostalgia and excitement for the future.
  18. What's missing is less a sense of the protagonist's inner nose (which is very well-trammeled) as a sense of his inner life, motivation or desire.
  19. Courageous, proves a particularly clunky, tunnel-visioned vehicle whose overbearing, overlong script nearly smothers the movie's quibble-free message.
  20. A disappointment. A good-faith attempt has been made to duplicate the original elements, but the mix is wrong, bearings have been lost, the balance is off. It was attitude that made "Men in Black" special, a particular kind of cool insouciance that has proved as impossible to duplicate as it was irresistible to experience.
  21. Outside of a hyper-energetic, irresistibly evil portrayal by Tim Roth as General Thade, the baddest ape in town, the sad truth about Planet of the Apes is that, disappointingly, it's just not very much fun to watch.
  22. First-time writer-director Jocelyn Towne takes an admirably novel stab at familial dysfunction in her father-daughter drama I Am I, but she proves unable to keep the film's originality from rapidly curdling into preposterousness.
  23. Takes us down a familiar path without discovering anything new along the way.
  24. Baggage Claim promotes painfully outdated social mores.
  25. Fails to deliver on its main promise of big laughs, which is the film's truly unforgivable sin.
  26. No one comes out of Hollywood Homicide looking good, but the film fades fast.

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