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7,763 movie reviews
  1. A potent mixture of sentiment and grit, and it showcases the talents of its young principals.
  2. By the time Duets faces the music, hardly anyone is going to care.
    • Los Angeles Times
  3. First-time writer-director Renée Chabria's sincerity and commitment to Sueño are so complete they override its sentimental streak and some overly familiar plotting.
  4. The sage-elder/wayward-charge saga Peaceful Warrior aims for inspirational highs but mostly feels like a self-help book read aloud by actors.
  5. The would-be satire is nothing more than a bunch of sketch characters and jokes welded to a sentimental subplot.
  6. The idea of transformation, that people can change and learn from their mistakes, growing to be better, makes Beastly not just sweetly romantic but also quietly hopeful.
  7. It's a solid, efficient comic book movie that is content to provide comic book satisfactions of the action and violence variety.
  8. Brick Mansions, Paul Walker's penultimate film (prior to "Fast & Furious 7"), is a dumb and ugly action picture that works strictly as a reminder of the late actor's head-turning good looks and modest charisma.
  9. The script by Richard D'Ovidio is so packed with knuckleheaded moves and ultra-obvious dialogue ("Dad, there's something wrong with this place!") that the whole enterprise proves more risible than frightening.
  10. As effective and fat-free as its sinewy star, Luke Evans, Dracula Untold proves an absorbing, swiftly comprehensive origin tale.
  11. Even if this largely contained movie remains more low key than frantic, it features enough well-executed bursts of tension and strong emotional beats to hold interest.
  12. More science-fiction space opera than superhero epic, it works in fits and starts as its disparate parts go in and out of effectiveness, but the professionalism of the production make it watchable in a comic book kind of way.
  13. Adds up to a carefully crafted romantic drama of considerable insight and emotional impact that provides Lopez an acting challenge she meets with ease.
  14. Certainly sexy, entertaining and provocative -- in several senses of the word -- but it's also tiresome as only a French film can be when everyone in it has only sex and amour on his or her mind and is deadly serious about both.
  15. Johnson, on his maiden voyage as director, treats every scene as if it were a bonbon, almost too precious to consume, and Marc Shaiman's score is a running series of mood cues.
  16. It takes a while to get there, but Inhale eventually emerges as a tense and morally complex thriller with a devastating twist.
  17. With its stock characters and low-expectation high jinks, the German import What a Man could have been fabricated on the Hollywood rom-com assembly line.
  18. Skippable 3-D aside, it's a serviceable, limber follow-up to 2010's "Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief."
  19. Except for that music and a bit of the acting, Swing Kids is unsatisfactory from just about every point of view. [05 Mar 1993]
    • Los Angeles Times
  20. Something bad happened on the way from the book to the movie. [15Dec1995 Pg. F.01]
    • Los Angeles Times
  21. Someone has driven a stake through the heart and ripped out the soul of the 1980 original. The responsible parties, make that irresponsible parties, should be found, thrown in movie jail and not allowed within 50 feet of a set again. Ever.
  22. Sufficiently original and engaging to be called merely "Havana Nights" but will no doubt get a boost by the reference to the popular 1987 "Dirty Dancing."
  23. Under Tierney's admirably low-key, unexploitative direction all his actors are memorable and never seem to be acting. Twist is decidedly dark but consistently engaging.
  24. With so many twists, the movie feels like it's trying too hard. Some moments are cleverly constructed; and others seem as if the filmmakers have left themselves no plausible escape.
  25. It's doubtful that records are kept about this sort of thing, but consider the possibility that Clash of the Titans is the first film to actually be made worse by being in 3-D.
  26. Like its central character, Henry Jaglom's 16th feature is gangly and graceful, awkward and tender, a jumble of astute observation and clunkily heightened reality.
  27. The Goods motors along choking out enough lowbrow laughs to make for an agreeably nutty late summer ride.
  28. May not be the most tedious superhero movie ever - the competition is admittedly tough - but it is certainly in the running.
  29. Though the cast ends up looking good, the film's unwillingness or inability to have things add up hurts everyone's efforts.
  30. But what little humor there is in the movie becomes subservient to the grisly violence, gratuitous cruelty and ugly car chases.
    • Los Angeles Times

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